Confessional Quickie

I ate Taco Bell for supper.

And it was equal parts gross and delicious at the same time.

I did not (read: chose not to) exercise today.

There are Little Debbies in the house. Yo.

I planned my errands today specifically so I would shop in the vicinity of TJ Maxx.

As you do.

I came this close to getting a new purse. An orange hobo bag. B. Makowsky. Yes. But no.

I decided I would use leather conditioner/cleaner on my current bag (a mustard B. Makowsky hobo bag, are you sensing a theme?) and be happy with what I have.

I bought Annelise new navy shorts, pants and a few polos (to get embroidered with her school logo) today and was so incredibly stoked...


Do people still say stoked?

...to be done with back to school shopping AND not have to do it during the madhouse known as tax free weekend.

In the words of Antoine Dodson, hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife... it's tax free weekend, y'all.

I got a pedicure (french) last week y'all and was highly irked to notice chips like, by Saturday which steadily got worse. Of course I did not have the nerve to go back and complain but I will (maybe) mention it when I go back for a full redo. I hate it when they talk about me in Vietnamese. Last week she asked me if I wanted a brow & lip wax and when I said no, not today she pressed me for further details so I felt the need to confess I've switched to threading, but instead of telling the truth that I wasn't happy with their waxing (leaving too many baby fine hairs) I just said the threading wasn't as irritating to my skin. And I felt still felt guilty.

However, those chipped tootsies just meant I got to try out my new Essie polish, Turquoise & Caicos even sooner (even though I had to do them myself). I likey.

Disc 2 of Suits (Season 1) came today in the mail from Netflix so of course I had to sit right down and watch it, so that was the perfect time to paint my nails.

I am highly infatuated with Essie Sand Tropez, which is what I painted my fingernails.

Highly. Highly. Infatuated.

I'd show you a picture but it's late and I'm lazy. Sorry.

It's the perfect neutral beige without any grey tones. I likey.

Annelise is back from her adventures with Peggy at C & C's house, thoroughly exhausted. I'm glad she had such a great time.

So it looks like this whole third grade thing is really going to happen.

She got her letter from her new teacher and was slightly disappointed because she had her heart set on the other third grade teacher (and I had mine on the one she got, so whatevs) BUT it really doesn't matter because there are only two third grade teachers and they co-teach anyway.

I will be interested to find out who her homeroom classmates are and see how that dynamic goes.

Since there are usually only 22-24 kids in the whole grade and only two teachers, well, there's only so much shuffling around you can do.

I guess that's enough confessing for now.

And I guess I lied about the whole quickie thing.

Words. I likey.
Anything to confess? Spill it.


  1. I also avoid shopping on tax-free weekend! Regular sales outweigh that 8.25% tax savings! I also plan trips around TJ Maxx and Marshalls. We're getting a HomeGoods that opens tomorrow, but I'll probably avoid the some of the rush and go Monday or Tuesday. It will be nice to have one only 10-15 minutes away instead of 40, so I'm excited!

    I hate telling people I don't need them anymore. I'm an avoider, I just don't go back! I loved my hair stylist's personality, but she just got worse and worse. So I just never went back. I've been trimming my own hair for the last year because I'm too chicken to find a new stylist!

  2. Your experience at the nail salon reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Elaine thinks the ladies are talking about her and she takes Mr. Costanza with her to spy. It was too funny! Thought I would share some humor.

  3. I should clarify - when Elaine goes to the nail salon.


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