Wednesday (Or Guess Who Couldn't Come Up With a Clever Title Again)

What do you do when it's another dark and stormy morning after a girls' night out the evening before?

You sleep late, that's what.

And dear daughter, your usual alarm clock, sleeps late as well due to her late night with daddy (Lego building and House Hunter viewing) and not quite feeling 100% these last couple of days (ear ache).

This joint snooze fest results in a certain little someone skipping VBS and the newly empty morning schedule plus pesky ear ache results in a doctor appointment.
I am not a fan of pediatrician waiting rooms. They make me want to shower in anti-bacteria gel or wear a Haz-Met suit.

But they have a fish tank, which is cool.
Who is this gangly girl?

It seems like she was just a peanut propped up on the paper covered table waiting for her shots, what was it, oh...yeah, like yesterday.
It took approximately 4.7 seconds for a middle ear infection diagnosis, which thankfully hasn't been too painful for her, at least so far. The miracle chicken scratch cure calls for an antibiotic twice a day (he asked if she was up for pills but we chickened out and opted for liquid) and ear drops three times a day. I hope this does the trick quickly.

Since she wasn't in pain or feeling puny she agreed to be my sidekick on a very important errand.

My first ever threading experience!
I usually get my brows (and upper lip) waxed, which has been okay even though I get really red and irritated for a good while afterward. The last couple of times either the lady has rushed or the wax wasn't the hottest or something and she's missed lots of baby fine hairs, especially those on my upper lip. It's super annoying to get home and feel kind of cheated. I'm not brave enough to go back and complain and risk them talking about me in Vietnamese viciously, so I've just been feeling like a chump.

Enter threading.

I was a little scared but also curious to find out what threading would be like. It was a little painful, but not terrible and it was surprisingly fast. I didn't get as red as with waxing and the redness went away faster. The great thing is she got ALL those teeny tiny baby fine hairs on my upper lip and around my brows, my skin is so smooth and clear.

Threading. I am a fan!

Annelise thought it was pretty cool too.

The brow lady did comment on how thin my brows were, and uneven, so that was nice.

But not.

But still true. She told me to use castor oil (really?) on my brows morning and night to condition them and help them grow and then she could shoe them better. I'd really like for them to fill in some, but maybe I can substitute coconut oil instead.

Since we were already at the mall, and Sephora was only a short walk from The Brow Bar, we had to do a quick pop in. How could we not? As I mentioned in my last post there were a few things burning at me to check out. The Laura Mercier mineral powder foundation goes on smoothly (at least on my wrist) and I liked the colors, but there was shimmer in the two I tried and I am not a fan of shimmer in my foundation, so I'll stick with Bare Minerals for now. The Kat Von D lipstick in Agatha was a very pretty pinkish nude, but as fate would have it, it was out of stock. I ended up with a tiny Sephora sack containing a Bare Minerals concealer in Summer Bisque and...

wait for it...

a new lipstick.

Ever since I caved and bought my first YSL lipstick (Rouge Volupte #1) a few weeks ago I had been thinking about one of its sisters, #2, which is a softer pink-y nude. They were out of stock a few weeks ago, but as fate would have it the Rouge Volupte #2 row was full this trip, so one came home with me.

We finished up our mall excursion with a quick pop in at Vicky's Secret (it's right next door to Sephora). Nothing scandalous, I promise, just some good ol' undies.
No trip to the mall would be complete without a bag of pricey popcorn (butter flavor) (for Annelise) (there's a new kiosk right across from Sephora & VS and H&M) and a pricey coffee (for me).

After all of that shopping for essentials (smirk) we dropped off her prescription at Walgreens, used the 30 minute wait to grab a quick lunch at Esteban's, picked up her meds and stopped for one more essential.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Have you tried threading?
What's your favorite flavor of popcorn?
How much is a gallon of gas in your neck of the woods?


  1. -I haven't tried threading and to be honest I'm not sure if we even have it in hicksville!

    -kettlecorn is the popcorn fave!

    -gas here in northwest iowa is $3.29, cost me $45 to fill the camry.

    hopefully annelise is feeling better real soon! good call not taking the capsules-they are quite large and 'gel'y-not the easiest to get down! my day job used to be a certified pharmacy tech, so I can read that chicken scratch just fine! :)

  2. I feel the same way about the pediatrician's office. We had to go on Monday for Mackenzie (strep) and it was difficult for Meredith because I wouldn't let her crawl around on the floor. I let her crawl around a lot of places, but the doctor's office is not one of them! ;)

  3. Now I have to "accidentally" stop by Sephora and grab some lipstick;) I also want to try threading, thanks for the review.
    Love your ring in the first picture! Do you mind telling me where you got it from?

  4. Thanks y'all! Annelise is already feeling better and her ear is hardly bothering her any more so that's good I goes that we went ahead and went to the Dr. and the medicine helped.

    I tried to persuade her to try a more adventurous popcorn flavor but she stuck with better butter, which to me is like getting vanilla at Baskin Robbins. Oh well!

    Raquel: I got that ring at Stein Mart a few weeks ago. They had a nice selection of fun, chunky rings.


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