The Eyes Have It {My Current Eye Make-Up Look}

Y'all may have gotten a slight hint in my first ever little vlog last week that I have a weak spot for make up.

As in I like it. A lot.

But I try to keep things fairly natural most of the time.

Just for fun I thought I'd share my new-ish eye routine with y'all. It's mostly a mixture of muted browns, a hint of smokey eye and a dash of black eyeliner.

And here's another view.
Here's how I get this look.
1.) I start with MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (a beige/putty color) as an eyeshadow primer. I usually just dab this all across my eyelids with my  fingertips but have started using a brush because my paint pot is almost empty. It's creamy, goes on easily and acts as a base for your powder shadows to cling to. Paint pots are around $17.50 but I've seriously had this for almost three years and use it every day.
2.) Eyeshadow comes next. I picked up Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze (bottom center of photo) over the weekend and have fallen head over heels in love with it. It's a cream shadow so I just apply it across my lids, into my crease with my fingertips. It has a hint of shimmer and is something you could wear all on its own if you were rushed for time.

Next I add MAC Wedge (center, top row, medium matte brown) over the tippy top of Bad to the Bronze and blend just over my brow bone.

I follow that with MAC Satin Taupe (far tight, top row) in a side v-shape along the outer edge of my eye and blend across with  windshield wiper brushstrokes.

Finally, I brush a bit of MAC Brule (far left, top) just under my brows and into my inner eye area (which makes your eyes appear more open and bright).

I've been using MAC Brule and Wedge for a few years, they are great neutral colors, I just started using Satin Taupe a couple of months ago, it's a nice warm plum-ish brown with a bit of shimmer.

That might seem like a lot of steps, and it probably is, but once you get the hang of everything it doesn't take that long at all, I promise. If you're in a hurry you can just brush on one or two colors (if any) and a dab of mascara and hit the road.
3.) Eyeliner is up next.

Don't be scared of liquid or gel eyeliner. Just don't. You can do it. For reals. It just takes a bit of practice and then you're golden, Pony Boy.

I've tried both the pen style liquid liner and the gel pots and prefer the gel pots. That's just me.

To add a bit more depth and to give yourself a line to follow, make a shadow line first along the top of your lash line using a small angled brush. I used MAC Print, which is a grey shadow, for today's look. I sometimes use MAC Carbon, which is a matte black, for a more intense look and MAC Handwritten for a brown liner.

I then go over the shadow line with Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette, which is a black gel liner. Sometimes I extend it out for more of a winged, cat eye, but I usually just line along the top of my lash line, making the line a bit thicker as I reach the outer edge.

I also line just under my lower lashes with the powder shadow. Sometimes I'll use an eyeliner pencil, I really like MAC Smolder (black) and MAC Teddy (a nice smokey brown). When I use a pencil though I apply it first and then go over that with shadow to set the pencil and keep it from smearing.
4.) I then fill in my sparse eyebrows with MAC paint pot in Quite Natural. I do this with a small brush using light strokes, kind of build up as I go so I don't get too much. Then I brush over my brows to blend in the color better and sometimes I finish with a swipe of clear mascara to hold my brows in place.
5.) I finish my whole eye look off with a quick lash curl followed by a coat of mascara.

If you don't curl your lashes, well, you should. It really opens up your eyes and makes your lashes stand out more.

I recently picked up Rimmel Scandeleyes at the drugstore and have been really happy with it.

I don't usually add mascara on my lower lashes. For me, and I know this might sound funny after all these other steps, I feel like mascara on my bottom lashes is just too much. Plus it flakes sometimes.

So there you have it, my go-to eye look.
Here's looking at you, kid.

What are some of your favorite, go-to eye make-up products?

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  1. I love, love (yes double love) Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes. I love how it enhances my eye color. This eyeshadow enhances any eye color. Also, I have been forever hooked on Cover Girl's Super Thick Lash mascara. I love your natural look...very pretty! Kim


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