I know I say this all the time, but I seriously can't believe another week has swooshed by and here's another InstaFriday knocking at my door.

I sense this trend will continue throughout the summer.

Time. Slow down.
Last Friday was one of Scott's off days (he gets every other Friday off, which, you know, rocks) so we hit the early bird showing of Madagascar 3.

Loved it.

To pieces.
We then hit IHOP for breakfast for lunch.

As you do.

Having my own carafe of coffee is my love language.
Somedays you just need a cupcake.

This one was lemon, and while perfectly delightful, it did not quite equal the carrot cake cupcake I  had the week or so before.

Of course I still ate most of it just the same (though I had to give most of the icing to my sweet teeth, Scott and Annelise, it was really making my teeth curdle).
Scott and I had a late lunch date Saturday afternoon at our favorite Mediterranean place.

This is our standard order: stuffed grape leaves, baba ganouj and two gyro plates, which has gyro meat and the best Greek salad ever.

Oh mercy, it's good.
Brace yourselves.

I decided to embrace the running again.

Two of the four days I got up before the birds so I could run (remember, I'm slow) and get back to the house before Scott had to leave for work.

Oh Sweet Mary, that's early.

But I'm glad I'm trying to be one with the running once more.

I've missed it.

(I know, I say that every time. Hush.)
When you have few expectations for summer, a trip to Target and a detour through the snack bar for a churro and drink can easily be the highlight of your week.

If you are eight, that is.
I know, I showed y'all a photo of my latest craze, the veggie scramble, last week.

But look, this time I went all wild and added avocado and hot sauce.

Divine. Is what it was.

I'm linking up with Jeannett again, be sure to pop by her place for more InstaFriday fun!
life rearranged
Happy, happy Friday y'all!


My First (and Quite Possibly Last) VLOG Ever (YSL Lipstick)


I made my first video for my blog*.
A vlog, if you will.

And because I have no shame I am posting it on my blog.

I hope we can still be friends.

I can tell you that making a video is more challenging than it might seem and then editing said video and making it sparkle takes skill and practice.
I might be sorely lacking in this area.
I tried.

I can also tell you that I make funny facial expressions (FiRL, why haven't you told me?), I say okay, so and anyway way more than a normal person should, I have thin question mark eyebrows and am seriously considering teeth whitening (thanks coffee) and adult braces (okay, only marginally considering...but still).

Plus you get to hear my voice.

So without further ado...I give you my first and possibly last vlog.

:: breaks out in flop sweats and/or hives ::

Okay, there you have it.
3:22 minutes of your life you'll never get back.

But thanks for watching!

(Whatdidja think?)

(Hey, wanna chat about frivolous stuff like make-up? I'm so there!)



Hey there y'all!

(waves : raises coffee mug in howya doin' manner)

It's time for another random photo post (which, truth be told, is one of my favorite types of posts because they are, 1.) fairly fast and b.) an easy way to sum up tidbits of life from the past few days.
Annelise has had an absolute blast at basketball camp this week.

(Which is held at my old (former?) high school and makes me all circle of life-y nostalgic.)

You might think that 6+ hours of shooting hoops and playing games would wear you out.

It does not.

At least if you are eight.

Anyway, I've been packing her lunch this week and sticking little post-its inside (I used to write notes in kindergarten, some of first grade and none of second, maybe I'll revive this tradition for third).

I pretty much thought it was NBD, but I was wrong.

She was thrilled, thrilled I tell you, to read her notes each day, not even able to wait until lunch to read my silliness, she'd sneak a peak in the car on the way to camp every morning.

That made me feel good.
Since I fail at omelets, big time, veggie scrambles are more my forte.

This week I've been hooked on an asparagus, mushroom and spinach mix.

Complete with a hearty splash of Tobasco and a slice of provolone on top.

Just so you know, I've still been getting my (almost) daily sweat on with TurboFire.

I could go on an on about how fun and dancy and hard and exhilarating and challenging and sweaty these workouts are and then go on a bit more about how much I love them and am completely addicted to them.

But I won't.

Just know that I could.
Did you know that on the drive home from basketball camp we pass McDonald's?

Did you know that for three days out of four we have stopped for treats?

A snack size McFlurry for her and an iced coffee for me.

It's probably good that yesterday was her last day at camp.
Early morning Legos are her fave.

Love that.

I'm linking up with Jeannett again, be sure to pop over there for loads more InstaFriday fun.

life rearranged
Happy, happy Friday y'all!

(We are off to the early bird showing of Madagascar 3 in a bit. I think Scott and I are just as excited as Annelise!)

P.S. Okay, I must confess a new obsession.

I can't get enough of Call Me Maybe.

I know!

The funny thing is that for the last sweet forever I basically ignored all the hoopla surrounding this little catchy ditty and refused to download it, thinking it a one hit wonder and certain my life would go on merrily without it.

Then I saw this video.

And my grinch heart melted.

I just love Jimmy.

And the fact they're playing with elementary school music instruments.


Mini-Vacay: Down San Antonio Way

So, somewhere in the ballpark of three weeks ago we took a little jaunt west to San Antonio for Memorial Day weekend.

And then I never blogged about it.

For shame.

Or as my mom used to say from time to time, "Shame, shame, shame should be your name, name, name."

Witty, no?

For years Scott has longed to stay at La Cantera Resort on the outskirts of San Antonio but we never had bit the bullet, so to speak. His fast approaching 50th birthday (it was May 31) and the long weekend was the perfect excuse to hit the road.

He was giddy about their golf course, I was giddy about the pool and Annelise was giddy about staying at a hotel (she's not picky).
Once we arrived, schlepped our bags and settled ourselves a bit we realized we were starving. Imagine how happy we were to discover a Cheescake Factory barely five minutes down the road (near La Cantera mall and The Shops at La Cantera)! We normally have a rule about not eating at chain restaurants when on vacation, but Cheesecake Factory blatantly trumps that rule (we ended up eating there three more times, please don't judge).

We spent Friday at Fiesta Texas, which surprisingly we had never been to before. I know! Yes, it was hot and yes, it was semi-crowded (but not crazy crowded) but the lines were never ridonkulously long so the ride : stress level ratio (wait time vs. length of ride vs. heat) was bearable.

Plus there were lots of family friendly rides along with lots of thrill rides and just enough water rides to restore your sanity when necessary. So all in all we gave Six Flags Fiesta Texas six enthusiastic thumbs up.
Annelise is not quite the thrill junkie she used to be, she's quite a bit more hesitant now about roller coasters and most rides off the ground.

Which can be very amusement park groove busting.

So Scott and I took turns waiting with her while the other went to get his or her roller coaster fix.

For one particular ride though we practiced some amusement park tough love and pretty much forced her to suck it up and ride Pandemonium (top right photo), which by the way had zero drops or loops. It was a risky move because we had a 50-50 chance of traumatizing her and embedding her fears further or being awesome fun parents and having awesome fun as a family for a few minutes out of her life.

Scott and I were holding our breath as the ride started and her eyes were squeezed shut and we sensed she was on. the. verge. of losing it, but thankfully after the first turn and twist she opened her eyes and exclaimed how AWESOME this ride was.

Whew. That was close.
I can say with a fair amount of confidence that a good time was had by all. We rode almost everything, at least everything we wanted (it was a mutual decision to skip The Rattler because of the jolty, jerky factor). My favorites were Superman and Pandemonium, Annelise's favorites were the kiddie coaster and Gully Washer (getting soaked of course), Scott liked Superman and Poltergeist and Goliath.

Soon though it was time to shut it down and retreat to our hotel.
After a quick clean up (so needed and so refreshing) we headed out for supper.
My people had the nerve to scoff at my ensemble for the evening (cut graphic T, tank and maxi skirt).
Yet our little person had zero qualms wearing this.

Hello, Pot? Kettle calling...

The next day Scott hit the golf course and Annelise and I hit the pool.
I had a date with The Godfather and she had a date with the water slide.

Delightful. Is what it was.
We ended up staying there all day.

You're not really shocked are you?

S'mores poolside are our fave.
Someone who shall remain nameless was plum tuckered out.

Yeah, we were suckers and did the Looney Tunes breakfast the next morning.
But my omelet was divine.

The rest of the day was almost a carbon copy of the day before.

Scott headed out for 18 holes and we retreated to the pool.
It was like Groundhog Day.

Except with sunscreen and poolside service.

All to soon though the weekend was over and it was back to life, back to reality.

Until next time at least.


This. And Some That.

Here's a smattering of happenings of late:

(Don't you like that word, smattering?)
01.) Annelise played hooky from the last day of VBS on Friday. Isn't that terrible? Yeah, I know. In our feeble defense she was exhausted from a late evening swim the night before and ended up sleeping late Friday morning.

02.) We met some friends for rollerskating later that afternoon which was fine and dandy, especially since I abstained from skating due to a fresh hair wash (!!) and the fact I got a dumb blister the last time I skated.

03.) I made the mistake of giving her one whole dollar in quarters and she ended up hanging out most of the time in the dumb arcade instead of skating.

04.) I smuggled a Capri Sun and a cheese stick in my purse for her snack. Some say cheap, others say resourceful but their snack bar is almost as bad as a movie theater or baseball game concession stand. Can you say highway robbery?!

05.) After the Hardly Skate, we made a beeline for happy hour at Sonic then made a mad dash for the library, which was the perfect way to wind down the afternoon.
06.) Annelise and I were invited to a lunch playdate for moms and kids on Saturday. It was hosted by one of the mom's from her school and ended up being quite fun. Mostly. And I say mostly only because I tend to compartmentalize people/situations and am usually only around *school people* at birthday parties or school activities and this was the first fully social school thing-a-ma-bob I've been to. But I will also add my two cents: it's annoying when some people completely rule (steam roll) conversations. That's all.
07.) Scott and I celebrated our 17th anniversary yesterday.

08.) !!

09.) And by celebrate I mean we went to lunch at Carraba's for Father's Day and our anniversary.

10.) We also went to see The Avengers later that afternoon while Annelise went swimming at Pappo and Grandma Peggy's house.

11.) Isn't that romantic?

12.) And yet. Still. I really liked the movie, which had a good mix of action tempered with humor. I think IronMan is my fave. And Captain America is a stand-up guy.
13.) Annelise was sooo beyond excited for basketball camp to start today!

14.) Can you tell?
15.) Since basketball camp is such hard work, we swung through Mickey D's for a little treat.
16.) Of course I got a little treat too, an iced coffee. I asked for a PLAIN iced coffee, figuring it would, you know, actually be without sugar, but no, that was not to be. I guess next time I need to ask for unsweetened (black?) coffee? Or maybe I"ll just stick with the java professionals at Starbucks.
17.) And that, my friends, is a little of this and that.

How are you?

P.S. Oh, I can't believe I forgot to tell y'all about the awesomeness that is PicMonkey. com. It's a free photo editing site, very (eerily so) similar to Picnik. The two photos with the scalloped frame (couldn't resist the cuteness) were edited using PicMonkey AND the other awesome cool news is that you can make collages now. Squeal!! Check it out, I think you'll swoon!



Because it's Friday (yay!) and because I'm a fan of random (yay!), it's time for another InstaFriday post (yay?).
You never know where you might cross paths with a Lego friend. This one appeared dangerously close to our stove top, which was, thankfully, off.
I decided to ignore dishes over the weekend.

It was nice.

Plus all the colors make me happy, even when stacked in the sink.
La Madeleine for lunch on Sunday.

The perfect little after lunch treat, the mini lemon tart.

So cute.

So tasty.
Annelise went to a VBS this week with two of her friends from school.

While a car line pick-up seems rad in theory, in reality it takes just this side of forever.
Another favorite little treat, Chobani Greek yogurt.

Peach is my fave.

I like that it's sweet but not tooth curdling sweet like most other yogurts.
Quick shopping trip at HEB for essentials like hair spray and toilet paper.

I didn't realize until I got home and was carrying in the groceries that I had forgotten milk.


Annelise was thrilled (um, not) that we had to make a mad dash into HEB on the way home from VBS.
And finally, summer in a bowl.

Life is a bowl of cherries, right?

I'm linking up with Jeannett again, be sure to pop over there for more InstaFriday fun.
life rearranged
Happy, happy Friday, y'all!


A Bloggy Slump, Cleaning and Fantasy Fiction. In Other Words, Another Random Post

So it seems I have drifted into something of a bloggy slump.

As in, I'm hardly blogging.

And that's kind of weird.

At least for me.

Therefore I am forcing myself to blog.

About nothing.

You know, like Seinfeld.

Last week Annelise had VBS at our church and this week she's going to another VBS with a couple of friends from her school. Which makes for a whole lot of VBS back to back. Which is not a bad thing at all or anything, it just puts a slight cramp in our lazy morning style.

So we've been doing lazy afternoons instead.

The last two to four (five?) days (I've lost count) (days seem to blur in the summer) I've been tackling some cleaning/clutter busting jobs that have been a thorn in my flesh for far too long.

It feels quite good to cross them off my list.

I wish I was more disciplined about following a set cleaning schedule. I almost always wait until I feel like it (or I just can't stand it any longer) and of course I hardly ever feel like it so instead of being small, manageable jobs they become monsters. Or at least second cousins of monsters.

The thing about following a schedule though usually means you are cleaning something just about every day.

And really, who wants to do that?

But I can tell you that blue Dawn mixed with vinegar makes an excellent shower cleaner. Thank you Pinterest!

Oh, and I have a new friend named SqueeGee that makes his home in our shower.

In other news, I have apparently become someone who reads science fiction/fantasy (not sure if these two terms are interchangeable) and likes it.

Brace yourselves.

I am a nerd.

I've always liked books about time travel (not nerdy) but I've always snobbishly considered all other forms of science fiction/fantasy as, well....nerdy.

I don't even know what makes a book sci-fi/fantasy vs. just fiction. Would Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fall in that category? The Hunger Games trilogy? Maybe. Maybe I've read more of this genre than I've realized. Whatevs.

Right now I'm reading the second book in the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson and am really enjoying it.

Like I said, nerd.

Another fantasy series I have waiting in the wings (what in the world is happening to me? I promise not to start playing Dungeons and Dragons, pinky swear, m'kay?) is by Lois McMaster Bujold. I really liked The Curse of Chalion and will start Paladin of Souls soon. Ish.

Okay, that was just enough blogging for now to get me out of my slump, I think.

Maybe, just maaaaybe I'll post more than once this week.


Hey, I'm cleaning and reading fantasy literature.

Anything's possible.

Do you follow a cleaning schedule or are you more of a mood driven cleaner?
Do you like science fiction/fantasy novels? (Nerds unite!)
What are you reading these days?



Are you there blog? It's me, MarathonBird.

Somehow this week just swooshed by and, as it turns out, I never got around to blogging.

So now here I am, back with another InstaFriday post.

Because a.) it's Friday and 2.) it's easy.

Last Friday, the first full day of Annelise's summer break, the day I was looking forward to having absolutely nothing to do and to possibly spending most of the day lounging poolside (Annelise swims, I lounge), I had to take Annelise to a birthday party.

The mom threw the party together totally last minute (like, invites the day before) and we probably would not have gone but the little girl is moving over the summer and our resident little person would have been crushed, crushed I tell you, if she had missed it.
So that's how I ended up spending 2+ hours at what might possibly have been the loudest birthday party ever.
Annelise's favorite was the bumper boat thingie, especially since they've added water shooters.

Good thing I made her save that for her last activity.
My new tootsies.

I guess they were feeling a little blue.
Saturday evening we ate supper at Carrabba's for Scott's (nice) birthday dinner.

For some reason we hadn't been there in years (what the what?), but will definitely be making room for it in our rotation more often.

Scott let me have two small bites of his Chicken Bryan and I'm still thinking about them (imagine chicken with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese on top) (oh yeah).
Annelise made Scott's requested birthday dessert on Tuesday, Dump Cake, only five days after his actual birthday.

Good thing there's no statute of limitations on these types of things.
I really, really, really should not have discovered that these things exist.

I know homemade might be better, but when you are lazy like me...you're not so picky.
Our church had our VBS this week (which was AWE to the SOME), so this t-shirt along with two different pairs of denim bermuda shorts was my uniform most of the week. 

I know, the 80s called and wants their cut neckline back.

But I really hate crew neck shirts.

So I pretended to be Jennifer Beals.

Sort of.

But I added a tank top.

And never danced.
Okay, I'm about to admit something pretty big to y'all.

I haven't washed my hair since Tuesday.

Are we still friends?

Shampooing and blow drying and styling (either flat ironing straight or loose curling iron curls) takes a bushel of effort.

And I get all kinds of over heated and cranky (especially if I'm rushed and don't have any recovery time between shower/blow-dry/heat style).

So I like to stretch things out as long as possible*.

Have I mentioned I might be a tad lazy too?

I've tried Tres Semme and Got 2 Be dry shampoos before, but I think Suave is my hands down favorite. It smells really fresh (citrusy) but doesn't look chalky on your hair after spraying. After my shower I blow dry any damp areas then spritz dry shampoo to the roots where needed, then touch up with either flat iron or curling iron.

It's a lifesaver, y'all.

For reals.

I'm linking up with Jeannett again, be sure to pop over there for more InstaFriday fun.
life rearranged
Happy Friday, y'all!

*I haven't exercised as much this week, if I had I probably couldn't have avoided real shampooing as long. But still. Dry shampoo is rad.
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