Someone Please Remind Me

Remind me that no matter how beautiful french tipped solar nails look (and they do), they require too much commitment, of both money and time. At least for me.

Over the last two-threeish months I've been upselled from, "no manicure today, but thanks" to "I'll try a shellac manicure I guess" to "solar nails? sure, why not?"

I liked them of course, but started missing my natural nails and being able to paint them whenever the urge struck (for free!). Cue the soaking process and the painful peeling process and finally...nail freedom.

Of course they are paper thin and have ridges all over them, but they are the real deal and they will heal.

I think I will stick to pedicures.
Remind me that 8 year olds are highly capable of basic cleaning.

I mean, I knew this, but always figured it was easier to just do things myself instead of possible re-doing.

The other night I was cleaning our bathroom sinks while Annelise was in there too, chatting away as per the norm, when she suddenly offered to clean the other sink.



She thought it was the bees knees to swish Comet around with a sponge.

Who knew?

Then she had an epiphany.

She said she could do the same thing with her sink and her bathtub.

And she sounded excited about it.



It was too late that night so she waited until last night to get jiggy with the Comet.

Not only did she like doing it, she did a great job and was quite proud of herself.

And I was too.
Remind me how wonderful it feels to (really) stay committed to exercise and better food choices.

I think I'm addicted to TurboFire.

Like I can't wait for my workout each day and I think ahead to which one(s) I'll do the next day. The music and moves are sooooo fun, yet still challenging and the time (and the sweat) just flies. I love it! This week I'm combining the cardio workouts with either the sculpt/toning (with resistance bands) or core work. Ouch. But a good ouch.
Remind me that no matter how tired I am at night I really, really, need to just go ahead and wash my make-up off before bed (what's three more minutes anyway?).

Remind me not to listen when I tell myself that if I leave it on at least I'll have *eyes* when I take Annelise to school the next morning. Doesn't matter, it's gross.

(Fingers crossed I remember this post.)

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  1. I got a gel manicure on my own nails a little big ago. And then stupid me picked at it the other day. It was a beating to get it all off. But, it did stay on without chipping until I started messing with it. So I will probably do it again. And my pedicure chipped. I usually only get my nails done about once a year, but with many events this spring/summer might splurge a second time.

    Even if my kids don't do as good a job as I would, I am happy to let them help with most things. I've learned to let go of pickiness over how the job is done if I don't have to do it!

    I will have to investigate TurboFire. I love my gym, so I'm not likely to do anything at home, but I am curious.


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