Six for Saturday

A few notables of late.

Or maybe not so notable but still random.
01.) A little slice of life from Thursday night.

Engrossed in Suits (disc 2, season 1 from Netflix) and Fro Yo (from my good friends Ben & Jerry) Chocolate Fudge Brownie. 

So...truth be told, I kind of love Suits.  Like a lot. I probably shouldn't because even though it's on USA and not something like HBO they feel the need to push the language envelope, especially this current season. Why, USA, why? I have a hard time believing that professionals walk around casually yet liberally throwing GDs and forms of S@*% all around. Do people really do that in offices? On a regular basis? Really?

02.) I admitted in my last post that I've been on bit of a junk food journey lately. Well, at least since Thursday.

Yeah. It's not good.

I mean, it's good at the time I'm eating it (sort-of) but then not so much.

Plus then there's guilt on top of the sugar and fast food nastiness.

But I think I've got it out of my system now and am ready to get back on the cleaner food wagon.
03.) However, we did go to IHOP for breakfast this morning.

On a slightly more positive note Scott and I split the breakfast sampler, so it was not pure gluttony gone wild.

And on a quirky note, I like to cut all my meat into small pieces all at once, then I like to take mixed bites, usually a bit meat, a bit of egg and a smidge of hash browns.

04.) Over the last week-ish I've managed to find Annelise three new-to-her jeans from the Goodwill and am pretty proud of myself, especially since I recently discovered Justice jeans are like $36 and I found a pair of like new Justice capris for $4. The other 2 pairs are from Old Navy but are in really good shape with no worn spots on the knees, so hip hip hooray for the Goodwill.

05.) Along with the junk food binge I took a break from my workouts.

This behavior seems to go hand in hand doesn't it?

My last one (a TurboFire instead of Insanity that day) was Wednesday. Yikes!

The good news is I sucked it up (literally) and plowed through my Insanity (Pure Cardio & Abs) this evening and didn't throw up, so yay for that.

The other good news is that Scott has started doing Insanity too. I'm glad that we can encourage each other and share the cray-cray.
06.) I broke down and bought a 1 1/4" curling iron the other day at TJ Maxx. It's kind of a knock-off faker Hot Tools and it looks like it but it's called Hot Gold.

I'd been wanting to try the larger iron in order to hopefully create looser curls/waves (the 1" HT iron is awesome but curls my hair really tight and my flat iron makes loose waves but they're unpredictable and I tend to burn myself).

And...I'm 99% sure I like the results, much more of a wave than curly-curl, curls.

I'm sure y'all will sleep much better now that you know I've resolved my curling iron woes.

At least for now.

Hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend!


  1. The language issues on USA shows have really turned Randy and I off. It seems like they're putting it in there just because they can, but it ends up being super distracting.

  2. I too like to find thrift shop finds out here in Vegas but our store is called Savers...I am all too proud when I clean the store of "good name" clothing items for my kiddos...I think I may have to make another stop since school starts a wk from tomorrow!!!


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