Six for Saturday

I feel as if I've hit something of a bloggy speed bump.

Or wall. Or what have you.

I can't seem to take the time to document larger events (Annelise's birthday, my recent road trip with the girls, etc.) yet I don't have much trouble tossing together a mishmash of random tidbits.

As you shall see in this post.
01.) We, the family, posed for a self-portrait before we went into Fuddrucker's last night for no good reason (the photo op, not the Fudds, we were were hungry) except I like documenting random, ordinary, daily happenings (no, we don't eat there everyday). I got the turkey burger MINUS the bun, which is how I've been ordering it for quite a while and I pile on lots of lettuce, onion, pico de gallo, jalapeƱos and pickles to help me forget the whole missing bun thing as I eat my burger (patty) with a knife and fork. I also always get their sweet potato fries, because what's a burger (patty) without some sort of fries? Lonely and sad, that's what. I do drink a Diet Coke (usually with lime or cherry vanilla) and dip my fries in their jalapeƱo cheese sauce, so I might be negating the whole skipping the bun thing, but...maybe not.
02.) I'm so glad the Bravermen's are back. (!!) I've missed them terribly. (!!)
(Y'all do watch Parenthood, don't you? Don't you?!?!) I may even have a bit of a crush on Ray Romano's crabby character and am hoping he has a long story arc with Sarah (aka Lauren Graham's character but who shall forever be known as Lorelei Gilmore), but I'm worried about Kristina. I wasn't prepared for the end of last week's episode and think I had better keep the Kleenex handy (which is true for just about every single episode anyway, I giggle, I cry, sometimes at the same time and sometimes the Ugly Cry rears its head and there's no accompanying chuckle, but its ALL so good).
03.) See that white speck above the telephone poles? The one that vaguely looks like a space shuttle piggybacking on top of a 747 while escorted by fighter jets?
Yeah. That speck.
Space Shuttle Endeavor was being flown to its new home in California (and yes, we're still quite bitter Texas didn't get one) on the back of a 747 and it made an overnight stop here in Clear Lake at Ellington Air Force base. It flew around the area a few times Wednesday morning but I only saw it right before it landed (boo hoo!) (I should have gone outside earlier!) AND I was in such a fluster of actually seeing it that I totally forgot to zoom my phone camera in, hence the speck. 
04.) A library restock always makes me happy. Annelise started the Geronimo Stilton series and likes it a lot so far, she's also giving the Secrets of Droon series a whirl (but hasn't started them yet) along with a few other random reads. I checked out The Mysterious Benedict Society for us to read together (Once we finish May B). While I'm waiting for my turn to read the second book in the Game of Thrones (ended up really, really liking the first one) series (I think I'm next on the hold list, so yay for that) I got a few filler reads. The Once and Future King is about King Arthur and what Camelot was based on (I think), Divergent is a YA fantasy/sci-fi and Dark Places is a thriller. I'm like #20 in line at the library for Gillian Flynn's latest novel, this one is her second. I like it, but it is a bit dark and twisty.
05.) I'm really, really, really trying to eat less carbs, more protein. Less, you know, junk. It's sooooo much easier if I have good snacks on hand, stuff that's easy to prepare or just grab otherwise I'll be face first in the frosting or something. I'm also learning not to let myself get too hungry, so I'm actually snacking a bit more than I used to, but overall I think that helps me from pigging out later.
I think I should have bought stock in almonds, especially those flavored ones (Wasabi & Soy Sauce is one of my faves), but I try not to go crazy with them. I also like to keep hard boiled eggs on hand in the fridge for a quick protein snack or breakfast (plus Annelise usually has one in her lunch).
06.) I swear I only went in for toilet paper.


Target gets me every time.

Thanks y'all so much for your input on my last post about mascara and nail polish (you know, the important things in life). I bought some Nail Magic (a nail treatment/hardener) and Out the Door top coat at Sally's Beauty Supply last week and will be anxious to see if my nails improve. I think once they get stronger (and stop peeling!) the polish chipping will be a thing of the past because it's only on my four weakest/peeliest nails (both my index and middle fingers) that it's even a problem.

I'll keep y'all posted.

Hope y'all are having a FAB weekend!


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