Six for Saturday

I meant to blog earlier.

Not that there's a strict schedule for these types of things or anything, but I was going to do a Five for Friday post and of course that never materialized and then I was terribly busy watching Prime Suspect (the BBC one with Helen Mirren) on streaming Netflix for an embarrassing portion of this rainy Saturday.

So now here I am blogging on Saturday night.

Still in my PJs.
(That'll just make going to bed later faster.)
01.) After a very, very, long hiatus, I went for a run yesterday morning. Five miles. BOOM.

I know it's probably not the smartest thing to just bust out five miles after not running for, oh, what was it, two months, but I was feeling really good and my music was jamming so I just went for it.

I'm walking a bit like Frankenstein today though.
My quads are rather mad at me.

My last run on our street was sometime in mid-July and my last run outdoors was with Annelise at the high school track in early August. I know, that's pretty sad. While I love my indoor workouts (Insanity, TurboFire, ChaLean Extreme, etc) and know they're really effective, I've missed running a lot too. 

It's been extremely hard to get myself up and out the door to get a run in and get back before Scott leaves for work at 6:00 am. I've set my alarm lots of times for 4:45 and have steadily ignored it. Yesterday was his Friday off so I didn't have to go so crazy early or rush to get back, which was wonderful. Fingers crossed that yesterday's run broke my non-running habit and I'll get back to running at least a few mornings each week (while sticking with Turbo & ChaLean too).
02.) Some nights you just have to have breakfast for dinner. If the waffle is as big as your head, well, that's a bonus.
03.) Our skies were littered with several hot air balloons yesterday morning, which made the drive to school much more entertaining. Every year Scott and I say we should go to the evening glow thing or to the festival launch thing the next morning, we yammer on about how cool it would be and how much fun Annelise would have, and then we promptly forget about it.

At least we're consistent.
04.) Earlier this month (and yes, somebody should slap me for not blogging about this sooner!), we had our third Mugs & Muffins thingie at church (it's basically a monthly devotional  for ladies with yummy breakfast goodies) and it was, in a word, fabulous.

Several of the young girls were hostesses and each had a speaking part, either leading songs, introducing the speaker, announcing the door prizes, and so forth. Annelise said the opening prayer (she wrote it out ahead of time) and then later said the closing prayer, which was kind of spur of the moment, and did a great job with both (even though I might by slightly biased). All of the girls did a terrific job and it was so encouraging to see them using the talents God has given them to uplift and serve others. Their enthusiasm and excitement was contagious!
05.) Two happy yet unrelated things:

The new Mumford & Sons album, Babel, came out this week and is, of course, fabulous.

I made a big vat of turkey chili and it was, surprisingly, quite delicious.
06.) We started our weekend off with a bang at Happy Hour after school.

Okay, not quite a bang, but still quite tasty and cheap.

Happy, happy weekend, y'all!


Nine. You Know, The One Before Ten.

Earlier this month (Tuesday, September 4th to be exact), Annelise turned nine. NINE.

Just who gave her permission to do that anyway?

The nerve.
Even though I'm not all that crazy about her growing up I must admit that nine looks pretty good on her.

Since her day o' birth always falls around Labor Day we managed to stretch the celebration across several days (which is just how she likes it).
~we visited her Aunt Karen, Uncle Bill & Uncle Ron out in the country, which is always loads of fun in itself, what with the pond, the fishing, the ducks, the cows, the dogs and all the nature, but throw in birthday presents and you've got the makings of one of the best days ever.

~she got a really cool new Lego set of a horse stable (from the Friends line), some Webkins and even a bit of cold hard cash, all of which totally rocked her world.

~we celebrated her last day of being eight with a trip to Mr. Gatti's pizza, which is what the almost birthday girl requested so she could eat pizza and burn some of her birthday cash in the arcade.

~she got two other birthday gifts early, a remote control helicopter and a PowerWing scooter (a cross between a Ripstick and a Razor, you wiggle and scoot simultaneously) so she could play with them over the long weekend (that was our justification at least).

~24 cupcakes (for school) were baked, frosted and sprinkled.

~she woke up, newly nine, to find her floor littered with balloons much to her surprise and delight.

~she ate her favorite egg-in-the-heart breakfast.

~I drove the new nine year old to school and it felt weird (nine is almost ten and I just can't deal).

~the birthday girl got Chick-Fil-A and cupcakes for lunch, which ratcheted up her overall birthday excitement to almost off the charts.

~we ate fajitas for supper at our favorite Tex-Mex joint with my dad and Peggy.
~I actually remembered to utilize my camera's self-timer and we all posed for a photo with the birthday girl.

~in rapid fire succession she managed to open all her remaining gifts in less than five minutes, revealing a check for a savings bond and book from Aunt Jerry, an electronic dart board from my dad and Peggy, along with some more cold hard cash, an Avengers Lego set and the Do-It-Yourself Diary of a Wimpy Kid journal, all of which she was highly thrilled with.

~the birthday girl changed her mind this year about her birthday cake, switching from the traditional Cookies & Cream cake to, wait for it, Dump Cake with Blue Bell ice cream.

And just like that, the birthday girl blew out her nine candles and settled in to a big bowl of cherry dump cake and chocolate ice cream (yes, strange combination, I know, but she's not a fan of vanilla) and I took a deep breath and tried to come to terms with her being nine.

It's been almost a month.

I'm not quite there yet.


Six for Saturday

I feel as if I've hit something of a bloggy speed bump.

Or wall. Or what have you.

I can't seem to take the time to document larger events (Annelise's birthday, my recent road trip with the girls, etc.) yet I don't have much trouble tossing together a mishmash of random tidbits.

As you shall see in this post.
01.) We, the family, posed for a self-portrait before we went into Fuddrucker's last night for no good reason (the photo op, not the Fudds, we were were hungry) except I like documenting random, ordinary, daily happenings (no, we don't eat there everyday). I got the turkey burger MINUS the bun, which is how I've been ordering it for quite a while and I pile on lots of lettuce, onion, pico de gallo, jalapeƱos and pickles to help me forget the whole missing bun thing as I eat my burger (patty) with a knife and fork. I also always get their sweet potato fries, because what's a burger (patty) without some sort of fries? Lonely and sad, that's what. I do drink a Diet Coke (usually with lime or cherry vanilla) and dip my fries in their jalapeƱo cheese sauce, so I might be negating the whole skipping the bun thing, but...maybe not.
02.) I'm so glad the Bravermen's are back. (!!) I've missed them terribly. (!!)
(Y'all do watch Parenthood, don't you? Don't you?!?!) I may even have a bit of a crush on Ray Romano's crabby character and am hoping he has a long story arc with Sarah (aka Lauren Graham's character but who shall forever be known as Lorelei Gilmore), but I'm worried about Kristina. I wasn't prepared for the end of last week's episode and think I had better keep the Kleenex handy (which is true for just about every single episode anyway, I giggle, I cry, sometimes at the same time and sometimes the Ugly Cry rears its head and there's no accompanying chuckle, but its ALL so good).
03.) See that white speck above the telephone poles? The one that vaguely looks like a space shuttle piggybacking on top of a 747 while escorted by fighter jets?
Yeah. That speck.
Space Shuttle Endeavor was being flown to its new home in California (and yes, we're still quite bitter Texas didn't get one) on the back of a 747 and it made an overnight stop here in Clear Lake at Ellington Air Force base. It flew around the area a few times Wednesday morning but I only saw it right before it landed (boo hoo!) (I should have gone outside earlier!) AND I was in such a fluster of actually seeing it that I totally forgot to zoom my phone camera in, hence the speck. 
04.) A library restock always makes me happy. Annelise started the Geronimo Stilton series and likes it a lot so far, she's also giving the Secrets of Droon series a whirl (but hasn't started them yet) along with a few other random reads. I checked out The Mysterious Benedict Society for us to read together (Once we finish May B). While I'm waiting for my turn to read the second book in the Game of Thrones (ended up really, really liking the first one) series (I think I'm next on the hold list, so yay for that) I got a few filler reads. The Once and Future King is about King Arthur and what Camelot was based on (I think), Divergent is a YA fantasy/sci-fi and Dark Places is a thriller. I'm like #20 in line at the library for Gillian Flynn's latest novel, this one is her second. I like it, but it is a bit dark and twisty.
05.) I'm really, really, really trying to eat less carbs, more protein. Less, you know, junk. It's sooooo much easier if I have good snacks on hand, stuff that's easy to prepare or just grab otherwise I'll be face first in the frosting or something. I'm also learning not to let myself get too hungry, so I'm actually snacking a bit more than I used to, but overall I think that helps me from pigging out later.
I think I should have bought stock in almonds, especially those flavored ones (Wasabi & Soy Sauce is one of my faves), but I try not to go crazy with them. I also like to keep hard boiled eggs on hand in the fridge for a quick protein snack or breakfast (plus Annelise usually has one in her lunch).
06.) I swear I only went in for toilet paper.


Target gets me every time.

Thanks y'all so much for your input on my last post about mascara and nail polish (you know, the important things in life). I bought some Nail Magic (a nail treatment/hardener) and Out the Door top coat at Sally's Beauty Supply last week and will be anxious to see if my nails improve. I think once they get stronger (and stop peeling!) the polish chipping will be a thing of the past because it's only on my four weakest/peeliest nails (both my index and middle fingers) that it's even a problem.

I'll keep y'all posted.

Hope y'all are having a FAB weekend!



Tap, tap, tap...

is this thing on?

I promise I did not intentionally abandon my blog for over a week.

Well, there may have been a bit of avoidance and lack of blog worthy material (as if!) followed by a road trip to Oklahoma with my girls for a long weekend of loud laughter, eating like truck drivers, pedicures, being silly (who? us?) and shopping.

You know, the essentials.

It's worthy of its own post, so stay tuned.

Yesterday, in an attempt to work off 1/16th of the calories I consumed over the past four days, I was in the middle of getting my TurboFire on with plans to add on abs and some weights when the phone rang. It was Annelise's school telling me that she was in the office with a stomachache, no fever, but general malaise and drama (this I discovered when I talked with her a few minutes later).

I am not a fan of faking sickness but I am even less a fan of puke (not that she did that or anything). She had approximately 1.5 hours left in her school day and did everything she could to convince me she could not bear to soldier through the rest of it, the key parts included using her most pitiful voice ever and vague descriptions of random stomach pain along with the inability of a peppermint to cure her.

I even told her that if she came home she wasn't allowed to have any fun and she still wanted me to pick her up.

(I'm not totally unsympathetic and cold-hearted, but I don't want this to become a thing, you know?)

So I picked her up.

And approximately 20 minutes later, after...you know, a longer visit to the loo, she was feeling like a new person.

I must admit, I was irked.
This morning I decided I would go to HEB right after taking Annelise to school instead of dragging her along after I picked her up (she hates that plus the store is way more crowded) so I had to put on actual public worthyish clothes instead of the t-shirt I slept in and shorts. I also sat in my car for a minute after parking to apply my mascara. I felt strongly that I needed to have my eyes on to accomplish my task.

This photo shows my left eye done and my right eye jealous.

I alternate between this Rimmel Scandaleyes, L'oreal Double Extend Tubes (love, love, love, but it takes a bit longer to put on the two different tubes) and Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express, which I think they lied about the whole mega and plush thing happening.

So I'm wondering...what's your go to, always fabulous, lengthening, thickening, crazy good mascara?

Do tell. Please.

(Preferably drugstore brands because I don't usually shell out too much dough for mascara since I change it often and while I'll pay $15 - $34 for lipsticks, I won't for mascara. I can't really explain that.)

It also shows my slightly chipped thumbnail (several of my other nails are also in the same boat which makes me question my commitment to painting my nails since it never seems to last very long). I painted my nails last Wednesday with a base coat of Sally Hanson hardener (my nails are thin and very peel-y lately and not only does this frustrate me, it worries me that I'm lacking some vital nutrient or have a thyroid condition or terrible disease, followed by two coats of Chinchilly by Essie, a fun grey color and finished with a Sally Hansen top coat. And they started to chip, like, by Saturday. Ugh.

So I'm also wondering...what's your best no-chip (is that possible?), longer lasting polish routine? Any advice for thin, peeling nails?

Do tell. Please.


Five for Friday

Here I am again.

Still avoiding posting about Annelise's birthday. I've come to the conclusion that I am wary to post about her 9th birthday because I'm fairly positive before I can barely get myself together (she's NINE now) (!!) time will continue to fly by and whoops, there she'll go turning ten. In something like 362 days.

I can't handle it.

So here are a few other happenings of late. Or recent tidbits. And what have you.
(This was my face last Thursday when the garbly speaker system at Sonic told me they were out of Diet Coke)
01.) Last week I got my hairs did. It was long (as in looooong) overdue. 

I am now more of a brunette.

With light parts.

At first it was quite a shock but now all. the. brown has softened some and the highlights seem to blend a bit better. At least it seems that way. 

And I'm back (for now) to wearing it straight. Or as straight as one with thick, coarse hair can in the humidity of South Texas.
(Her black Chucks slay me.)
02.) It's probably no coincidence (or co-in-key-dink) that the same week I started (again) to pray about choosing my words carefully, being slower to speak, slower to anger (ha!), and speaking with a kind, gentle voice without an impatient or irritated tone was the same week that Annelise's memory verse was Ephesians 4: 29 

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it might benefit those who listen."

and was also the same week that in the morning rush yesterday that I totally lost it over a missing library book and belt, especially since once I started helping with the search I discovered the true state of her closet and certain areas ( read: piles) throughout her room.

It's not that I spoke unwholesome (like cursing or something) words but I definitely was not building her up as I pointed out multiple failings in her room keeping skills with an increasingly raised level of voice.

Yeah. I hate that I didn't keep it together.

Over her room.

Big deal.

The good news is that we later got to practice the second part of her memory verse, Ephesians 4:32:

"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other just as Christ forgave you."
03.) So I started The Odyssey the other afternoon.

With my sidekick, Joe.

This translation (Lombardo) is supposed to be more modern, easier to read and understand. I like it, yet still feel something is missing, an elegance of language perhaps. I don't know. I do remember reading this in college (different translation), but of course I had forgotten it, so I'm looking forward to discovering Odysseus and his homecoming anew.

04.) Y'all.

I almost fell out of my chair this morning when I read this post by Jen Hatmaker.

Y'all must click over and read it. Must.

In my head we're totally BFFs.

05.) For the life of me I can't scrape up a #5.

So I'll just shut this party down.

You're welcome.

Happy, happy weekend friends!


A List (An Avoider's Favorite Tool)

This is one of those posts where instead of tackling a big event (say my daughter's ninth birthday perhaps) I list several random things that are rattling around in my head in the hopes I can clear out some of the clutter.

01.) I woke up early today and couldn't go back to sleep. This has been happening rather frequently. Again. Sometimes it frustrates me to no end and others it usually turns out to be a good thing (at least the getting up early part).

02.) Since I was up and all, I decided to go ahead and finish the last two lessons (for week one) in Kelly Minter's bible study on Nehemiah. The girls and I had done her studies on Ruth and No Other Gods (serious thumbs up on both) in the past and decided to start Nehemiah as our fall study. It's really good so far and I'm eager to learn more about Nehemiah's time and how his example relates to modern day.

03.) By the time I'd finished I'd decided I would go Ladies Bible Class after all (I'd been on the fence) since it was starting back up today after a break for summer (not that I went last year though). My one condition was that I had to fit my workout in before so that I'd be done and couldn't wimp out later.

04.) Speaking of workouts, I'm on a bit of a hiatus from Insanity right now since I finished the first 30 days (!!) before starting the second phase. You're supposed to take a week off and do something called Core Cardio and Balance  for six days straight and it's probably wonderful but I wouldn't know because I've gone back to my TurboFire workouts.

I don't know how I feel about starting the second phase of Insanity. Part of me wants to try it but the other part really misses the fun (yet still challenging!) dance-y workouts of TurboFire (the music is the BEST) and adding in the occasional strength workout. I miss working out with weights or at least resistance bands and I think I see better results when I do use them with cardio.

05.) The good news is I did get my Turbo on, gobble a hard boiled egg and get myself together and make it to Ladies Bible Class. The bad news is I was late.

06.) I'm trying to use my big dog camera more. Again. (Even though this post can't verify that statement  due to the absence of, you know, any photos.)

07.) I've been catching up with Project Life. Again. I don't recommend letting yourself get 5+ months behind but even more so I don't recommend quitting, so I'm determined to catch up.

08.) I'm currently in April. Sigh.

09.) Guess what? I decided (yesterday) to join in with Edie's Classical Online Book Club after all. I picked up my copy of The Odyssey yesterday and made it a whole three pages into the introduction before I fell asleep.

But it was late, so I'll give it another shot during daylight.

10.) I've also started reading Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. I like it! But I'm a little intimidated about starting a four or five (or more?) epic book series and try to read The Odyssey at the same time.

But I shall persevere.

I think 10 makes for a good stopping point, don't you?

Yes. Yes it does.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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