I know I say this all the time, but I seriously can't believe another week has swooshed by and here's another InstaFriday knocking at my door.

I sense this trend will continue throughout the summer.

Time. Slow down.
Last Friday was one of Scott's off days (he gets every other Friday off, which, you know, rocks) so we hit the early bird showing of Madagascar 3.

Loved it.

To pieces.
We then hit IHOP for breakfast for lunch.

As you do.

Having my own carafe of coffee is my love language.
Somedays you just need a cupcake.

This one was lemon, and while perfectly delightful, it did not quite equal the carrot cake cupcake I  had the week or so before.

Of course I still ate most of it just the same (though I had to give most of the icing to my sweet teeth, Scott and Annelise, it was really making my teeth curdle).
Scott and I had a late lunch date Saturday afternoon at our favorite Mediterranean place.

This is our standard order: stuffed grape leaves, baba ganouj and two gyro plates, which has gyro meat and the best Greek salad ever.

Oh mercy, it's good.
Brace yourselves.

I decided to embrace the running again.

Two of the four days I got up before the birds so I could run (remember, I'm slow) and get back to the house before Scott had to leave for work.

Oh Sweet Mary, that's early.

But I'm glad I'm trying to be one with the running once more.

I've missed it.

(I know, I say that every time. Hush.)
When you have few expectations for summer, a trip to Target and a detour through the snack bar for a churro and drink can easily be the highlight of your week.

If you are eight, that is.
I know, I showed y'all a photo of my latest craze, the veggie scramble, last week.

But look, this time I went all wild and added avocado and hot sauce.

Divine. Is what it was.

I'm linking up with Jeannett again, be sure to pop by her place for more InstaFriday fun!
life rearranged
Happy, happy Friday y'all!


  1. I'm glad to hear that movie is a good one.

    Way to go with the running! I don't know how you function in that crazy Texas heat!

  2. that movie was cute! y'all should make your way back to the theater and see brave. that's another good one. so glad you got back into running...i've taken the whole week off and really need to get back into it before i slack off completely! happy friday.

  3. hm, avocado on the veggie scramble, will have to give that a try!!

  4. I really enjoyed all of your shots....especially the running collage. I wish I enjoyed running. All I can manage is intervals runs so I guess that is better than nothing.

    Visiting from instagram Friday. :)

  5. Great job on the running! exciting! That veggies scramble looks amazing too!


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