Put Me in the Zoo

Except don't. I'd feel weird if hoards of strangers strolled by me every day, looking at me and thumping on the glass to see if I'd do something.

In all honesty a small part of me (okay, not so small) was dreading Annelise's second grade field trip to the zoo yesterday.

Please don't throw anything at me, m'mkay?

I was all kinds of worried about the possible heat, which I don't handle well, and huge crowds, which I don't handle well and whining children, which I don't handle well.

Are you sensing a pattern?

But I pulled up my big girl zoo chaperon panties anyway and went with it.

In the rain no less.

The good news is the rain tapered off to a light drizzle then eventually quit altogether and for whatever reason it was only in the low 70s yesterday with cloud cover. In mid-May in Texas.
Praise. And glory.
The calm, graceful giraffes; the leopard; and Annelise in a cool tunnel in the aquarium area.

I had three children to keep track of, one of which was of course, mine. We tagged up with another mom in charge of two girls for, well...pretty much the whole day. It worked out well to only have five small people to you know, not lose.

I didn't take my big mac daddy camera, only my phone. It was hard decision, but in the end comfort trumped zoom capability and quality.
We all chipped in and got each kid in our little gaggle (plus two more tag-a-longs) a smushed souvenir penny as we were leaving the reptile house. Annelise's face should convey her utter disappointment that only her cobra penny was *rusty* and everybody else's penny was bright, shiny and new. I not so gently encouraged her to let. it. go.
Another leopard eyeing a mama bird trying to feed her littles in a nest in the palm tree; the chimpanzees were amusing; no not a longhorn--an Ankara from Africa; and the elephants, especially the babies were highly entertaining.

After much touring and animal gazing it was finally time for lunch.

That is, once Mrs. H. and I schlepped out to my car for the class coolers and back. I was eagerly anticipating my Subway sandwich and Diet Coke.
Guess who left her Diet Coke and Annelise's water at home? Was it me?
Guess who spent $6.00 on water? Was it me?
Guess who has no idea what a skosh of mayo means? Is it the Subway guy?

After lunch there was a bit of playing and climbing and general silliness before finally remembering we were at the zoo after all and we had plenty of animals yet to see.

And then someone started whining for Dippin' Dots.

And soon there were several someones chiming in (at least those someones with parents in attendance).
And of course that led to buying Dippin' Dots for all the precious someones in our gaggle.
I hope those frozen dots of overpriced ice cream made up for that *rusty* penny and not buying anything in the gift shop.

In the end we managed to see most of the animals, but not all, and of course Annelise was a tad disappointed. When she was ever so gently reminded of the time wasted spent hither and yon (like climbing on the fake animals after lunch and not wanting to leave that area) and how that took away time from seeing all the exhibits, she accepted that logic. Mostly.

She ultimately declared this the best field trip ever.

I'm glad.


  1. The zoo is not my favorite place either. At least you had fairly nice weather once it stopped raining. ;) I've never had dippin dots. I guess I'll wait until Mackenzie or Meredith find out about them and beg me to buy some!

  2. Is that a rhino busting through the wall? You don't see that everyday. I think I know why they wanted to stay and play there. Enjoyed reading this post. I'm glad she declared it the best field trip ever. :)

  3. Kindergarten goes to the zoo every year. My kindergartener missed it this year because he was sick. :( But I've been with the other 3 kids. The chaperones are told not to buy anything for any kids. I suppose an exception would be made for forgotten drinks, but they are really discouraged from buying anything for their kid or other kids. And that makes me quite happy.

  4. I was pleasantly surprised by the weather after all. It made it much nicer--even though we started with rain.

    Annelise and another girl started asking for the Dippin Dots. I was mean mom and said no because it wouldn't be fair for all the boys and girls. Another mom kind of started pressuring me (!!) and I caved. We split up buying them for the kids in our group. Not a big deal, but still not 100% fair. Other groups bought cotton candy or went to the gift shop. I just felt bad for the kids there without their parents and without any money.

  5. This had me rolling with laughter! HOw can the Subway dude NOT know what skosh means??? And that face with the penny is priceless! R&J will have to share their penny books with A some day. Glad it was semi-cool - P&G!!!


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