Weekending: The Solo Parent Version

It's probably a bad idea to drink a cup of coffee at 10:00 pm, especially since I think it's my fourth large mug of jo' of the day, and I'm sure I'll regret it around 3:00 am, but for right now I'm trying to stay awake in order to pick Scott up from the airport in somewhere in the ballpark of before midnight.

Annelise is so excited for him to get home that she threatened to stay awake until our little jaunt to the airport, but I think Mr. Sandman won. For a little while at least.

We took Scott to the airport in the wee hours of Friday morning so he could fly to Maine to be with his Aunt Jerry. His Uncle Dan passed away earlier last week after battling lung cancer for the better part of last year. Scott's brother Ron flew out also and will get to spend the rest of the week with Jerry, but Scott had to keep his trip short since he's just recently started his new job and all.

It's rather awkward to segue gracefully from that heavy paragraph to recapping my weekend as a single parent, so I guess I'll just jump in feet first as I am wont to do.

Honestly I was a little antsy about holding down the homefront by myself, not that I doubted I could do it, but more that it just felt odd because Scott has rarely travelled anywhere, like away away by himself so I've hardly ever had to do it. Plus my dad and Peggy were also away on a camping trip, so I felt a little like Linus when Lucy ripped his security blanket away from him and told him to grow up. 

But guess what? We were fine.

(Of course I mentioned nothing about Scott's trip ahead of time just in case The Boogeyman reads my blog.)

Friday afternoon after a few errands Annelise and I popped into Goodwill which actually turned into a goldmine for both of us. I found a Gymboree dress and denim skirt for her plus several cute sundresses (to wear over jeans or denim shorts) and casual skirts for me. I love days when a pop into a thrift store/Goodwill is productive and doesn't tempt you to abandon thrifting all together. I even offered her a trip to Chick-Fil-A but she ixnayed that for a peanut butter and banana sandwich and an episode of Shake It Up. Works for me!

Saturday morning started off earlier than usual with a mad scramble to her 9:00 soccer game.
Thank goodness for coffee.
On a sad note, her team lost 5-0.
We drowned our sorrows in coffee (me) and orange juice (her) and split the Breakfast Sampler.
Her spirits (and mine too) rallied quickly once our food arrived.

We were homebodies pretty much the remainder of the day and it was, in a word, delightful.
My sweet lunch date and I Sunday after church (Gringos, Tex-Mex, are you surprised?) (I'm wearing a blouse I scored at Goodwill, and I suppose that's neither here nor there, but it's a louder, flowered-y print than I normally wear but still, I liked it and it was only $2.00).

Sunday was also low key and homebodyish, which is just the way I like it, and Annelise does too (sometimes). The good news is we only ate out twice (splitting one of the meals) and had no fast food, which was great but odd because weekends are usually where the wheels fall off my healthier food wagon. The other good news is I did my Turbo Fire workouts over the weekend, both days, and that does not usually happen, so I'm happy about that and hope that trend continues ( I also did TurboFire today, so hooray).

But the best news is Scott just landed, a bit earlier than expected, so I'm off to wake my slumbering girl and scurry off to the airport.


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  1. I love some Goodwill find too! I spent a small fortune on the kids clothes at Kelly's kids but then found myself a Goodwill shirt to coordinate for only $1.99.

    Kim works all day most saturdays and goes to work right after church on Sundays. I have come to like it. I know that sounds terrible, but I mean it in the best possible way. The kids and I have our routine down. Kim does stay home with Eliot every Wednesday so that is less time Eliot is in daycare. I always joke and say "Wednesday is the new Saturday" like brown is the new black, whatever...


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