Hey there y'all!

(waves : raises coffee mug in howya doin' manner)

It's time for another random photo post (which, truth be told, is one of my favorite types of posts because they are, 1.) fairly fast and b.) an easy way to sum up tidbits of life from the past few days.
Annelise has had an absolute blast at basketball camp this week.

(Which is held at my old (former?) high school and makes me all circle of life-y nostalgic.)

You might think that 6+ hours of shooting hoops and playing games would wear you out.

It does not.

At least if you are eight.

Anyway, I've been packing her lunch this week and sticking little post-its inside (I used to write notes in kindergarten, some of first grade and none of second, maybe I'll revive this tradition for third).

I pretty much thought it was NBD, but I was wrong.

She was thrilled, thrilled I tell you, to read her notes each day, not even able to wait until lunch to read my silliness, she'd sneak a peak in the car on the way to camp every morning.

That made me feel good.
Since I fail at omelets, big time, veggie scrambles are more my forte.

This week I've been hooked on an asparagus, mushroom and spinach mix.

Complete with a hearty splash of Tobasco and a slice of provolone on top.

Just so you know, I've still been getting my (almost) daily sweat on with TurboFire.

I could go on an on about how fun and dancy and hard and exhilarating and challenging and sweaty these workouts are and then go on a bit more about how much I love them and am completely addicted to them.

But I won't.

Just know that I could.
Did you know that on the drive home from basketball camp we pass McDonald's?

Did you know that for three days out of four we have stopped for treats?

A snack size McFlurry for her and an iced coffee for me.

It's probably good that yesterday was her last day at camp.
Early morning Legos are her fave.

Love that.

I'm linking up with Jeannett again, be sure to pop over there for loads more InstaFriday fun.

life rearranged
Happy, happy Friday y'all!

(We are off to the early bird showing of Madagascar 3 in a bit. I think Scott and I are just as excited as Annelise!)

P.S. Okay, I must confess a new obsession.

I can't get enough of Call Me Maybe.

I know!

The funny thing is that for the last sweet forever I basically ignored all the hoopla surrounding this little catchy ditty and refused to download it, thinking it a one hit wonder and certain my life would go on merrily without it.

Then I saw this video.

And my grinch heart melted.

I just love Jimmy.

And the fact they're playing with elementary school music instruments.


  1. I like running to that song.

    I thought you didn't like the sweetness of McD's iced coffee?

    You've made me curious about TurboFire, but with a gym membership already I feel like I don't need any more exercise stuff. Darn.

  2. hi :) hopping over via instafriday link-up.

    i am obsesed with that song too! great video. have never seen it so thanks for sharing!

    we saw madagascar 3 last weekend and we loved it. were stoked about going to see brave this weekend.

    and who tires of basketball? (we are a big basketball family haha)

    i've never heard of turbofire so i need to check that out. i mostly run but squeeze in some P90X plyo and i love.love.love insanity!

    and my hubs is seriously in-like of mcdonald's iced coffee. he prefers it over any drink from starbucks.

    happy friday and weekend!

  3. fun week. and good for you getting your sweat on!!

    and I love Call Me Maybe! my day isn't complete unless I've heard it at least twice. I sing it at the top of my lungs. xoxo

  4. I cannot imagine being that close to my high school! I have only been back to Michigan about 6 times in the 23 years since I graduated so it's surreal for me everytime I go back.

    The notes in her lunch are so cute, I love it that she's excited about them.

    How have I not heard of this song? I love Jimmy Fallon!

  5. I too left notes all the time in kindergarten, a bit in first grade and probably none in second (coming up)! Ha ha! Cute pics!
    Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

  6. Jimmy Fallon!! YESSS!!! And legos are the devil! Seriously!! lol All great photos!!

  7. that omelet/veggie scramble looks so good!! we were just talking about omelets for dinner so....! I've never put provolone on top but I am going to give that a try! yummy!! thanks!


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