Are you there blog? It's me, MarathonBird.

Somehow this week just swooshed by and, as it turns out, I never got around to blogging.

So now here I am, back with another InstaFriday post.

Because a.) it's Friday and 2.) it's easy.

Last Friday, the first full day of Annelise's summer break, the day I was looking forward to having absolutely nothing to do and to possibly spending most of the day lounging poolside (Annelise swims, I lounge), I had to take Annelise to a birthday party.

The mom threw the party together totally last minute (like, invites the day before) and we probably would not have gone but the little girl is moving over the summer and our resident little person would have been crushed, crushed I tell you, if she had missed it.
So that's how I ended up spending 2+ hours at what might possibly have been the loudest birthday party ever.
Annelise's favorite was the bumper boat thingie, especially since they've added water shooters.

Good thing I made her save that for her last activity.
My new tootsies.

I guess they were feeling a little blue.
Saturday evening we ate supper at Carrabba's for Scott's (nice) birthday dinner.

For some reason we hadn't been there in years (what the what?), but will definitely be making room for it in our rotation more often.

Scott let me have two small bites of his Chicken Bryan and I'm still thinking about them (imagine chicken with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese on top) (oh yeah).
Annelise made Scott's requested birthday dessert on Tuesday, Dump Cake, only five days after his actual birthday.

Good thing there's no statute of limitations on these types of things.
I really, really, really should not have discovered that these things exist.

I know homemade might be better, but when you are lazy like me...you're not so picky.
Our church had our VBS this week (which was AWE to the SOME), so this t-shirt along with two different pairs of denim bermuda shorts was my uniform most of the week. 

I know, the 80s called and wants their cut neckline back.

But I really hate crew neck shirts.

So I pretended to be Jennifer Beals.

Sort of.

But I added a tank top.

And never danced.
Okay, I'm about to admit something pretty big to y'all.

I haven't washed my hair since Tuesday.

Are we still friends?

Shampooing and blow drying and styling (either flat ironing straight or loose curling iron curls) takes a bushel of effort.

And I get all kinds of over heated and cranky (especially if I'm rushed and don't have any recovery time between shower/blow-dry/heat style).

So I like to stretch things out as long as possible*.

Have I mentioned I might be a tad lazy too?

I've tried Tres Semme and Got 2 Be dry shampoos before, but I think Suave is my hands down favorite. It smells really fresh (citrusy) but doesn't look chalky on your hair after spraying. After my shower I blow dry any damp areas then spritz dry shampoo to the roots where needed, then touch up with either flat iron or curling iron.

It's a lifesaver, y'all.

For reals.

I'm linking up with Jeannett again, be sure to pop over there for more InstaFriday fun.
life rearranged
Happy Friday, y'all!

*I haven't exercised as much this week, if I had I probably couldn't have avoided real shampooing as long. But still. Dry shampoo is rad.


  1. I love your first line!

    It always surprises me when you write about attending the birthday parties Annelise goes to, that is so foreign to me...I would hate that.

    I haven't seen the bagged Muddy Buddies, that could be dangerous!

    My sister swears by dry shampoo, but I look so greasy in the morning I'm afraid I'll make paste! I really should try it though because even if it bought a few hours in the morning I'd be happy.

  2. Stoppin by from Life Rearranged party. I totally feel you about being WAY too hot to style your hair every day!! Besides, I think it's actually better not to wash your hair daily...I am so on your side!:) Have a great weekend:)

  3. Also stopping by from instafriday. I keep considering dry shampoo just haven't tried it yet. Thank for the reviews it is always nice to hear what others think of the brands out there.

  4. Haven't been by in WAY too long! Yay for summer vacation :) I wish our VBS was in June, but we have to wait until July.
    cute toe color :) and the suave dry shampoo IS rad!! Its the only one ive tried and I love it! Just used mine yesterday after my turbo jam! Haha.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Muddy Buddies-I too wish I had NEVER tried them, oh so tasty!

    and the suave dry shampoo-my favorite too! I even use it on my 16 year old son when his hair gets a tad greasy and we're on our way somewhere-suave dry shampoo in the glove box to the rescue! :) yep, cuz I'm weird like that!


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