Clearly, I Am Losing My Mind

I know I have a tendency to get all fired up about things, rave about them here on the blog, and then hang my head in shame as they die a slow death in some dusty corner.

But since when do I let that stop me?

A handful of years ago, while in some hyped up fitness mode (Scott and I had both made it to the second phase of P90X and thought we were, you know, rock stars) (of course we got off track soon thereafter and never saw phase three), we decided to order Insanity, the crazy hard-core interval training  home workout DVD set.


I don't know what we were thinking. I tried the first two or three DVDs, following the calendar, almost died and promptly relegated the box set to the back of a drawer. As you do.

Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love my TurboFire and the occasional ChaLEAN Extreme (I'm not so faithful with that), but I do feel like should shake things up a bit. Or a lot. Confuse my body, burn more calories, challenge myself and hopefully shed some more poundage.


This morning, in a fit of crazy, I dug through that drawer and found that Insanity box set.

I did, I did.

Then I actually put the first disk (plyometric cardio circuit--the name alone is enough to give you pause, I know) in the PlayStation and got my crazy on y'all.

I thought I might die. For reals.

But I stuck it out, took more rest breaks, modified some of the moves, and finished. For reals.


I didn't puke.

And sweat? Can we talk sweat? Sweet Mary, I was a sweaty heap.

42ish minutes (though it took me longer--ha!) of crazy.

But the good kind of crazy. For reals.

I even keep telling myself I'll do the next disc tomorrow (cardio power & resistance, yikes!).

I'll keep y'all posted.


  1. Too funny that you should post about the workout DVD's. After I read your post yesterday, I looked on ebay for chalene and then insanity. I have P90x...but am not ever faithful. I dabble in it. I was wondering if you feel that Chalene is better because of the female factor. The guy on P90x just bugs me after a while. Thoughts?

  2. I couldn't get through even the first workout of Insanity so I'm very impressed with your level of endurance! Go Holly Go!

  3. We have friends that have done Insanity all the way through a few times now. I am kind of scared of it. Hubs bought a P90x knockoff at the grocery store and I've done a couple of the videos. They are good but not killer. Which is how I like my exercise anyway.


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