What I Wore Wednesday

Hey there, y'all!

I only have one outfit to share this week so this will be short and sweet, m'mkay?

This summer I am loving the casual ease of maxi skirts, you can dress them up or down and they are so crazy comfortable. Here's one of my current favorites, simple black and white stripes that you can pair with most anything from a cut-up graphic t-shirt to a more layered look.
maxi skirt, black tank & black cardigan: target
green ruffle tank: old navy
black blingy flips: yellow box
 Another favorite this summer is the edgy and unique jewelry from Twisted Silver.

I think I may have a problem (I love it all).

They recently had a flash sale and I was able to pick up this bracelet with only a slight dent in my wallet. I love the mixed metals and bold look.
They also had a hot deal of the week that week and I scored their Tibet necklace for half price.


You can wear it this way (like a choker) plus it opens up to a longer necklace for a totally different look.

It's always nice to have options.

Be sure to stop by Lyndsey's blog for more fashion fun.
pleated poppy

Thanks for stopping by, y'all.

Happy, happy Wednesday!


  1. I have that skirt too. And I have worn it with a green shirt, but I'm still not sure about matching it with colors. The not-quite-white color of the stripe throws me off. I might wear it with a black top in the winter and use accessories for color. You look cute!

  2. I love your style it always makes my day when you do a WIWW post :-)

  3. I totally agree with what kelly said, I love it when I see that you've done a wiww post! and now I LOVE all of the twisted silver jewelry....just scored the harley bracelet for myself! i'm not sure if I should thank you or not!

  4. Love your skirt. I want one just like it!



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