Saying Yes

I am not a mom that says yes.
At least not that easily or often.
I am more of a maybe, we'll see, or not now, later type of mom.
And let's not forget my favorite, no.

Annelise knows this, I mean, let's face it, she's a sharp cookie and is 8 and has known me for seven years.
Not that I never say yes, but she knows who she should asks first around here if she is jonesing to get her way.

However, the sheer joy that results when I do say yes to something is even sweeter.
Maybe she appreciates my yes a little bit more.
Since it's a rare bird and all.

Case in point: 
She asked for cinnamon toast for an after school snack yesterday.
And then almost fell over when she saw me get the skillet, butter, bread, sugar and cinnamon out.
Totally made her day.

Of course I may or may not have made a piece for me too.
But still.

Maybe I should say yes more often.

Are you a yes mom?


  1. I guess it kinda depends on my own mood what I will say yes to... I'm always in the mood for cinnamon toast... ;)

  2. definitely more of a "we'll see" mom... but i have been convicted lately to be more positive, more YES.

    must go - my cinnamon toast isn't going to make itself! ;)

  3. I tend to NOT be a YES Mom but have had that topic on my mind a lot lately and have tried to be a MORE YES Mom. Last weekend I forced - FORCED! - myself to go outside with my boy every time he asked. It was hot, humid and not pleasant. But, he learned to ride a bike without training wheels and we had a wonderful time. He's still talking about our great weekend. Make my heart swell how simple it is to make him happy. Now - if only it wasn't so hot and humid!

  4. Thanks y'all!

    It's not that I never say yes to things, I do, but I guess it's just not the norm. Annelise's surprise and excitement when I do makes me realize I should say yes more, but...it does't quite come naturally to me.


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