In Which I Try Not to Be High-Horse-y (And Promptly Fail)

Well, it's finally happening.

Summer is quickly rolling up its streets. The gig is up. The shades are drawn. Going south. Its nearing its expiration date.

I think you get my drift.

We go to Meet the Teacher next Tuesday evening (must double check that pesky time) and then Annelise officially becomes a third grader bright and early next Wednesday morning (must start practicing a bedtime/morning pronto).


We've been total slackers this summer. Totes. Summers past I've always ordered the practice workbooks her school conveniently promotes so that her precious brain doesn't turn to jello over a twelve week period.

I put off ordering one, and then I asked if I still could get one and then I forgot to stop by the office and then I gave up. Naturally.

I wonder what flavor jello her brain is now.

I'm rather partial to lime.

In other news, we had a pretty fun weekend, what with all the time with friends and family and yummy food.

Saturday morning was our second Mugs & Muffins thingie for the ladies (like a devotional and fellowship but with breakfast) at church which went really well. The lesson was based on Titus 2:3-4 (about the older women being examples for the younger women) and gave me lots to think about.

Which is my downfall.

The thinking.

I think but I don't always act. Or I think and plan to act but then put it off. Then I think it's much too late to do/say something so I do/say nothing. Or I think others do a better job with whatever it is than I do and I talk myself out of it. Then I think about guilt. And so forth. And so on.

So, um...yeah, much room for improvement there.

Later that afternoon we went over to my dad and Peggy's house for lunch and swimming (though I didn't swim) with her family, which was also fun.

I'm hesitant to type this next part because I do not want to sound all judge-y and high-horse-y. Really, I don't.

And yet. Still.

Upon arriving I noticed someone had brought a book. You know, that book every one has been chattering on about for months. The book, that being the voracious reader that I am, bout which I read the blurb on Amazon and decided nope, not going to read that one. Not that I've never read anything with steamy passages and not that I may still read a book with them. Not that I'm perfect (yeah, I'm so not) and never have questionable entertainment.

And yet. Still.

I tried to prepare myself to have a coherent yet not high-horse-y answer in case someone asked me if I'd read it or if I was going to read it.

Sure enough, later that day I was asked.

::deep breath::

I wish I could have recited Edie's eloquent thoughts on this subject verbatim directly followed by Leslie's wise perspective. But I didn't. I'm sure I sounded all kinds of judge-y and high-horse-y and all Harper Valley PTA hypocritical-y when I said no, I hadn't read it and no, I won't be reading it because it's inappropriate and explicit and blah diggity blah, blah, blah.

I really don't remember exactly what I said, but I hope I said it with at least a skosh of grace.

Because I certainly need grace too.

Don't we all?

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  1. good for you holly.

    I'm not reading it either... Ha- no one has asked me either-

    Summer- how does it go by so fast?


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