My First (and Quite Possibly Last) VLOG Ever (YSL Lipstick)


I made my first video for my blog*.
A vlog, if you will.

And because I have no shame I am posting it on my blog.

I hope we can still be friends.

I can tell you that making a video is more challenging than it might seem and then editing said video and making it sparkle takes skill and practice.
I might be sorely lacking in this area.
I tried.

I can also tell you that I make funny facial expressions (FiRL, why haven't you told me?), I say okay, so and anyway way more than a normal person should, I have thin question mark eyebrows and am seriously considering teeth whitening (thanks coffee) and adult braces (okay, only marginally considering...but still).

Plus you get to hear my voice.

So without further ado...I give you my first and possibly last vlog.

:: breaks out in flop sweats and/or hives ::

Okay, there you have it.
3:22 minutes of your life you'll never get back.

But thanks for watching!

(Whatdidja think?)

(Hey, wanna chat about frivolous stuff like make-up? I'm so there!)


  1. You are seriously the cutest ever. I loved it!!!

  2. Loved it! I say "so" way too much. Your hair is fabulous. Your voice is so truly Southern. :) And the lipstick looks good on you. I tend to go for a little more color, but still in the browns/berries range.

  3. I love it! I've been a fan of your blog for about a year so to finally see you/hear you was fun! I love the accent - I'm about 13 years removed from Texas (went to school at A&M) so I always love hearing a good Texas accent!!

  4. Kudos to you, Holly! I thought you did a fab job. I am an umm and anything kinda girl myself, so you are in good company. I look forward to your next vlog. Kim

  5. Very brave, your hair looks so pretty curled like that!

  6. Loved it!! So fun to hear your voice :) man I want to live in TX so I can say ya'll!!! :)
    I'm following you on Instagram now!

  7. Loved the subtitles! I think that's a great angle to go with. I enjoyed it.

  8. LOVE IT!!!

    so fun to hear your voice-

  9. For some reason I was expecting more of a southern drawl! haha. Adorable you are! And I do like the lipstick color. Now you need to do one on your hair. I so wanna do it but can.not. get it to work!

  10. You are too cute. So fun to hear your voice. I would never ever be brave enough to do that, but you pulled it off adorably. I go into a massive funk just hearing my voice on tape, the video would put me under!

  11. Holly,

    Loved hearing you talk and your mannerisms! Adorable! Love the lipstick talk. I carry way too many around in my purse at all times. I could talk about my favorites...for quite a while! :) Do more vlogs! So fun!

  12. So great to finally hear you!!! I have thought about doing one but I am entirely too critical about myself...And I think I would finally realize how many times I say ya'll....lol....


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