It's been a while since I've done an InstaFriday post.

Or maybe more than a while.

I might be a little rusty.

Here's a peek at my week through Instagram (I'm marathonbird, BTW, if you'd like to be IG buddies).
I packed Annelise's last lunch of second grade yesterday.

Sniff, sniff...

I'm excited for summer and all the laziness and fun and sun it brings, but I just can't believe we have a third grader now.
Annelise was in tears when I picked her up yesterday.

Our sweet little girlie has such a tender heart and was almost in a heap over the fact two of her classmates won't be returning next year.

A trip to Sonic happy hour & an order of tater tots lifted her spirits immensely.

Apparently, when you're eight your moods tend to turn on a dime.

The same thing is true when you're 43. Just so you know.
(These aren't cell phone pics but they fit in with the whole last day of school thing I've got going.)

For teacher gifts this year Annelise gave each of her two teachers a beach tote semi-filled (hey, they're huge bags!) with summer goodies.

Inside was a beach towel, sunscreen and an insulated cup with Crystal Light mixes and a note from Annelise. The outer pocket had nail polish, a Barnes & Noble gift card and Whoppers with a tag that said, "Hope you have a WHOPPER of a summer!"

Corny? You bet.

I hope they liked them anyway!
Due to an unexpected plumbing pickle that ended up taking most of yesterday to get resolved and then cleaned up, we had to change our plans for Scott's birthday dinner.
IHOP to the rescue!

And Scott got a free sundae! FTW!

(We thought he'd get a free meal but apparently they don't do that any more.)

(Scott and I split the breakfast sampler which is our current fave. Splitting it gives you just the right amount of food without feeling like you might either 1.) hurl or b.) explode.)

(But kids do eat free on weekdays, FTW!)
Have y'all tried these?

You totally should.

They're my new fave snack.

When we were at Target the other day I noticed they were on clearance and my heart lurched in fear that meant they'd no longer stock them.

So I bought 3 bags just in case.

Hoarder. That's me.
I was so excited to discover Panera has recently changed my favorite salad, the chopped chicken cobb, for the better.

They added avocado.

Cue happy dance!

And while I'm talking about my love for all things avocado I had better tell y'all about my new favorite comfort food.

Grilled cheese (Provolone) with 1/2 sliced avocado smushed in there too.

Oh mercy.

Happy, happy Friday, y'all!!
life rearranged


  1. Sonic is always awesome! Dropping in from Life Rearranged! :)

  2. Sonic is the answer to it all! I always have a Diet Coke with strawberries, lime and vanilla. Yum!

  3. Will have to give that salad and the grilled provolone/avocado a try!

  4. I have to try that grilled cheese!! my favorite right now is sandwich thins spread w/ hummus and basil pesto, one slice of provolone, sliced tomatoes, another slice of provolone, broiled for just a couple of minutes!! YUM!!

  5. First of all, haha! My teacher gifts were 1/6 of your teacher gifts. I just gave the insulated cup with drink mixes. But, I also had 7 teachers and 2 bus drivers, so better believe they weren't getting what you gave!

    Second, yes, I love those pretzel chips and yes I saw them on sale at Target and yes I panicked.

  6. What a fun teacher gift! If I didn't have to give something to 9 teachers I would love to do something like that. But instead each teacher got a $10 movie gift card. ;) I love avocado too and that salad looks delicious.


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