Five for Friday

Well helllloooo (insert best Seinfeld voice).

I haven't blogged for a week.


I'm not really sure what happened.
Maybe, like one of our cats Spunky, I've just been too busy living life to the fullest.

Or something.

01.) We popped in the library Monday afternoon for a drop-off and resupply.
I love how Annelise just couldn't wait to dive into one of her books.

She's in a phase right now of reading these semi-graphic novel/diary type books (a la Diary of a Wimpy Kid, etc.) (the one above is from the Dork Diary series). She, of course, loves them, however I am lukewarm to annoyed by them because they're so silly, she reads them lickety split and they don't actually, you know, grow your brain very much. She's also at this point where her reading ability far exceeds her attention span/level of commitment, meaning she'd much rather read short books (like A-Z Mysteries,  Magic Tree House) or re-read favorites (like Beverly Cleary). I don't want to push her too much into what I'd like for her to read, but I would like for her to challenge herself a little more. My not so sneaky solution is to read aloud together some of my favorites (cue evil laugh).
And speaking of reading, if you like WWII historical fiction you might like Charlotte Gray, by Sebastian Faulks as much as I did. Imagine my glee when I discovered there was also a movie on streaming Netflix with Cate Blanchett and Rupert Penry-Jones (!!) based on the the book, but then you must also imagine my disappointment when the movie took too many liberties with the original story. I quit watching halfway-ish through.

And because it's hard for me to stop talking about books once I start, I feel obliged to also tell y'all that I am all up in The Civil War right now having  finished a Lincoln biography Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin earlier this week (and feel like I deserve a medal or something, which is not to say I didn't enjoy it, I did, but it was hefty and parts were um, tedious) and am continuing the War of Northern Aggression theme with Bloody Crimes: The Chase for Jefferson Davis and the Death Pageant for Lincoln's Corpse by James Swanson, which is not only a wordy and eyebrow raising title but a pretty good page turner so far.

02.) The Olympics have been quite the inspiration for Annelise, and not just because they're the reason she's been having much later bedtimes. So far she has decided to *improve* her swimming by perfecting her dolphin kick and arm strokes and *train* for track and field.
One morning last week we got up at dark thirty to hit my old high school's track for a little *training session*. We ran the straights and walked the curves and managed to rack up two miles for her and three miles for me. She has yet to decide if she's going to be a distance runner (she was a bit intimidated by the thought of 8 laps) or more of a sprinter. Or maybe both.

03.) I'm not sure if it was seeing a blip of the archery competition during the Olympics or seeing Brave a few weeks ago or just a random alignment of the stars, but Annelise found inspiration somewhere and talked my dad into making a bow and arrow for her. Which is totally cool but still totally random and a wee bit scary (for me at least).

Last week they went on the hunt for the perfect willow branch and then earlier this week they worked on peeling the bark off and shaping the bow, etc. She first had a dowel rod for an arrow but wasn't satisfied with that so Academy came to the rescue with a basic, gold-tipped(read: not pointy) arrow. I kind of feel like the mom on A Christmas Story, but I guess I just need to relax. And buy her a target and a quiver full of arrows.

04.) Thankfully, we don't have to do a bunch of back to school shopping since Annelise wears uniforms and can still wear most of what she already had. We do need to buy some navy shorts and pants since she can no longer fasten the ones she's had since Kindergarten, but that's NBD.

We stopped by the mall yesterday after Annelise's dentist appointment so I could get my eyebrows threaded (as you do) and we somehow ended up here:
It was our maiden Justice shopping voyage and after much navigation (it's a tiny store and packed to the gills) and negotiation yielded three shirts (two on red-line sale, one store wide 40% off) and three lace cami-tanks (part of a buy at least 2 get a discount special scam), earned us $50.00 (two $25 cards) Justice bucks to use on future Justice adventures, but not together and only between specific dates and even though I spent $61.49 I was told I saved $56.18. Somehow.

We retreated to the Food Court for Sonic Happy Hour. As you do.

05.) I must apologize for being oh-so-wordy and ramblelicious.

I'm blaming the week long bloggy dry spell.

So as a special treat I will a.) hush and 2.) share the awesomeness of the new Mumford & Sons song that released earlier this week.

Happy, happy Friday, y'all!


  1. all good stuff. my daughter was the same way, maybe still is, about reading. she would read and reread Boxcar Children til I thought she was past them. But she would also read and reread biographies that interested her (Julie Andrews, the girl who played Liesl) I like to think it all balances out.

    good job on the training!! both of you!!!

    and I remember those negotiations at Justice. Now we do them at Kohl's.....

  2. Justice is my second home. Just get ready. Lol

  3. your blogging was missed in the last week!

  4. Our black and white cat is named Spunky too!


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