Schlitterbahn 2012

Earlier this month we took a little trip west to New Braunfels for another long weekend vacay. 
And now that July is almost over I am finally blogging about it.
Procrastinate much?

Since Scott is still new-ish to his job he doesn't have oodles of vacation days yet so we worked this trip around his having Wednesday, July 4th off and the Friday following and he only needed to take one vacation day (the Thursday sandwiched in-between, obvs).
Some vital road trip fuel.
Annelise climbing on Grendel

We drove a bit further north so we could go to Natural Bridge Caverns.

Because what could be more fun than walking around underground for over an hour in 99% humidity in July?


I barely kept it together.
Some of the underground sights & a silhouette of Annelise.

I mean all the stalagmites and stalagtites and various rock formations and the occasional bat were totally cool but I had a hard time focusing because of all the sweat running down my face and body.


I just wanted it to be over. 
I think the heat got to us because we actually bought one of the *official* photos, and we never ever do that, but it came out okay even though we were delirious from the heat.

We recovered for a bit afterwards with an Icee and glorious AC before driving back toward New Braunfels.

We got up bright and early (okay, it was more of a medium early) to make our way over to the best water park ever, Schlitterbahn.
I coerced my people into posing for a self-portrait before we locked our phones up for the day.
We spent the next 8+ hours riding ourselves silly on all the awesome water rides at the main park.
Pausing occasionally to refresh ourselves with pizza, snacks and oh-so-healthy soda. 
We set up camp at one of the picnic tables near the arcade and one of the pools. And by set up camp I mean we left my tote bag and our beach towels there. We rented a locker for our phones and Scott's wallet, but left everything else in my tote bag. It's the strangest phenomena but no one messes with your stuff. It's like there's an honor code or something, which is nice. We probably could have left our phones too but I felt better knowing they were locked up.
After shutting the park down we made our way to the sleepy but oh so darling town of Gruene for supper at The Gristmill.
The next morning was eerily similar to the first, starting with the yummy breakfast at our hotel (a Hampton Inn) and a short drive over to Schlitterbahn.
Self-portrait, Day 2
We took the park shuttle over to Blastenhof, which is a satellite park. We missed this park on our first trip two years ago, so definitely wanted to check it out this time.
There are three big slide rides, a lazy river (that's actually not that lazy), a beach and a giant water play area. 

Scott waited over an hour to ride Master Blaster, which he said was a fun ride but not so worth a 1+hr wait.
Annelise and I hung out on the beach, floated on the river and she played in Hans Hideaway a bit.
I even got to read my book a little! Yay me!

This was also where I made the executive decision to delay applying sunscreen to just a get a little color first and ended up lobsteresque (at least my legs did, whoops).
Whoever invented Dippin' Dots is a genius, a very wealthy genius.

We ended up staying at Blastenhof for a few hours and then took the shuttle back to the main park, which is our favorite. We spent most of our time riding Whitewater, Cliffhanger, Congo, and Raging River. So, so much fun.
And here is our self-portrait as we shut the park down. Again.

I know this may sound lame, but I had seen a Taco Bueno and begged my people to eat there Friday night. We have all kinds of Tex-Mex restaurants near us but we have no Taco Bueno, which is a pity (it was my favorite place to eat in college). I imagine my severe chagrin when we drove up and it was shut down and for sale.

Oh the horror.

So we switched to Plan B.

Taco Cabana, on the patio (since we were still slightly damp after all).

It's nice to have options.
All too soon it was time to say goodbye to New Braunfels and head home.
Until next time.


  1. I LOVE A.'s swim suit. I have a really hard time finding ones for Luci that are not flourescent or see thru. This year I ordered one of hers through a company that provides suits for swim teams and lifeguards etc and I love the coverage it provides her! And we found one decent one at Target.

    This post makes me miss my Texas, heat and all. Those were some of the best years of my life.

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