Five for Friday

A few bits and pieces as of late:

01.) I went for a run last night. (I know!) I've been so up in TurboFire lately and so not getting out of bed at 5:00 to the AM to run before Scott leaves for work and so unmotivated to go out in the evenings because my hairs are done or I've got my face on or I'm tired (read: lazy) that, well...it's been a long time since my feet hit the street. It was a short run (of course) and the bad news is it was such a novel feeling to actually be out on the street with my music pounding in my ears that I totally started out too fast (for me) and the six to eight Pringles I ate for supper really didn't provide me with adequate energy.

But the good news is I still had a great time and plan to repeat the whole thing tomorrow morning (minus the Pringles).

02.) I am so happy we have wood floors. I mean, I always have been, this is nothing new. And let me be clear, they are not perfect, some places are scratched (note to self: don't let 5 year old do a quick tap dance, if I had a time machine I'd rethink that) and some places are warped a bit (no, I have not forgotten you Hurricane Ike).

But why do I like them lately?

Well, our beloved 9 year old golden retriever, Sadie, could possibly be in a doggie Depends commercial. If they had those. So...um...yeah...there have been a few accidents lately and as it turns out she has a UTI that must be the culprit (we only recently found out after her yearly checkup, we thought she was just getting old or something). Fingers crossed the antibiotics kick in and I won't have to keep creeping into the dining room (she's claimed a particular corner) to see if I have to bust out the paper towels and Lysol again.

03.) If you are looking for a couple of easy yet tasty dinners, well, may I tempt you with this Mexican meatloaf (with turkey and black beans) and sour cream chicken (crunchy bread crumbs and tender chicken). Both are quick to prepare, simple and quite delicious. Scott and Annelise gave four thumbs up, so they are officially in my regular-ish cooking rotation.

04.) I can't stop listening to Some Nights by Fun. Seriously. can't. stop.

05.) American Idol is lame. Or the voting public is lame. Or both. Skylar was the best performer of the whole bunch and now she's gone. Boo!

But Joshua might be edging out Phillip just a hair in talent and performance. But I still think Phillip is a doll. I'm curious though, even though I think those videos/commercials they force the contestants to do every week are d.u.m.b. and major cheese balls covered in nuts, but why isn't Phillip in them too?

Happy, happy Friday y'all!

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