Six for Saturday

Hey there y'all!

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01.) The other evening Annelise and I were stopped by a train on our way to church, making us later than the regular late we would have been, so I amused myself by snapping a few photos while we waited.

In late breaking hair news, I trimmed Annelise's bangs which turned out to be a rather unfortunate decision as I had to keep going shorter and shorter to try and get them even. When they're fluffed up they look fairly normal, but when you smash them down flat, which is how she keeps trying to style them (not sure why), you can certainly see my woeful lack of bang trimming skills.

In other hair news, my hair is almost shoulder length all the way around. (!!) This is exciting news since  I was doubtful I could stand waiting for my angled bob to grow out. I've been alternating wearing it straight and curly. I switched back to using my flat iron to make loose waves/curls, which I like that look better than the curly curls of a curling iron, but it's highly unpredictable. You have to get the angle of the flat iron just right in order to get a good curl, and, well...that's a bit tricky sometimes.

02.) Let's talk about books for a minute, shall we?

Earlier this week I finished Hero of Ages, which is book 3 in the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, and while I enjoyed the series I was ready to take a break from fantasy fiction.

Thank goodness these two holds came available from the library!
What Alice Forgot was a fun, light-ish read but it also made me think about memory loss, infertility and my younger self vs. my present self. But in a good way.

This next book I devoured in a day and a half, and that would have been way less if we hadn't been gone most of yesterday. I did not want to put it down! So crazy good.
It's a bit disturbing to find yourself laughing at teenage cancer, or cancer in general, and I felt all kinds of guilty, but the author is spot-on hilarious and then all gut punchy truthful at the same time.

And I was totally bawling, like close to ugly cry, by the end. But in a good way, I mean it still left you hopeful after it tore your heart out, so there's that.

I even  (briefly) wished I had my own copy so I could highlight it, and am a little sad I have to return it to the library.

03.) Friday was a bit of a play day for us since it was one of Scott's every other Fridays off. As it turns out this is a really nice perk of his new job and it almost makes up for the days he crawls across Houston in rush hour traffic. Almost.

We started with a late-ish breakfast at IHOP. 
04.) Followed by this:
We liked it!

I really liked the message and liked the feisty spirit of Merida (this may or may not be due to the fact we have a feisty little tomboy ourselves), but did think some of the scenes were pretty intense.

05.) We finished up the day in what pretty much turned out to be the 7th circle of Hades, otherwise known as shoe shopping for age appropriate sandals and/or flats. I know I have whined about this before, but seriously, why is it so stinkin' hard to find shoes for children that aren't just trendy adult styles modified for kids?

All we wanted was a pair of sandals, preferably white or silver, that would be suitable to wear with dresses/skirts for church. A slight heel would have been okay, but it had to pass Annelise's test, which was could she still run in them, that was a deal breaker.

After circling the mall and popping in 5-6 stores to no avail (really Macy's, why are your children's shoes only online? How is that helpful?), a fruitless Target pop-in, we tried a Hail Mary pop in at Marshall's.

No, they're not sandals but they fit, they're simple yet cute, were only $15.00 and most importantly, she can still run in them.


06.) I know I need another TV show like I need a hole in my head, but I found one anyway. Have I ever shared with y'all my love affair with The West Wing? (At least until the last two seasons, but still.) When I heard Aaron Sorkin had created a new series, The Newsroom, I knew I had to check it out. It's really smart and witty, though the language is unnecessarily salty (boo, HBO, boo) but it also reminds me a tad of Broadcast News, which is also a longtime fave (love, love, love Albert Brooks) (One of my favorite lines is when Aaron (Albert Brooks) tells Jane (Holly Hunter) that he'll meet her at the place near the thing where they went that time and she know exactly what he means.

So, um..yeah, I like The Newsroom.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

Have you seen Brave? Whatdidja think?
Have you seen The Newsroom?
What are you reading lately?
Does kid shoe shopping make you cry too?


  1. Broadcast News is one of my all-time favorite movies and a frequent quotable with my best friend from high school...she was here visiting last week and said, "I'll meet you at the place by the thing where we went that time." Love it!

  2. Yes I've seen Brave - loved it. Have not see The Newsroom but it's on my "to see" list. I just finished reading "Coal Run" by Tawni O'Dell. It's an older book but so good! I don't have a lot of luck shoe shopping, but boys tend to be a bit easier than girls, I think. I always have good luck at Nordstrom and, believe it or not, Sears for athletic shoes. Great selection and great prices.


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