Six for Saturday

I meant to blog earlier.

Not that there's a strict schedule for these types of things or anything, but I was going to do a Five for Friday post and of course that never materialized and then I was terribly busy watching Prime Suspect (the BBC one with Helen Mirren) on streaming Netflix for an embarrassing portion of this rainy Saturday.

So now here I am blogging on Saturday night.

Still in my PJs.
(That'll just make going to bed later faster.)
01.) After a very, very, long hiatus, I went for a run yesterday morning. Five miles. BOOM.

I know it's probably not the smartest thing to just bust out five miles after not running for, oh, what was it, two months, but I was feeling really good and my music was jamming so I just went for it.

I'm walking a bit like Frankenstein today though.
My quads are rather mad at me.

My last run on our street was sometime in mid-July and my last run outdoors was with Annelise at the high school track in early August. I know, that's pretty sad. While I love my indoor workouts (Insanity, TurboFire, ChaLean Extreme, etc) and know they're really effective, I've missed running a lot too. 

It's been extremely hard to get myself up and out the door to get a run in and get back before Scott leaves for work at 6:00 am. I've set my alarm lots of times for 4:45 and have steadily ignored it. Yesterday was his Friday off so I didn't have to go so crazy early or rush to get back, which was wonderful. Fingers crossed that yesterday's run broke my non-running habit and I'll get back to running at least a few mornings each week (while sticking with Turbo & ChaLean too).
02.) Some nights you just have to have breakfast for dinner. If the waffle is as big as your head, well, that's a bonus.
03.) Our skies were littered with several hot air balloons yesterday morning, which made the drive to school much more entertaining. Every year Scott and I say we should go to the evening glow thing or to the festival launch thing the next morning, we yammer on about how cool it would be and how much fun Annelise would have, and then we promptly forget about it.

At least we're consistent.
04.) Earlier this month (and yes, somebody should slap me for not blogging about this sooner!), we had our third Mugs & Muffins thingie at church (it's basically a monthly devotional  for ladies with yummy breakfast goodies) and it was, in a word, fabulous.

Several of the young girls were hostesses and each had a speaking part, either leading songs, introducing the speaker, announcing the door prizes, and so forth. Annelise said the opening prayer (she wrote it out ahead of time) and then later said the closing prayer, which was kind of spur of the moment, and did a great job with both (even though I might by slightly biased). All of the girls did a terrific job and it was so encouraging to see them using the talents God has given them to uplift and serve others. Their enthusiasm and excitement was contagious!
05.) Two happy yet unrelated things:

The new Mumford & Sons album, Babel, came out this week and is, of course, fabulous.

I made a big vat of turkey chili and it was, surprisingly, quite delicious.
06.) We started our weekend off with a bang at Happy Hour after school.

Okay, not quite a bang, but still quite tasty and cheap.

Happy, happy weekend, y'all!


  1. I wogged on the treadmill a couple of weeks ago and thought I was going to get back into working out, but it never happened. Meredith keeps waking up before my alarm and I refuse to wake up at 4am to exercise! ;) Maybe when she's 2, I'll get to exercise that doesn't involve chasing her around the house!

  2. Yea for running! I could never get up that early to do anything.


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