Monday Miscellany

I still don't know what's up with my need lately to decompress through blogging.

Though I have a sneaky suspicion it might have something to do with the cute but persistent chatterbox shadow following me around.

Said chatterbox has VBS this week, so I'll have a 3 hour respite from the running commentary each morning. Praise. And glory.

What did I decide to do during this morning's respite?

Brace yourselves.
I went to HEB.

I know, the stuff of Moms Gone Wild, right there.

But it had to be done.

Especially since I served Annelise a snack thing of applesauce with her pancakes and sausage this morning because we had no fresh fruit. She, of course, thought that was pretty cool but I knew the truth, lame.

By the time I got home, put away the groceries, made my veggie scramble (oh asparagus and avocado, I've missed you dearly) and watched half of the latest Food Network Star while eating said veggie scramble, it was time to pick up Annelise. Of course it was.

We stopped by Half Price Books so she could turn in her reading log for June and get her $5 gift card she earned.
After perusing her options of chapter books, a drawing book or a blank journal she decided on a leather-like journal to use as a diary. I was okay with that, especially since this time there weren't many chapter books she was all fired up about.

We frittered the rest of the rainy afternoon away with a bit of reading (The Whipping Boy out loud, together), a bit of TV (Phineas & Ferb), a bit of Lego construction and a bit of nail polishing (she chose mint green). 

In other news, I have a confession to make. Y'all know I love my make-up and beauty stuff, and even though it's silly and superficial, I just love it. I always seem to think that the best lipstick, gloss, eye shadow, polish, etc. is just around the corner and while I like what I'm using at the time, I'm always up for improvements (the next best thing).


I've become hooked on a few new-to-me YouTube channels (like this one) about style and beauty. Mostly they make videos about their latest shopping hauls, whether make-up or clothes, they do some tutorials and often show their OOTD (outfit of the day). They're fun to watch and I've picked up a few tips here and there, but I can tell watching them is really igniting my Must Go Get This _____ Right Stinkin' Now gene that I try to keep dormant, but it flares up from time to time. Okay, it flares up a lot lately.

I know I should be perfectly happy (and I am, mostly) with my 8-12 MAC lipsticks and various glosses, most of which are in the same nude or soft pink family and my crazy expensive YSL lipstick I recently had to try, but when I see someone recommend their favorite peachy-pinky-nude lipstick I have a hard time stopping myself from hopping in the car and making a beeline for Sephora (or wherever).

I should just STOP watching, I know. I know.

I guess I don't really have a point, other than I've been struggling a bit with resisting the urge to shop, whether for make-up or clothes or a new rug or whatever instead of being content with what I have (and what I have is fine and there is plenty). I don't mean that shopping is inherently wrong, it's not, but it can snowball, that's all.

That said, I'd really like to get my hot little hands on Essie's Bikini So Teeny polish (a light blue), see what Kat Von D's lipstick is like in person (I'm thinking of Agatha, which is, you guessed it, a nude) and compare Laura Mercier's mineral powder foundation to Bare Minerals (which I've been using).

You know, the really important stuff.


  1. when I got let off jury duty yesterday, that's what I did, went to HEB!!

    B saw this photo of A, said "she pretty. shirt pretty. rainbow." :)

  2. hahahaha! Who are you pulling for on Food Star? Glad you had shopping alone. Me and the boys went Sunday after church - still in church clothes. Yes, I've lost my mind...

  3. I am so much the same way with clothes and accessories. In fact, since I had to take my girls to Justice and it was right by Old Navy, why not just stop in and see what they have? And then walk out with a few things I didn't truly need. Struggle with it so much!


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