My Fitness Pal Progress Report

I may have mentioned once or eleventy times that I have a love-hate relationship with MFP (My Fitness Pal), in fact we've almost called it quits a few times. I can't remember when I first started using it, I think around the holidays (I know, great timing, right?), but I was in no way committed. In late January/early February MFP and I renewed our vows. So to speak.

But I still wasn't seeing results, other than the yo-yo kind of lose one pound gain three variety, which, you know, isn't frustrating at all.

This went on most of the spring. Even though I wasn't losing consistently I liked that MFP gave me boundaries and some accountability. I liked plugging in my food and I especially liked plugging in my exercise (which meant I could eat more and you know, not starve) (1200ish calories a day is for the birds). I like having the app (which is free, BTW) on my phone so I can easily record things when I'm out and about and check certain foods before deciding to indulge.

I was exercising almost every day, mainly my TurboFire DVDs, but still not losing weight (at least as far as the scale, my clothes were fitting better, so there's that).

I don't have any explanation for what followed but one day in late April early May I decided to recalculate my daily calories and  weekly weight loss goals, switching from the ballpark of 1200ish calories and 2 lb. loss to the ballpark of 1450ish and a 1 lb. loss per week goal.

I finally started to lose weight.


Granted, it was slow, like .5 or .8 lbs. at a time, occasionally a whole pound at once, never anything drastic, but seeing the scale actually move backwards was so exciting. I have no idea what changed but here are a few things I did differently:

*I added strength training (ChaLEAN Extreme) to my TurboFire workouts.
*I actually ate more, but mostly protein, more veggies, less carbs.
*I switched my workouts up a bit and added cardio intervals (from ChaLEAN Extreme) and occasionally did workouts from Brazil Butt Lift (yeah, I know).
*I started running again (in June).

I was in no way super strict with myself, I still had treats and the occasional junk/fast food, but I tried not to go all crazy with that (it's a slippery slope people).


Since late April early May I have lost a total of 10.2 pounds.


I don't think it's super noticeable, I mean hardly anyone has commented on it, but I can tell. I feel better and my clothes fit better, though I'm not at the point of needing to shop for new sizes or anything yet. I'm trying not to get all frustrated with the slowness of all of this and be content during the process, the journey.

Some days are better than others.

Here's what today looks like so far:
Can't wait to add in my TurboFire workout later and see those calories go up, I like having a buffer but I try to to eat them all back.

I might switch things up a bit and lower my daily calories again to hopefully not plateau. We'll see how it goes over the next week or so.

Have you tried MFP? Any tips to share?


  1. Yea you! I have yet to try MFP because I don't like knowing about the calories I eat. Absolutely immature and unproductive, but there you go. I still haven't found my exercise groove. I get in a couple of hours a week, at least, of cardio and some random strength at home, but nothing consistent. I don't know what my problem is.

  2. Wahoo! Way to go! 10.2 pounds!! I know you've worked so hard. I really want to try the ChaLean and Turbo Fire.

  3. Love My Fitness Pal! I've logged my food for 304 days in a row. Lost 24lbs since late September. Still have 40-50 to go until my goal, and I'm down to just 1-2 lbs a month, but down anything is better than up or staying the same. I'm 5'10" and have it set to sedentary activity, losing 1 lb per week. It gives me 1610 calories a day (obviously I eat more than that). You are so active I would expect it to allow you more calories.

  4. Yay! I'm going to check out the App.

  5. i tried MFP sometime early this year/springtime but didn't like it. i've used LoseIt! for a year and a half and switched back. it has similar features- they're all really the same, just user preference. i just saw LoseIt as a little more user friendly.

    way to go on the 10.2 lbs! it really does make a difference when you squeeze in some strength training! lately i've been doing that more than just running, which lately, i get easily bored with so i end up sprinting on the treadmill to get off of it as quickly as possible! i'm 32.28 miles into my #45milesinjuly simply bec i'm only done insanity, heh...

  6. way to go on the 10.2 lbs! so jealous....but of course I say that as I sit on my fat but and have another cookie. I just need to find some motivation....

  7. yay! way to go! I have not ever used MFP but sounds like something I might need. This year as my nephews were training for a mountain hike we all logged in our exercise times. I am still doing that. It's been a good motivator for me and I like seeing all the work I put in. However, I don't lose weight though I do fluctuate around the same number it's not really an ideal number. I wish exercise alone was enough. So, maybe I need something like MFP to log in my intake to help me balance all of it out...

    keep up the good work!


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