I Hate Coming Up With Titles Sometimes, So I'll Just Skip It, M'Mkay

It's getting late and I should NOT be doing this.

I really should just brush my teeth, read my book and try to drift off to sleep, but my brain is spinning and I feel some decompression blogging is in order.

Just a little.

Plus I want to move that WIWW post a little further down on the ol' blog because what seemed like a good idea at the time got stale (at least to me) rather quickly. I don't know, I think I am so out of practice with those kinds of posts and I keep waffling back and forth about fashion/style blogging. Sometimes I like that kind of stuff and other times it feels so silly and frivolous.

And speaking of frivolous, I painted my nails this evening and felt so happy. I hardly ever take the time to mess with them, but when I do, I remember that I like making them look nice. Today I used Essie Muchi, Muchi which is a pale pink. I know, how adventurous of me. I do have my eye (actually both eyes) on an Essie blue but haven't quite committed yet.

So...we're home from a quick little vacay that I'll be blogging about soon I'm sure. It was loads of fun to get away, but it feels really great to be home too. I really am a homebody who likes to travel only in short bursts when given my druthers.

We didn't take the computer (aka my second daughter, Apple), which was actually nice (I didn't even bother to lie to myself that I'd use it for my TurboFire DVDs), but we did take the iPad, our phones and Annelise took her Nintendo DS.

Do you think we have enough screens and technology at our fingertips? Good gravy!

Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I kind of hate it at the same time. But of course I got all twitchy when I had to put my phone in a locker for the majority of two days and couldn't post photos on Instagram, but then I calmed down (surprisingly fast). Of course we were all happy to have them back at the end of the day (Annelise too since she plays games on both of our phones), but I know we are all too attached to the silly things (but don't go trying to snatch them out of our white knuckles either).

You know how you think you just want to get a bit of sun, just a glimmer of color and you make that risky decision to abstain from spraying the SPF 50 stuff for, oh...just a little while? Of course you then realize too late that your glimmer of healthy sun-kissed color has crossed over into painful sunburn.

And by you, I mean me.

Ouch. Is what I'm feeling.

Mainly on my legs.

Which is more bearable than some other places would be, so I guess that's good.

In other news, I am looking forward to getting back to my clean-er-ish eating (at least compared to vacay food) and my workouts. I missed them! I may have to rethink my running goal for July, 60 miles was way too optimistic. I tried to run the morning before we left and both my feet were hurting so I only managed a whopping 2 miles (that I got up at 4:45 for! Ugh!). Either I had tied my shoes a little too tight or I had strained my feet from all the out-of-the-blue running I had done the week before. So next week I'll try again.

I'm also wondering if I should try more minimalist running shoes, like maybe the Nike Free. Have y'all seen these? They're super bright and cute (!!) and look like a throwback shoe of the early 70s, very Steve Prefontaine-esque.

I would get up and run before church tomorrow, but 1.) it's almost midnight and b.) I'm having a pretty good straight hair day and don't want to start the whole process over until I have to.

That's right.

I'm lazy.

And vain.

Goodnight, y'all!

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  1. I got caught up on your blog last night - I love reading about the everyday stuff. I like all the style/fashion stuff you do, it's fun! Your vlog had me in stitches reading the captions.


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