This Post Brought to You by the Letter C

It's probably not such a wise idea to drink a venti iced coffee at 9:00 in the evening.
Especially if several large mugs of coffee had already been consumed throughout the day as well.

I may never sleep again.

So here I am instead.

Annelise has standardized testing this week. Whee. Her school doesn't do the state standardized tests but they do achievement tests, in the past it was Stanford but this year it's something new called TerraNova.

Wasn't that a TV show?

She can take or leave the tests (at least she doesn't get nervous or worked up about them) as long as they don't  infringe upon recess or PE or lunch, which of course they don't. Plus I have to (get to) pack her two snacks instead of one every day and cook her a bigger breakfast than the norm. This morning she had scrambled eggs and bacon and a waffle and requested egg-in-the-hole for tomorrow.

I shall oblige.

After all the testing this week they get to go crazy on Friday for Field Day. Whee. Annelise, who may be a tad competitive, is already stressing about the results so far in the preliminaries. She has her sights set on winning, or at least not being beat by a certain someone, and I am already gearing up for possible drama later this week. She's been wearing her *fast*shoes and *training* after school, so we shall see.

She keeps asking me about my field days in elementary school and honestly I'm having a hard time remembering. We had them because I remember the highlight for me was getting to wear shorts and bringing a sack lunch and getting to eat outside.

Which is odd since I am so anti-sack lunch now as a grown-up.

However I don't remember the events so much.

I guess it's not that strange that I was all about the food and not the running.

Some things never change.

(Nope, not tired yet. Guess I'll try give my book a whirl.)

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  1. i remember my field days. I was the *queen* of the standing jump and *trained* every year to keep my first place! ;) We only had them for 4-6 grades, so I remember we thought we were really special to have a special day of fun just for us! I hope she does well.


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