Annelise and I started our weekend off on the right foot, well at least on a tasty foot, with a trip to Sonic Happy Hour right after school.
Our sights were set on just drinks at first but we were soon tempted by tater tots.

There I sat, in the driver's seat, in my workout clothes (but still pre-workout, and yes, it was 3:45) almost drooling over tater tots. What in the world?

So I did what any sane person would.

I ordered them with chili and cheese (Annelise had hers plain).

The good news is I did eventually do my TurboFire (much later, once my tummy settled of course).

Saturday started with a lazyish morning, complete with sleeping in and not running outside like I had planned (but I made up for it with a dose of TurboFire) followed by a mid-afternoon soccer game.

Smack dab in the middle of hot with a side order of sun.

Thankfully there was a slight breeze along with plenty of water breaks for the players.

Did you know my hair is growing? It really is, even though it's hard to tell sometimes. It's not long enough for an up-do clip or a cute single ponytail, but...guess what?

I can wear pigtails.


Now I'm not sure if a 43 year old woman should wear pigtails, but they kept my hair off my neck, so I am a fan.
However, I am not a fan of the Yelly McYellersons that Scott and I mistakenly set up our chairs beside on the sidelines. 

And they were yelling for the other team.
One was some sort of Army drill sergeant (for reals, he was in fatigues and boots), and I think he was their coach.
LOUD and bossy. Is what he was.

And then...another McYellerson plopped himself down right. in. front. of me for a good long while to watch the game and yell his head off.
There's a whole segment of the game where I have no idea what happened whenever the ball was in the left corner of the field. Hrumph.

Sunday started off in a hustle and bustle to get to church without spilling our crock pot of taco soup onto the lemon cake or all over the back of our car (it's really a good idea to leave even earlier than normal when transporting dangerous cargo since sudden stops or hair pin turns can be quite detrimental to both cargo and car, but of course we did not do this). Thankfully though we made it and nothing spilled.

We hadn't prepared anything or stayed for a potluck lunch in, well, as Annelise tells it, well over a year. That might be true. And a bit sad at the same time. We (and let's face it, me, since I'm the one that would be cooking) used to be really good about going to potlucks and then, well...stopped. Whenever I'd see one planned I'd think, "Oh yeah, we need to go, I'll make XY or Z" and then Saturday night would roll around and I'd lose all motivation to cook XY or Z, much less go to the store in the first place.

For whatever reason I followed through on my intentions this time (yay!) and we actually went. Yesterday's potluck was extra special because it was Senior Sunday and there was a program to honor all the graduating high school seniors. Annelise really enjoyed the slide show (Scott and I did too) and I could see her brain spinning as she thought about her own senior slide show in the not too distant future (well, 9 or 10 years, but that will still pass like the blink of an eye I'm sure--although I'm in denial about that).

Later that day, since we missed acknowledging May 4th, May the Fourth Be With You, we did the next best thing and settled in to watch Star Wars Episode IV.
Which is my favorite (and Scott's). Annelise likes Episode III, IV and VI the best (I guess it's a tie?).

I remember begging, most likely relentlessly and not annoying at all I'm sure, my parents to take me to see Star Wars Episode IV while we were on vacation somewhere in central Texas during the summer of 1977. I remember waiting in a long line to get our tickets and being so excited to finally see this movie. I loved it!

My dad fell asleep.

I remember my mom thinking R2D2 was cute.

But I can't say my parents were fans of all things Star Wars.

And that, along with evening church and a yummy Tex-Mex supper with friends (although I have no self control with chips and salsa), was our weekend.

How was yours?


  1. looks like it was a busy, but fun weekend. We didn't do much and we decided not to stay for our lunch after church. the food was provided, but when the line is out the door in the fellowship hall right after church, it's easier to just go home! ;)

  2. My chips and salsa are still churning!! All 3 baskets of 'em.


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