Six for Saturday

Just a few random tidbits from this past week. And what have you.

01.) I have been on a roasted veggie kick for most of the summer (maybe even a bit before the summer started). As you know I am in no way super strict with my diet, I usually have a pattern of pretty good days followed by some crash and burn days. I do try to get the good days to outnumber the crash and burn ones though and one way that works for me is to have a stash of cooked veggies on hand.
I always thought it was crazy hard to make this and, yes, you do have to wash and chop up everything, but as with most things, it's not as labor intensive as I thought. I usually make a large baking pan full about once a week and that gives me several lunches or sides the rest of the week. I never knew I liked Brussels sprouts until I started roasting them in the oven, now I'm hooked!

My favorite combination lately is broccoli, zucchini, Brussels sprouts (cut in halves or thirds), asparagus, mushrooms and tomatoes. I toss them with olive oil, sprinkle salt, garlic powder and Mrs. Dash, mix to coat and then bake at 400 for 20ish minutes. After they're done I sprinkle Parmesan on top and dig in.
02.) I am much more likely to eat fruit lately if it's cut up. This was always true with apples and pears, I'd much rather eat wedges, but now I find myself cutting up plums, nectarines, and peaches. It's weird though because I used to eat those as is. My teeth have been more sensitive too so I have to eat fruit at room temperature (unless it's like strawberries or blueberries on oatmeal or something).
03.) I know it might be hard to tell in this photo, what with my clever deep part combover and all, but my roots and greys are out. of. control. Can I hold out for three-ish weeks until school starts? Can I???? We shall see.

04.) Annelise and I popped into Target yesterday to get her a new backpack for school along with a few other necessities like flavored almonds, pretzel crisps (my favorite Everything flavor is back) (!!) and laundry detergent.
We actually weren't there that long, so not early as exhausted as usual, but we still felt we needed a little reviving just the same. Cue the iced coffee for me and a blue icee for her. I told her she could get a medium before I saw how big it truly was, but the small is t-tiny, so I caved and let her go ahead with the medium. I consoled myself a little with the fact it was not as big as the super sized large one she gets at Sam's Club when she goes shopping with her Pappo and Grandma.

05.) On a whim Annelise got her hair cut yesterday (there's a Great Clips next to Target). We told the lady a just-below-the-chin length bob and ended up with more of a bottom-of-the-ear length bob, but it's still really cute. Just a bit of a shock at first.
06.) We loaded ourselves up on fajitas at our favorite Tex-Mex haunt yesterday evening then nestled in to watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. This year Annelise is much more into the whole thing so it'll be really fun to watch events together. Of course she roots for the U.S. and Russia.

And? Did y'all love the Queen's entrance as much as we did? It was over the top but really fun at the same time. 

Oh, one more thing.

Why is Ryan Seacrest a part of my Olympic experience? Why?


  1. I have never roasted vegetables before but that looks really good.

    I wish I had cut up fruit at the ready all the time, I would definitely eat it more often.

    I can't see any gray or roots in that picture, but I know how that goes and 3 weeks is a long time!

    I was watching the Olympics then Randy came in the room and said, "Is that Ryan Seacrest?!"

  2. Those veggies look really good. I never think about roasting a big ol' pan, what a good idea. Have you ever tried Magic Seasoning Blend for veggies? I really like it. Lately my fruit kick has been the cut-up variety too, room-temp. I like plain greek yogurt mixed with a little vanilla yogurt on top of peaches or apples.

  3. I have got to try those veggies again. I tried before when you wrote about them but sort of burned them. they look good! and of course the fruit!

    yes, we are into the Olympics here. Queen's entrance funny. and we wondered why Ryan Seacrest too. but if you see the whole Opening ceremony sort of spoke to the youth/next generation and we felt like that is why they used him-to reach out to younger viewers. maybe in their minds it's just another "reality tv" show!


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