Little Dancing Queen (Recital 2012)

As I may have mentioned once or thrice, Annelise had her dance recital two weeks ago down in Galveston at The Grand Opera House. This was her sixth year (I know!) and she performed in four different routines, one of which we danced together, which I may have also mentioned once or thrice or eleventy times over the last five months or so as we learned our dance. Or at least as I tried to learn the dance.

Rhythm. I am lacking.

But I try.

We were Angry Birds this year and danced to a song called Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep Cheep.

And yes, that really is a song.

Here's my little angry bird.
Who's not really angry at all.

I felt a LOT better about our costumes this year than last year's gingham spandex spectacles (at least for the moms, the girls outfits were cute last year), since we basically just had pants (but not hot or too spandex-y) and a ZONK top.

The fish net sleeves I could have done without, but no one asked me.
Okay, without further ado, I present to you our mother daughter tap dance for 2012.

(Deep breath)

Annelise and I are on the middle-left-ish.

(What was really special this year was we got to dance with our dear friends Heather and Macy!!)

In Act II Annelise danced the rest of her routines.

First up was a ballet number to Life is a Bowl of Cherries.

(Annelise is in the back middle left-ish at first.)

Then her tap dance to Spooky.
(Annelise is on the right and still in the back. Sigh.)

And finally, here is her jazz number to Shake It Up (no, not The Cars, the Disney TV show).

She was SOOOO excited to get to lead a column this year and we were really proud of her!

(We'll just overlook that she got a little excited about all of this and started her column's contagion a wee bit early, m'kay?)

And after a whirlwind of make-up and tutus and tights and costume changes and dance numbers galore, the recital drew to a close. Even though it's a busy weekend with the dress rehearsal the day before and then the performance it's always a great culmination of a year's hard work.
We were all quite proud of our little dancing queen!

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  1. Wow! 4 routines and 4 costume changes. That's a lot of work! Great job - loved the videos!


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