First Day of School: Watch Out Third Grade, Here Comes Annelise

It's a bit of a rude awakening to be blasted out of a deep sleep by an alarm after a lazy hazy summer of that rarely having to happen.

For both the newly minted third grader and her mom.

In all the hustle and bustle Wednesday morning I missed getting photos of Annelise getting ready that I've somehow managed to snap in the past, but as Doris Day sings, "Que Sera, Sera".

However, I did manage to make her an egg-in-the-hole (or heart) for a special back to school treat. She was thrilled.
I'm really going to have to up my game (or you know, get up earlier) in order to fix her breakfast and pack her lunch without getting all frantic.

Frantic is not good nor is it fun. For anyone.

I also forgot to snap a photo of her lunch, but she's using a blue Pack It (you keep it in the freezer and it keeps lunches cold) this year and along with tuna salad, veggies, fruit, cheese, almonds, crackers and milk I sneaked in a Little Debbie and a note.

She was beside herself (mainly about the Little Debbie because I hardly ever (read: never) send those) with glee (she told me later).

All too soon though it was time to get this show on road and hit it.
I asked her to hold up three fingers for third grade and this is her take on that.
Again, as Doris Day sings, "Que Sera, Sera".
(Pardon my screaming, but she's been highly excited about this fact, and a bit nervous too.)
Her homeroom teacher is Mrs. Lopez for math, reading and social studies and the other third grade teacher, Mrs. Bradley, teaches language and science. There are 11 kids in Annelise's class and 9 in the other which does seem a little off kilter but I think they had to juggle things a bit to separate some kiddos to hopefully keep the drama (!!) and behavior issues to a minimum. Four kids (two of whom Annelise has known since Kindergarten) didn't come back this year, but there is one new little girl.

I missed getting a photo of Annelise with her teacher, it was a little crazy, but I will get one sometime I'm sure.
All too soon it was time for me to skedaddle (the teachers probably frown on moms staying, you know, all day) so with one more hug and smooch we bid each other adieu.

After she hopped into the car after school, I asked her to tell me three great things about her first day and three not so great things.

The great things: 1.) Math, 2.) Playing with her friends at recess and 3.) all the books in her classroom  (she sits right next to the shelves) and for a bonus, they went to the library and she got a Guinness Book of World Records.

The not so great: 1.) She has to sit by T. ( a boy, you know that type of boy, a stinker) in class (their desks are grouped into threes and fours) (I told her that it would probably only be for a while and then Mrs. Lopez will change the desks around).

And then she couldn't think of any other not so great things about her first day of third grade, so I think we can safely assume it was a hit.

We celebrated an awesome return to school with happy hour at Sonic.
As you do.

Orange slush and tater tots for her and Diet Coke with lime for me.

I then surprised her with her traditional back to school treats...
Books, books and a few more BOOKS!
(Some to read together, some just for her and a new set of Mad Libs.)

All in all, it was a GREAT day.

I'm so looking forward to what this new school year brings!

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  1. I LOVE the idea of giving new books on the first day of school. I'm definitely going to remember that! I can't believe she's in 3rd grade - I still remember the baby shower at my moms house! Time is flying way too fast.


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