Six for Saturday

I've started and stopped this post three or four times already this morning. That's not to say I've been interrupted or distracted (just a bit) or ambivalent (maybe) about posting. Ahem.

So before I can wimp out again, in the words of Pink, let's get this party started.

01.) Annelise's soccer game was rained out today (that's why I'm still sitting here sipping coffee in my PJs) after a torrential downpour last night. It really bugs me when the weather guys on the news say torrential 32 times in one update, just thought you should know.

But speaking of soccer, with this rain out the season is pretty much over for Annelise. There is still one more game left--along with the end of season pizza party--next Saturday but she won't be able to play or party because her dance recital is next Saturday afternoon. She was crushed when she found out about the conflict but has since rallied.

02.) And speaking of her dance recital, that's when we'll be dancing our mother-daughter tap dance as Angry Birds up on the big stage in front of family and friends and hoards of strangers.

I might throw up.

Honestly though, I feel better about this routine than last year's hootenanny. There's still one step that eludes me (a winged time step, twice) but I do feel like I know most of the dance fairly well. I think.

Since the girls are in front of us for the majority of the dance, my plan is to smile really big and make sure my arms are doing the right thing at least.

Maybe that will work?

03.) While making an emergency run to Target the other morning, and yes, it really was an emergency because I had dropped my Keurig water container on our tile when refilling it and of course it cracked and started leaking, so I had to get myself a new one (Happy Mother's Day to me I guess!), and we were out of Pringles, I grabbed this word search book from the $ Spot for Annelise.

(My name is Holly and I like to use run-on sentences. A lot.)

This is how she spent the majority of her afternoon after school that day.
But I'm glad that little surprise made her day.

And? She's apparently all legs and feet encased in really big shoes (size 4.5!! What the what?).

04.) It's so nice to have minions.
Er...I mean helpers.

05.) I'll probably jinx myself by typing this, but I lost 1.2 pounds this week. 


That's my first official deficit since starting My Fitness Pal oh so many months ago.

This week I added two rounds of ChaLEAN Extreme Burn 1 & 2 workouts to my TurboFire routine and I must say, it felt really good to be working out with weights again. I only did two days of TurboFire this week because my right foot started talking to me, I think it was telling me all the jumping these last few weeks was straining it and also please get some new shoes. I finished out the week (Th & Fri.) with two cardio workouts from ChaLEAN Extreme that I had forgotten I loved, Burn it Off, which is a 30 minute interval training routine and Burn Intervals which has short intense cardio (1-2 minutes) followed by weights for 1-2 minutes, for a total of 45 sweat dripping minutes.

But it was great!

Next week I'm planning to continue a TurboFire/ChaLEAN hybrid to have cardio and strength together, at least 3 days of weights and 5-6 days cardio (mainly intervals).

06.) After getting my hairs all did (that's fancy talk for color and cut), Scott and I grabbed a late lunch at our favorite Mediterranean place. I would show you a picture but I can't get it to upload properly here on the blog for some reason (it is in my Instagram feed though on my sidebar). Yesterday was his every other Friday off and he played in a golf tournament hosted by his company while I spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon with foils sticking out of my head every which way.

I was really hoping to get a good two or three days of wear out of my salon shampoo and style but I think she went a little product happy and it's already looking flat and dull. What the what?

Happy weekend, y'all!


  1. I just love reading posts like this!
    You just crack me up- such a fun read


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