Six on Saturday

I never got around to a Five for Friday post yesterday so that means y'all get an extra bit of random today to make Six for Saturday.

I'm random, yes, but I appreciate a theme and alliteration just the same.

01.) Annelise cleaned up at field day yesterday. See?
I know it's not all about the ribbons and places, but for her...it kind of is.
She declared it the best field day ever, at least until next year.

02.) I got a bit of happy mail yesterday. See?
Maybe it's an early Mother's Day present. To myself. Or maybe I had been drooling over Lisa Leonard's designs for years and when I saw this darling necklace of interlocked hearts and she was having a free earring Friday (yes!) I just couldn't stop myself.

03.) After reading BooMama's music recommendations for grown-ups (wait, am I really one of those?) on Pioneer Woman, I downloaded NeedtoBreathe The Reckoning and have hardly stopped listening to it since.

It's all so, so, so, crazy good. Seriously. I can't decide which song is my favorite, maybe Wanted Man, or White Fences, or Angel at My Door, or Drive All Night, or...just about every single one.

Perfect blend of bluesy-country-southern-fried-rock. Or something.

04.) I am plugging merrily (and sweatily) along to TurboFire. Here's some proof that I really do do it.
And yes, I'm subscribing to the delusion that 43 year old women can wear pigtails when exercising. Please don't tell me otherwise.
And y'all? The sweat? It's obscene. I'm seriously dripping by the end.
But I love these workouts. So, so fun, the time flies.
This was my second week to get at least 5-6 workouts in during the week, so I'm just a teensy weeny bit proud of myself for sticking with it almost every day.  It's becoming part of my daily routine, which feels great. This week my goal is to continue this pattern of daily cardio but also add at least 3 days of ChaLEAN Extreme for strength (weights).

And by the way, I'm not a Beachbody coach or anything and I don't mean to be pesky by always talking about TurboFire or ChaLEAN Extreme, but if you like the convenience of exercising at home, I love both of these programs and think that Beachbody offers lots of quality home exercise programs, so just take that with a grain of salt, and check them out if you want.

(Run on sentences. Am a fan.)

05.) Annelise had a soccer game this morning and I missed it. I was torn between that and a parenting seminar at our church. I feel guilty for missing her game, but the seminar was FABULOUS and I feel all kinds of fired up and inspired and motivated and convicted (we shall see if anything materializes from all of these feelings of course). Scott and my dad and Peggy were at her game though, so she probably didn't give me not being on the sidelines a second thought, but I still felt bad. Scott said even though the score was 0-0 it was a good game. Their post game trip to Dairy Queen (at 10:30 in the morning!) was an extra special perk too.

06.) After the seminar, Annelise went over to hang out at my dad and Peggy's house, as she is wont to do, so Scott and I hit the road Jack for lunch at our favorite Mediterranean place, as we are wont to do.
We didn't sit outside because everyone in our area must have had the same idea. Crowded. Is what it was out there.

Stuffed grape leaves, baba gannoush, tzatziki,  warm pita bread and gyro meat with Greek salad. Oh my.
And finally, in closing, one more little thing...

06b.) Say hello to Scott's (new) lil' friend.
It's a Tiguan.
It's quite cute, yet sporty and quite peppy.
I may or may not be fighting him for it.
I got to drive it today and it was really hard to turn it back over to him.
But with an 80ish mile round trip daily commute (plus driving to and fro meetings across Houston) he needs a dependable car that gets good gas mileage.
Maybe I can have it on weekends and holidays?

Happy, happy weekend y'all!


  1. First, we spent about 8 hours together this week face to face and there was no talk of a new car - what in the world??? I love it! How many birds can fit??? :)

    And this is an official asking ourselves to crash your next eating at the Greek place. We've never been and want to go and you guys can tell us what to order... so, let's pick a kid-fee day! :)

    Glad you came and loved the Seminar. It was really really really good!

  2. I love NeedtoBreathe!

    Yay for your dedication. 5-6 times a week is awesome, you are a rock star. I'm still doing Ripped in 30 twice a week, and I need to up my game before swimsuit season. Ack. I tried Insanity this week and almost died. But you are an inspiration to me!! :)

  3. Ok, so how did I miss this post. ha! I talked to you Saturday and Sunday and ONE....liked your necklace and TWO...didn't know about the car....THREE, I need you to take me to that med. place. ha! So, I love, LOVE the necklace and earrings....and the car. Um, I want one. ;) And, now I'm hungry.

    I am glad we went to the seminar. I am excited, too. Although, since mine are older, I feel like a weeeeeeeeeee bit of a failure.

    Ok. I'm done rambling.

  4. oh, and I'm with Kim...how many birds does it fit? I call shotgun.


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