Oh Look, She's Running Again

I mentioned in my last post that I had started running again last week, pretty much out of the blue (the running, not the talking about it).

I hadn't run in for.ev.er. Like I seriously didn't remember the last time my feet had hit the streets. March? April? I don't know.

But last Sunday morning I set my alarm--and actually got up--and ran 3 miles before church.

I know!

That put a whole lot more pressure on my typical Sunday morning routine because of all the washing and drying and styling of my hair after said run, especially since I hadn't allowed myself any cool down/blow dryer recovery time.

And yes, I ran in intervals (3 minute run followed by 1 minute walk break), and even that was a challenge, but I was so proud of myself for just doing the silly thing after so long of, well...not.

It's rather funny how much easier certain things are once we, 1.) make up our minds and b.) get the first one out of the way.

Getting that first run out of the way broke some kind of mental barrier I had established for myself. I can't really explain it, and I know it's silly, but just after running one morning I couldn't wait for the my next run. Like the simple fact of not having run in forever was stopping me from running, but now I was free.

I ended up going for five morning runs* last week and was so stinkin' proud of myself I couldn't stand it. The majority of my runs were a little over three miles each and the last run, on Saturday morning, was five miles.

I know!

Here's the aftermath of that:
Now don't quote me, but I think I ran somewhere in the neighborhood of 17-18 miles total last week.


I'm even toying with the idea of setting a goal for July, like finish so many miles or something, but I can't decide on a reasonable yet challenging number. 40 miles? 60? I'm leaning towards 60, though it might be a little too optimistic, I don't want to stress out about it or set myself up for strain or injury. I also plan to continue my TurboFire workouts on days I don't run and add in strength training/abs after running.

Fingers crossed.

I'll keep you posted.

*It's really, really hard to get out of bed at 4:45 and then go exert myself, sweat buckets and be attacked by killer mosquitoes. But it's worth it.

How are your workouts going? Any goals to share?


  1. WTG!!!!! i thought about setting a goal for myself too like 60mi/10days but that def sounds like a huge commitment. i haven't run since i got sick a week and a half ago. haven't found the motivation since. hopefully soon. i'm down for some kind of challenge for july and some accountability. happy monday!

  2. You go girl! SOOOOO proud of you! Now to just follow in your footsteps...

  3. Amazing. I will never have the discipline to get up that early to exercise. I'm very immature.


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