A Bloggy Slump, Cleaning and Fantasy Fiction. In Other Words, Another Random Post

So it seems I have drifted into something of a bloggy slump.

As in, I'm hardly blogging.

And that's kind of weird.

At least for me.

Therefore I am forcing myself to blog.

About nothing.

You know, like Seinfeld.

Last week Annelise had VBS at our church and this week she's going to another VBS with a couple of friends from her school. Which makes for a whole lot of VBS back to back. Which is not a bad thing at all or anything, it just puts a slight cramp in our lazy morning style.

So we've been doing lazy afternoons instead.

The last two to four (five?) days (I've lost count) (days seem to blur in the summer) I've been tackling some cleaning/clutter busting jobs that have been a thorn in my flesh for far too long.

It feels quite good to cross them off my list.

I wish I was more disciplined about following a set cleaning schedule. I almost always wait until I feel like it (or I just can't stand it any longer) and of course I hardly ever feel like it so instead of being small, manageable jobs they become monsters. Or at least second cousins of monsters.

The thing about following a schedule though usually means you are cleaning something just about every day.

And really, who wants to do that?

But I can tell you that blue Dawn mixed with vinegar makes an excellent shower cleaner. Thank you Pinterest!

Oh, and I have a new friend named SqueeGee that makes his home in our shower.

In other news, I have apparently become someone who reads science fiction/fantasy (not sure if these two terms are interchangeable) and likes it.

Brace yourselves.

I am a nerd.

I've always liked books about time travel (not nerdy) but I've always snobbishly considered all other forms of science fiction/fantasy as, well....nerdy.

I don't even know what makes a book sci-fi/fantasy vs. just fiction. Would Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fall in that category? The Hunger Games trilogy? Maybe. Maybe I've read more of this genre than I've realized. Whatevs.

Right now I'm reading the second book in the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson and am really enjoying it.

Like I said, nerd.

Another fantasy series I have waiting in the wings (what in the world is happening to me? I promise not to start playing Dungeons and Dragons, pinky swear, m'kay?) is by Lois McMaster Bujold. I really liked The Curse of Chalion and will start Paladin of Souls soon. Ish.

Okay, that was just enough blogging for now to get me out of my slump, I think.

Maybe, just maaaaybe I'll post more than once this week.


Hey, I'm cleaning and reading fantasy literature.

Anything's possible.

Do you follow a cleaning schedule or are you more of a mood driven cleaner?
Do you like science fiction/fantasy novels? (Nerds unite!)
What are you reading these days?


  1. I do not follow a cleaning schedule. My thoughts are similar to yours. But I know that our home would be more peaceful if I would be more disciplined in that area.

    I'm re-reading Game of Thrones. The series is over until season 3 next year, so I'm reading to fill in the gaps. But now I will also look into those you mention. I have become a fan of fantasy it seems.

  2. I'm not even going to broach the cleaning subject...
    I just finished reading the first two books in a trilogy; the third book comes out in November. They are "Matched" and "Crossed Over". They are pretty good and easy reads. I read them both in under three days. I am anxious for the third. Off to check out your recommendations.

  3. I saw The Hunger Games and now I really want to dive into the books. Has anyone read this series? Or is it more of a teen read.


  4. @Kimberly: The Hunger Games are a good read. Sure, the target audience is young people, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them! As a parent/adult you will respond to the characters differently, but that is the case when anyone reads a book. Definitely worth reading!

  5. Ditto to what Nicole said. The Hunger Games series is technically young adult fiction but I think it appeals to adults as well. I really enjoyed them!

    The movie did a nice job sticking with the story but you really get a better feel for the characters (more of their back story) through the books.

  6. Thanks for the input ladies. Already downloaded it to the Kindle. Kim


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