Hello May {and Hello Curling Iron}

Really? You're here already?
I'm fairly sure Annelise started 2nd grade, like, yesterday, and now she's almost finished.

You are a jerk.

Annelise got her first tardy (three minutes late) this morning and it was totally my fault, which stinks because we had a pretty good streak going all year.
Why were we late?

Well, see...I had to curl my hair.

But true.

I was supposed to help Annelise's class make something for Teacher Appreciation Week, so since I had to be around people, albeit mostly little people, I wanted to be semi-presentable and not all bed headish (yes, I showered, just not shampooed).
Since my hair is still in the awkward growing out process and doesn't currently have a style other than bob-esque, I've been rather bored by my tresses.

Enter attempts to create loose beachy curls.

If you've never seen these hairstyle tutorials you must check them out (I first heard about her from Sincerely Anna, but they are all over Pinterest too). Obsessed. Is what I am. I first tried using my flat iron to create waves but they left a bit too much of a crimpy tail (but maybe I just needed more practice) so I made an emergency trip to Ulta (with Annelise in tow, she was thrilled) for a 1" Hot Tools curling iron.

How 1986 of me.

Have I ever told y'all I used to carry a butane curling iron during high school in my purse so I could touch up my hair after P.E. or between classes?

I also took hot rollers to summer camp.

No, I'm not vain at all.

The above photo does not really show my new look very well, plus I was quite rushed this morning, but I think I'm slowly getting the hang of creating loose curls.

I think I like them.

But my bangs are staging a revolt. Not quite sure what to do with them. Right now they are in time out with a bobby pin.

Annelise likes my wavy look too but Scott is somewhat resistant to change (but won't admit it) so he's still on the fence.

I like how it's a style intentionally just this side of messy.

That's so me.
Have you tried loose curls? Any styling tips?

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  1. I am an 80s girl through and through. I LOVE Kate and her tutorials, I ran across them several weeks back and immediately pulled out my curling iron as well. It had easily been years since the last time I had used it. I like the wavy look in your hair. Maybe it will grow on Scott :)


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