This. And Some That.

Here's a smattering of happenings of late:

(Don't you like that word, smattering?)
01.) Annelise played hooky from the last day of VBS on Friday. Isn't that terrible? Yeah, I know. In our feeble defense she was exhausted from a late evening swim the night before and ended up sleeping late Friday morning.

02.) We met some friends for rollerskating later that afternoon which was fine and dandy, especially since I abstained from skating due to a fresh hair wash (!!) and the fact I got a dumb blister the last time I skated.

03.) I made the mistake of giving her one whole dollar in quarters and she ended up hanging out most of the time in the dumb arcade instead of skating.

04.) I smuggled a Capri Sun and a cheese stick in my purse for her snack. Some say cheap, others say resourceful but their snack bar is almost as bad as a movie theater or baseball game concession stand. Can you say highway robbery?!

05.) After the Hardly Skate, we made a beeline for happy hour at Sonic then made a mad dash for the library, which was the perfect way to wind down the afternoon.
06.) Annelise and I were invited to a lunch playdate for moms and kids on Saturday. It was hosted by one of the mom's from her school and ended up being quite fun. Mostly. And I say mostly only because I tend to compartmentalize people/situations and am usually only around *school people* at birthday parties or school activities and this was the first fully social school thing-a-ma-bob I've been to. But I will also add my two cents: it's annoying when some people completely rule (steam roll) conversations. That's all.
07.) Scott and I celebrated our 17th anniversary yesterday.

08.) !!

09.) And by celebrate I mean we went to lunch at Carraba's for Father's Day and our anniversary.

10.) We also went to see The Avengers later that afternoon while Annelise went swimming at Pappo and Grandma Peggy's house.

11.) Isn't that romantic?

12.) And yet. Still. I really liked the movie, which had a good mix of action tempered with humor. I think IronMan is my fave. And Captain America is a stand-up guy.
13.) Annelise was sooo beyond excited for basketball camp to start today!

14.) Can you tell?
15.) Since basketball camp is such hard work, we swung through Mickey D's for a little treat.
16.) Of course I got a little treat too, an iced coffee. I asked for a PLAIN iced coffee, figuring it would, you know, actually be without sugar, but no, that was not to be. I guess next time I need to ask for unsweetened (black?) coffee? Or maybe I"ll just stick with the java professionals at Starbucks.
17.) And that, my friends, is a little of this and that.

How are you?

P.S. Oh, I can't believe I forgot to tell y'all about the awesomeness that is PicMonkey. com. It's a free photo editing site, very (eerily so) similar to Picnik. The two photos with the scalloped frame (couldn't resist the cuteness) were edited using PicMonkey AND the other awesome cool news is that you can make collages now. Squeal!! Check it out, I think you'll swoon!


  1. Happy 17th Anniversary!! It looks like you've got some good summer stuff going on.

    How did she make 4 quarters last a long time in the arcade?!

  2. Happy anniversary! (again)

    We watched the second Sherlock Holmes last nigh. Have you seen it? We really enjoyed it. Very visually pleasing and witty and just fun, which is what I want a movie to be, sometimes.


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