Six for Saturday

Instead of doing several separate posts that each have a particular cohesive theme, I am once again calling upon my trusty go-to format, the random, list-ish type post because, well, that's just how my brain works lately.

01.) Our AC is on the fritz. Again. In July. In Texas.

But like Gloria Gaynor, I will survive because the service company will be out Monday morning to install a new thingie, which is in fact an expensive coil and some other important parts I think, so help is on the way. Eventually.

It's running but not really blowing cold air since all the freon has leaked out from our cheesecloth old coil that we've just been band-aiding (official term) the problem for the last few years. We're trying to move as little as possible, utilize our ceiling fans and spend more time upstairs (that unit is still okay, knock knock knock on wood) (baby).

02.) So I was all set to have an awesome return this week to clean eating and daily exercise after our little vacay last week (that I still need to blog about).

Can I get a do-over?

And that's all I'll whine about that.

03.) I did manage to get out and run twice this past week, so that counts at least a teeny tiny bit.
Once in the wee early hours of the morning.
And the other in the waning hours of the evening.

If I can get up and out the door I really like morning runs better because that way I'm done for the day, however, I run a bit faster in the evenings.


It's really hard to come home from a run and find your people nestled in on the couch eating ice cream.

Really. Hard.

04.) The Girls and I had a fun night out for dinner at The Melting Pot earlier this week.
So yummy and so different, since you basically cook your own dinner but in a totally cool way.

Of course dessert was my fave.

That and the girly chit chat.
05.) This morning was our first Mugs and Muffins for the ladies at church and it was FABULOUS.

Really. It was.

In a nutshell, it's a monthly breakfast for the ladies that provides a time of fellowship, encouragement and a lesson from God's word. You bring your own mug for coffee (or juice or soda, whatever is your thing), enjoy breakfast with your sisters in Christ (with a goal to form/strengthen connections with one another) and have a short devotional together.
This morning's topic was based on the passage in Titus 2 about the older women teaching the younger women and three wise and wonderful ladies from across the age spectrum each shared an inspiring message. Another neat thing was that there were young ladies there from age 7 (and Annelise) all the way up to, well, like The Golden Girls, so that was really encouraging.

06.) Today was like the fifth (or sixth?) day in a row that we've had rain. Since we had such a terrible drought last summer I am NOT complaining (well, just a tiny bit because I miss the sunshine). To lift our spirits we resorted to a fail safe cure.

Tex-Mex at our favorite joint. 
It was, of course, just what the doctor ordered.

And yes, my fingernails are painted green and I think I like them.

Essie Mojito Madness.

I've never had a mojito but I'm guessing they're green.

Fun. And a bit funky.

Happy, happy Saturday, y'all!


  1. My toenails are painted green and Brandon doesn't really like the color. He keeps saying things like, "so your toes are still green, huh?" ;) I on the other hand, love the color!

  2. I love the pics from your GNO....So much fun!!! So jealous....And I am liking the bracelet in ur TexMex photo...Not sure I could quite pull it off but I love it....

  3. i ran so much faster in the evenings too and I feel like I have so much more energy. I have no issues getting up early in the morning but going for a run then is difficult for me. Hope the AC thing gets fixed for y'all!


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