What I Wore Wednesday


I have strayed, strayed I tell you, from the fashion-y folds of What I Wore Wednesday for far too long.

So here I am again, repentant and recommitted. Ish.

Sunday dress for church:
Zebra print dress: Target (a couple of years ago, this past Sunday was my first time to wear this dress. I know! Somebody slap me.)
Chunky red necklace, bracelet & earrings: Kohl's
Shoes: Target (On clearance for $7.48 last week, FTW)

Blouse: TJ Maxx (a couple of years ago)
Jean shorts: Joe's Jeans, 6PM.com
Ambersand necklace with initial charms: Lisa Leonard (this was a little 17th anniversary gift from Scott)
Silver loop earrings: Lisa Leonard (these were free y'all, free, with any purchase that day because she's awesome like that. I wear them all. the. time.)
Blingy flips: Yellow Box

A variation of jean shorts, tops and flips are pretty much my standard summer look because it's 1.) easy and comfy and b.) it's HOT here in Texas.

And yes, I fixed my hair (i. e. curled) and then promptly put it up in a messy ponytail, see above statement about it being HOT.

So there you have it, short and sweet this week.

I'm linking up with Lindsey, be sure to pop over there for oodles more fashion-y fun & inspiration.
pleated poppy
Happy Wednesday and Happy 4th of July, y'all!


  1. I have been away for a bit but you look great!!! I love the black/dress with the red accessories....And can I tell you how much I love your hair? It's so long now!! That tell's you that last time I stopped by :(

  2. Welcome back!! LOVE the red wedges - I bought a pair of nude ones last week!


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