Mini-Vacay: Down San Antonio Way

So, somewhere in the ballpark of three weeks ago we took a little jaunt west to San Antonio for Memorial Day weekend.

And then I never blogged about it.

For shame.

Or as my mom used to say from time to time, "Shame, shame, shame should be your name, name, name."

Witty, no?

For years Scott has longed to stay at La Cantera Resort on the outskirts of San Antonio but we never had bit the bullet, so to speak. His fast approaching 50th birthday (it was May 31) and the long weekend was the perfect excuse to hit the road.

He was giddy about their golf course, I was giddy about the pool and Annelise was giddy about staying at a hotel (she's not picky).
Once we arrived, schlepped our bags and settled ourselves a bit we realized we were starving. Imagine how happy we were to discover a Cheescake Factory barely five minutes down the road (near La Cantera mall and The Shops at La Cantera)! We normally have a rule about not eating at chain restaurants when on vacation, but Cheesecake Factory blatantly trumps that rule (we ended up eating there three more times, please don't judge).

We spent Friday at Fiesta Texas, which surprisingly we had never been to before. I know! Yes, it was hot and yes, it was semi-crowded (but not crazy crowded) but the lines were never ridonkulously long so the ride : stress level ratio (wait time vs. length of ride vs. heat) was bearable.

Plus there were lots of family friendly rides along with lots of thrill rides and just enough water rides to restore your sanity when necessary. So all in all we gave Six Flags Fiesta Texas six enthusiastic thumbs up.
Annelise is not quite the thrill junkie she used to be, she's quite a bit more hesitant now about roller coasters and most rides off the ground.

Which can be very amusement park groove busting.

So Scott and I took turns waiting with her while the other went to get his or her roller coaster fix.

For one particular ride though we practiced some amusement park tough love and pretty much forced her to suck it up and ride Pandemonium (top right photo), which by the way had zero drops or loops. It was a risky move because we had a 50-50 chance of traumatizing her and embedding her fears further or being awesome fun parents and having awesome fun as a family for a few minutes out of her life.

Scott and I were holding our breath as the ride started and her eyes were squeezed shut and we sensed she was on. the. verge. of losing it, but thankfully after the first turn and twist she opened her eyes and exclaimed how AWESOME this ride was.

Whew. That was close.
I can say with a fair amount of confidence that a good time was had by all. We rode almost everything, at least everything we wanted (it was a mutual decision to skip The Rattler because of the jolty, jerky factor). My favorites were Superman and Pandemonium, Annelise's favorites were the kiddie coaster and Gully Washer (getting soaked of course), Scott liked Superman and Poltergeist and Goliath.

Soon though it was time to shut it down and retreat to our hotel.
After a quick clean up (so needed and so refreshing) we headed out for supper.
My people had the nerve to scoff at my ensemble for the evening (cut graphic T, tank and maxi skirt).
Yet our little person had zero qualms wearing this.

Hello, Pot? Kettle calling...

The next day Scott hit the golf course and Annelise and I hit the pool.
I had a date with The Godfather and she had a date with the water slide.

Delightful. Is what it was.
We ended up staying there all day.

You're not really shocked are you?

S'mores poolside are our fave.
Someone who shall remain nameless was plum tuckered out.

Yeah, we were suckers and did the Looney Tunes breakfast the next morning.
But my omelet was divine.

The rest of the day was almost a carbon copy of the day before.

Scott headed out for 18 holes and we retreated to the pool.
It was like Groundhog Day.

Except with sunscreen and poolside service.

All to soon though the weekend was over and it was back to life, back to reality.

Until next time at least.


  1. I approve of the scoffed at outfit!

    This makes me miss my San Antonio! Lived there for 3 years when Luci and Griffin were babies and LOVED it! Seriously, those three years were like one big vacation to me. We went to Seaworld every Friday it was open.

  2. Oh MY Gosh- that looks like fun!!

  3. Reading by the pool is one of my most favorite things ever...amusements parks not so much!

    S'mores by the pool sounds like a tasty innovation!

  4. Your outfit is way cute! I think it is a great way to wear a shirt that could easily veer into age-inappropriate if styled poorly. Good job!

    I cannot read by the pool just yet, as the kids still need my attention, but I look forward to the day. And I wouldn't mind going somewhere with Travis and him golfing and me reading and leaving the kids at home. ;)

  5. So fun - Love your outfit BTW. Wonder woman has no room to talk - LOL! Also, been meaning to say I really like the lighter hair color on you and the way you have been styling it - very nice!

  6. Thanks y'all!

    I'm so happy to finally be at a point where I can sit and read and Annelise can play in the pool and I can keep my eyes on her. Nicole--that day will come for you too:)

    Karen: Thank you about my hair! I've been alternating between wearing it straight and trying beachy curls with my curling iron &/or flat iron (it's so weird that you can get curls from a flat iron).


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