Because Lists are Easy

So it's almost been a week since my last blog post.

I don't quite know who I am anymore.

In a somewhat feeble attempt to get my bloggy groove back I am resorting to a random list.

Oh goody.

1). I know this is so last week, but I am still so happy about Phillip Phillips winning American Idol. I know, it's just a show, a gimmicky one at that, but not only is he crazy talented and comfortable in his own skin doing his own quirky Phillip Phillips thing (and he does it well), he seems like a nice guy you could hang out with.

And his performance of Home was out.stand.ing.

I love, love, love what Emily said about his winning and his performance immediately after hearing he won.

Beautiful. Is what it is.

2.) Are y'all as excited as I am that So You Think You Can Dance is back just in time for summer?

I know. A life. I should get one.

But it's such good TV y'all.

3.) We had a great little family getaway to San Antonio over the long weekend.

Now I have to get myself together and blog about it soon.

4.) There are only two (well, one and a half really) days of school left.

That means I have one day to get teacher gifts ready.

Well, a partial day because I want Annelise to pick out a few things with me.

But we've talked about it and have a plan, so fingers crossed we get everything done at the last minute.

(Why am I suddenly singing David Bowie Pressure in my head?)

5.) No, I haven't forgotten what I said last week about blogging about Annelise's dance recital.

I just haven't done it yet.


But I will.

6.) Annelise's end of the year school party was today.

Is this a fairly new thing? I mean, like in the last 40ish years? I don't remember end of school parties when I was growing up.

This year's party was basically a repeat of last year's, which was fine with me because it's low-key and it was fine with Annelise because she LOVES to skate.

I even skated.
After I bought a pair of crew socks for $2.00 because I was scatterbrained this morning and forgot to bring my own from home.

Nothing says hip and cool better than crew socks, roller-skates and shorts.

Am I right?

This year though we skated first and then went to the park for lunch and play.

And when I say play, I mean the kids, because it was H.O.T. and my survival strategy was to move as little as possible.

The kids got to eat Chick-Fil-A, which they thought was cool, and it was. While I adore Chick-Fil-A as much as the next person, I abstained today because 1.) I didn't want to eat fast food just coming off vacation eating (not that it was extreme, but you know...) and b.) I'm a rather high-maintenance Chick-Fil-A consumer, meaning while I almost always order the same thing, the chicken strip meal, I like to have a buffet of sauces (Polynesian, Honey Mustard and good ol' Chick-Fil-A sauce), preferably two of each, to dip my strips and fries in. I figured my chances of getting any sauce, much less two of each, while they're trying to fulfill a huge class order were slim.

So I brought something from home instead (a hard boiled egg, sliced pear, string cheese and water) (just in case any of y'all care).
The kids had fun, no one melted or got hurt, so I'd say all things considered, it was a good day.

7.) Have y'all noticed I haven't posted anything about Project Life in, oh what is it, just this side of forever?


I guess I'm about two-ish months behind.

But I haven't quit.

Maybe I'll get back into it once school is out.

Fingers crossed.

(I kind of hate that I am something of an all or nothing type personality, like either obsessed or over it.)

I guess that's enough randoms for one day.

You're welcome.

Happy Tuesday, almost Wednesday, y'all!

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  1. A. looks adorable in her baseball cap. I'm equally excited about Phillip Phillips winning AI. We had a terrible storm that took out our internet/TV that night so I missed the finale. So sad...but kind of a good reminder to me that life still goes on even without reality TV. But I agree, it's such good TV. :)


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