Is It Lame If I Title This Post Wednesday?

So I've been all kinds of wishy washy about blogging this week, what with Hurricane Sandy having ravaged the east coast and all, anything happening over here is insignificant and fairly high on the lame-o-meter. 

But when have I ever allowed lameness to stop me?

I forgot to mention in my last post that Annelise's soccer team won their game, 2-1, Saturday afternoon. She was in the heat of the battle and had just intercepted the ball (wait, is that the right term for soccer or does it just apply to football? I am unclear) and was aggressively working her way along the side toward the goal when they blew the whistle for the game. We'll never know what might have happened. Blerg.

Why wasn't there an episode of Parenthood last night? Why, oh why, not?

I felt like I should just go ahead and put that out there.

Sunday afternoon there was a fall festival/carnival (although carnival is really stretching that word to its upper limits) at Annelise's school. This year, thanks to a new twist decided by the PTF, each grade level was responsible (read: required) for sponsoring a table/booth of either a craft or game.


I know. I am a ball of fun.

The other classes' room mom and I put our heads together and came up with an insanely simple YET STILL FUN tic-tac-toe toss game that was surprisingly popular. This might have been the game itself or the fact that even if you lost you still got candy, I'm not sure.
Set up was, um...minimal. I already had bean bags and rings and we asked parents to send in bags of Starburst for prizes. Clean up was, um...minimal. Stress was, um...minimal.


Why be an overachiever when you don't need to?

Annelise had a blast free ranging through the festival with her friends and eating five bags of popcorn, two cupcakes and one partial cookie.
One of Annelise's teachers brought her teensy tiny dog, Jack, to the festivities and I got to hold him for a good long while. Truth be told, I've never been a fan of toy dogs (is that rude? well, toy dogs sounds better than rat dogs which is what I usually say) but after hanging out with Jack I must admit my coldness towards them has thawed. He was pretty sweet.
In other news, 2012 may go down as the lamest Halloween ever for us.

Not that we're wild Halloween-ers by any means, but this year we're, well, totally lame.

We have no fall or Halloween decorations out except for one stuffed jack-o-lantern that was found in the basket I needed use to hold the Starburst at the festival. In a bold move I set him on our stairs. The only other festive decor are the few things Annelise conned Scott into getting down out of the attic and put around in her room.

Isn't that sad? My 9 year old decorated her own room with a hodge podge of fall and Halloween stuff.

But I just could not dig deep and pretend to have fall festiveness this year when it's only felt fall-ish these last few days. I can't get behind fall when I am sweating and now I feel it's too late.

Though I did feel guilty last night when I realized we hadn't carved a pumpkin.

Odds are extremely low that we buy one and carve it in the short block of time after school yet before the trunk or treat after church tonight. 

Possible, sure. Likely, nah.

Like I said, lame.

What are y'all doing for Halloween?
Anyone lame like me?


Six for Saturday

01.) We, the girls, gathered this week to finish up our Nehemiah bible study and celebrate Robyn's (holding sweet baby K.) birthday a little early with a surprise breakfast. We feasted on bubble bread, piggies in a blanket and my favorite breakfast casserole. This time I split it between two 8x8 pans so we, the fam, were able to eat one for supper too (half plain sausage and cheese, half topped with feta, sun dried tomatoes and chopped artichoke hearts).
02.) Guess what? I got a free MAC lipstick this week!
Did you know MAC has a recycle program? They do, they do. If you turn in six empty MAC containers (lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, etc.) you get a free lipstick. I picked up the same lipstick three times so I took that as a sign that it was the one for me. This time, instead of a beige-y nude, I went with a bit more plum-ish brown color called Twig. I like it but I'm still having a hard time getting used to a darker color. I don't think I can ever break up with neutral shades.

03.) Friday Scott and I had an early morning date to early vote. Woo Hoo!
Warning: No makeup except for Twig.

There was a longish line but it moved really fast, so NBD. I was still glad I brought my coffee just the same. The sad news is that I didn't get an I Voted sticker. I felt a little bit like Sally waking up in the pumpkin patch after the Great Pumpkin was a no-show..."I was robbed!!" (okay, not really like that at all, but still).

I sure liked what Bob Schieffer said at the end of the debate Monday night about what his mom used to say, "Go vote. It makes you feel big and strong."

So, get on out and vote y'all!

04.) We went to one of our favorite burger dives Friday night with friends before going to a CCHS football game. I ate very little--and of course worked out--during the day because I knew I had a date with this:
Meet the Frito Bean Dito burger.

I say, why not put fritos, refried beans, salsa and cheese on a burger?

In related news, I only ate one onion ring.

05.) Thursday I was wearing short sleeves and sweating. Friday evening I was huddled in a frozen ball in the stadium seats. Such is fall in south Texas.

Truth be told, I was woefully unprepared for the elements in my slub knit cardigan, thin t-shirt and tank. Also? I was wearing rolled up boyfriend jeans and flip-flops because I had gotten a pedicure that afternoon and didn't want to risk damaging it with socks and closed toe shoes.

Vanity. Is an idiot.
Oh how I wish I had grabbed a blanket or three before we left home!
It was a great game (side note: Clear Creek is undefeated and it was homecoming) but we barely made it through the first half because we (mostly me) were numb from the bitter cold wind. We left immediately after the halftime show. Good news: Creek crushed Brook 41-28, go Wildcats, go!

And one more random side note: the other school's drill team performed as biker chicks and their dads danced with them as biker dudes.  Yes, you read that right. I must admit it took my brain a few moments to process this, and I will also admit I was not keeping my opinion about the um, inappropriate attire (leather halter tops) / overall theme very quiet nor to myself because Scott kept telling me to shush BUT in my defense the two moms in front of me turned around and agreed with me, so at least I wasn't alone in my shock and awe over what passes as acceptable halftime entertainment at a high school football game.

06.) We went out for breakfast this morning, which you know is one of our favorite things to do.

Except this time we shook things up and went to Denny's.
(I know, do I look thrilled or what? Trust me, I was.)

You know what's even better?

When you can do it for free!

Happy weekending, y'all!


Three Things

01.) I've been avoiding the grocery store these last few several days, not for any real reason, just for the simple fact I didn't wanna go. 

Have I ever claimed to be mature?

So, I pretended to be a grown-up this morning and went straight to HEB after dropping Annelise off at school.
That's really the best time to go because later on in the day it gets crazy crowded (it's a small neighborhood store, not a super size HEB that can handle the masses).

Last time I was there I was annoyed that a sacker *helped* me unload my cart. I guess they're supposed to do that to keep things moving but I like to unload my cart onto the conveyor in an orderly fashion, you know, produce together, dairy and meats together and then pantry items in the futile hope that it will get bagged logically and they will fully utilize the canvas shopping bags.

I know, I am constantly setting myself up for disappointment and frustration.

Today though I got to unload my cart all by my happy little self and the girl sacker did a passable job of filling the totes. FTW.

02.) I had gone to HEB before my morning coffee.

Let's let that sink in for a minute shall we.

After schlepping everything into the house and putting it away I treated myself to my big cup of joe and  one of my favorite shows.
Are you watching Parenthood?

It's probably not normal, nor healthy, for someone (oh, like me) to be so attached to TV characters.

Oh, but I am.

I teared up and choked up and laughed up through the whole show. I can't handle all the goodness.

(If you do watch I'd love to be able to chat with you over coffee about all the Braverman drama, but I don't want to say too much on here in the hopes that if you aren't watching you will start SOON (Netflix streaming for past seasons) and I don't want to be all like, spoiler alert.)

03.) Don't fall out of your chair or anything, but I actually baked something, from scratch mind you, today.

I know!

Honestly, I'm trying not to bake too much of anything unless it's for someone else or an event because let's face it, if it's here in the house Ima gonna eat it, but I decided to take a walk on the wild side today and bake anyway.

I read Big Mama's blog this morning and thought, hey, I have most of that stuff (minus the raisins and coconut), I think I should bake the some Morning Glory Muffins too. But I made the executive decision to wait until Annelise got home so she could help (she kind of loves to do this sort of thing and like I said, baking has been rare lately).

We even used my Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer/slicer thingie that I HAD to have 10 years ago and have used approximately two times. Wait, make that three times now. Annelise thought it was the coolest thing ever, especially since the peel comes off in an insanely long curlicue (which she promptly ate, weird, I know, but true). I also relaxed my highly controlling tendencies (who? me?) and let her crack all. three. eggs.

Say what?

We even had an impromptu lesson about fractions. FTW.

Overall, I'd say our afternoon was a success.

The muffins are really, really dee-lish.

How was your day?


Fitness Update (Have I Gone Cray-Cray?)

Sometimes I feel guilty that this here ol' blog is called Marathon Bird and therefore might make you think I blog regularly about running, particularly running long distances. 

Nah, not so much these days (but I love that fact many of y'all visit me here regularly anyway, xoxo).

Even though long distance running is not on my front burner these days and my actual runs are usually short and infrequent (but I still LOVE them), I am definitely pro-fitness. It just looks different for me these days.

I may have mentioned once or eleventy times over the last, oh...fourish years or so that I am a fan of several Beachbody home workout programs. I'm not a coach, I don't sell them, I get absolutely no kickback for talking about them other than hoping y'all might like them if you give them a whirl too. I don't have a gym membership (the one closest to us is not well maintained--eew!), our YMCA membership expired years ago and we don't have a treadmill or elliptical (but, hey, that'd be great if we did!) machine at home. For me, the flexibility of working out at home is a win-win and the Beachbody sets are almost like having a gym in your home anyway.

Over the last four years Scott and I have both done P90X, albeit sporadically and never through all three phases, I've done the first round of Insanity (whew!), and the occasional Brazil Butt Lift disc (cheesy but still effective). Of those three, P90X is probably the best stand alone program since it includes strength training, cardio, yoga and ab/core (though for me I'd still like a bit more cardio), but the workouts are all 1+ hours, so it requires a hefty time commitment, but it's definitely worth it.

Y'all probably already know which workout programs are my absolute favorites. Hands down it's TurboFire for cardio and ChaLEAN Extreme for strength training. Over the last few years I have done each program on its own in fits and starts, but never truly committed to either. Since February of this year I have been a total TurboFire junkie (as you know), with a short break this summer for the first half of Insanity along with the occasional run here and there.

Somewhere in the ballpark of seven weeks ago I decided to shake things up, you know, go crazy.
I started a hybrid program.

Say what?

I'm doing both workout programs together.

Like I said, cray-cray.

But cray-cray in a GOOD way, y'all.

TurboFire on its own is great, really great, what with the dance-y kickbox-y moves, the hip, fun music, motivating instructor, Chalene Johnson and energetic class atmosphere and all. There are four workouts ranging from 30 - 55 minutes of cardio kickboxing routines along with *fire drills* which are 60 second high intensity intervals, with a 60 second recovery peppered throughout each workout. The time flies, seriously, and so does the sweat! There are also three HIIT workouts which are shorter (15 - 25 min.), but made up of all fire drills, so, um...WOW, along with toning (with resistance bands) and ab/core workouts.

ChaLEAN Extreme includes three different strength training phases, Burn, Push and Lean, each phase lasts one month. There are three weight workout routines you rotate through each week, each one lasting 35ish minutes, along with burn intervals for cardio and two ab workouts. As Chalene says, "Muscle burns fat!" and "Go heavy or go home!"

As for the hybrid, well, there is a schedule available but I'm kind of making my version up as I go. My goal each week is to get my 3 strength workouts done with a short cardio (either a TurboFire HIIT or the FIRE 30) and a regular FIRE workout (45-55 min.) with an ab/core workout (usually 10-15 min.) on the other days, which should equal out to at least 5 (ideally 6) days of cardio, 3 days of strength and at least 3 days with ab/core work.

I am currently on my third week of the PUSH phase and this is what my family room looks like before I start:
From the left are weights ranging from 8 lbs. all the way up to 20lb. dumbbells on the floor.

I know!


I find myself mainly using the 16lb (really 32lb. w/both) and the 20lb (really 40lbs.) for most of the exercises, which in this phase involve only 6-8 reps, but you're supposed to reach failure by your last rep, so Chalene really encourages you to lift heavy.

But guess what?

I'm finally breaking through a plateau.


And I'm getting defined muscles (not bulky, leaner & toned).


So for me, this hybrid thing is working.


It's worth the time, the sweat, and the occasional soreness because I am finally seeing results. Woo and a hoo!

Yes, these results have been painstakingly slow. I am not one who just wakes up one morning and has suddenly dropped 5 pounds and has no idea how. I am fighting---and dripping buckets of sweat---for each .02 pound that eventually gives up the ghost. I am still logging my food and exercise on My Fitness Pal (it's free, I'm marathonbirdtx if you want to be MFP buddies). The scale is only one tool of measurement though, and I'm gradually learning not to let it rule me. I've lost almost 12 pounds since the spring--that's been terribly slow--but I've lost inches all over too. My clothes fit better. My body is changing, not drastically, but in small increments here and there and I am learning (okay, desperately trying) to be patient with it and delight myself in the journey.

I hope you are making time for exercise, whatever form, whatever fits your season right now in your life too. Do something active every day, or at least most days. Stick with it, don't quit.

It's worth it! (And so are you!)


Six for Saturday

01.) I've become something of a golf/football widow for most of this weekend. Scott took yesterday off to play a warm-up round of golf and have lunch with his former coworkers, he then played in his company's golf tournament today and will be going to the Texans game tomorrow.

Annelise and I have made the best of things though and managed to console ourselves at our favorite place this morning.
02.) He wrapped up his golf game just in time for Annelise's soccer game this afternoon.
It was another tie, 0-0, which is rather hard to get excited about on several levels.

03.) Put these on your fall to-bake list, pronto.
Three ingredients, super easy and super fast and no eggs or oil so they're semi-healthy (I think it's even a Weight Watchers recipe if you leave out the chocolate chips) (I only add 1/2 a bag).

Bake cookies for 15ish minutes @350 or muffins for 23-25 minutes @350.

04.) I'm seeing this a lot lately.
I like it.

05.) Hitting Sonic happy hour at least once a week is a must.
And if there are tater tots too, well, that's a bonus.

06.) I have taken one of my favorite treats to the next level. 

York peppermint patties (the small ones) are pretty much perfect just as they are, but put them in the freezer, well, we're talking magic my friends, pure cold pepperminty and chocolatey magic.

Try it.

Random side note: When I was little we'd always go to this Mexican restaurant in Alvin (this was the mid to late 70s,  before there were Tex-Mex places on every corner) after church on Sundays and my grandfather would always buy a few peppermint patties at the register before we left. He would always put them in the air conditioner vents on the ride home so they'd be nice and cold before we ate them. Smart, is what he was.

And one last thing...
(Sadie, giving me her version of a raspberry.)

Happy weekend, y'all!


An All Important Nail Update

It's been a month, give or take, ish, since I bemoaned the sad state of my nails. Not only had they become very thin, they were constantly peeling so therefore polish would hardly stay pristine for longer than, oh, a day. Give or take. Ish.

Frustrated. Is what I was.

Thanks to helpful advice from y'all I gave a few new nail products a whirl.
I started using this hardener by Nail Magic (from Sally Beauty Supply) as a base coat. When I don't wear polish I use two coats of this. 

It's taken a while--I think I had crazy high  (some might say unrealistic) (who me?) expectations that it would work overnight, um, nope. But it is working. The peeling has stopped (well, two nails still have a smidge, but it's almost all grown out) and my nails are already much stronger.
I've been alternating between my current favorite three polishes.

(Yes, I know they're all very similar. Hush.)

From the left: chinchilly (a medium grey), smokin'hot (a dark plum-ish grey) and sand tropez (a beige putty).
These are two other fall favorites, which are more in the black family.


Can I say that?

From the left: devil's advocate (a wine-y burgundy black) and licorice (dark black).

I love all of these madly.


Can I say that?
I've been using Out The Door (also from Sally Beauty Supply) as a top coat.

It's supposed to dry super duper-ly fast. 

I guess it does.

The directions for Nail Magic say to use it as a top coat but I haven't tried that yet, just OTD, but I might try it next time I switch polish just to compare. You can also apply another coat of OTD a few days later to freshen up your polish.

These three things, Nail Magic, two coats of polish and Out the Door are supposed to create a shellac like manicure. Or so says Kelle Hampton. Now that my peeling problem is much improved I'm sure I'll have better results overall (this combo has been great for the rest of my nails though).
I've also been using this cuticle oil (by Nail Magic) for dryness.

On a related note, I've been trying to use lotion more often, which I'm terrible at, yet I wash my hands a LOT, so my hands, nails and cuticles are always dry and desperate. 
Sometimes I use coconut oil, which is wonderful (it's also great for make-up removal and as a facial moisturizer) and other times I just grab whatever lotion is closest.

I've also been keeping my nails super short.

Which isn't really a new thing.

But the rest of the new products have really helped.

And I thought I should tell you.

*What's your current favorite polish for fall?*
*Any favorite cuticle creams or lotions?*


Morning Chatter

Imagine my surprise this morning when I called Annelise down for breakfast (oatmeal with strawberries, she was minimally excited) and upon arrival she flew this Lego ninja from a camouflaged paper airplane (with windows!) into an ocean (her empty iron bead container) (which made me immediately wonder where those 8500 beads were if the container was filled with water).
I expressed my admiration over her creativity then promptly told her to eat her oatmeal.

Oh, and pour out her ocean in the sink.

While nibbling on her oatmeal she reviewed for her social studies quiz and somehow reading about Pocahontas led to questions about segregation, slavery, civil rights, when Pappo was born, Harriet Tubman and the civil war.

I'm not quite sure what sparked her interest but I tried my best to cover two hundred years in under two minutes while I packed her lunch.

As if that conversation hadn't taxed my muddled pre-coffee brain, as I was fixing her hair (just smoothing it out with the flat iron) she switched conversational gears to her college aspirations.

You know, going away to college vs. commuting and state school vs. Christian school.

At this point we have 1.5 minutes before we must scream out the door.

She's still weighing her options but was already firmly decided about two things:

1.) She is never going to smoke and, b.) she'll never get a tattoo.

I nodded my approval as I stumbled into my shorts.

She then threw me for a loop when she said she knew drinking alcohol was bad but just wanted to let me know she might have a sip of wine at a wedding someday.

I let that one lie and declared it was past time to leave so we made a beeline to the car.

Note to self: get up earlier and chug some coffee to be better prepared for our morning chats.

Oh, and pray.


Six for Saturday

01.) So I went old school the other day and utilized a little pencil-to-paper consequence for Annelise. I don't do it that often but I love having it in my back pocket, so to speak, because I do believe it's effective.  I know some may argue it's pointless or may cause a child to associate the bible with something negative instead of positive, but I say whatevs.
Annelise had gotten her conduct clip moved to orange for playing in the library (it's a double color move if you misbehave during a specials class, like music, library, critical thinking, etc.) and said a few other girls were doing it too and it was their idea. We've talked a LOT about being influenced by friends to act up or do whatever, but apparently playing peek-a-boo between the shelves was just too tempting.

So she had to copy Proverbs 13:20 ten times.

"He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm."

I love Proverbs.

02.) I have two, count them two, huge boils huge zits on my right cheek that I'm fairly sure are entering the room before the rest of me. It's so cool to be 43 and yet still 15. Except not really.

03.) Third grade took a little field trip to a local ceramic center yesterday to paint their clay rodeo art projects. Whee.
I drove a handful of kids. Whee.
Annelise made a lizard. Or a bearded dragon. Possibly an iguana. Either way, she was pretty proud of it.

22 third graders in a small, crowded (and I must add hot) space and nobody broke anything.


04.) We popped into Target for  a birthday gift for a school friend last night and this sweet talked itself into coming home with me too.
It's already making our family room much happier.

The shade is actually a goldish-yellow-but-not-at-all-mustard-yellow. Now I'm on a mission to add more pops of fun color here and there around our house.

05.) Annelise went to a spy themed birthday party this afternoon (see #4) and had the best time solving a *mission* with her friends.

I loved the fact it was a home birthday party instead of an entertainment *venue*.

06.) Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I made goal to do cardio (TurboFire), strength training (ChaLEAN Extreme) and core/abs this week and...

I did it!

Turbofire: 6 days combined with 3 days of CLX Push along with 3 days ab/core work.


Happy weekend, y'all!


Weekending (A Short List)

Can I let y'all in on a little secret?

It's much easier (and therefore doable) for me to blog in a list format.

You may have already noticed this.

01.) Annelise and her fierce team of fellow soccer enthusiasts tied their game 1-1 Saturday afternoon.

So far their record is 1 win, 1 rain out and 1 tie.

Not too shabby.
It was HOT.

Especially if you were one of the players running non-stop for 45+ minutes.
The good thing is that she loves to play, no matter the conditions, and usually gives it her all.
We celebrated her tie with treats at Dairy Queen. 

As you do.

02.) We're in the midst of some Halloween drama. As in Annelise has no clear vision of who or what she wants to dress up as this year. None. Nada. In years past she's usually settled on something over the summer and has her costume in her hot little hands well in advance of October 31. Since she's not feeling strongly passionate about who or what she'll be, it's hard for Scott and I to get behind shelling out $$$ for something she's barely lukewarm about. We keep trying to talk her into dressing up as a soccer player since she already has the stuff and all she cares about is getting candy anyway but she's tuning us out. We're at a stalemate of sorts.
03.) Scott bought me a new coffee mug (well, I sort of put him on the spot while we were browsing through World Market Friday evening) and it's quickly becoming my favorite (it says good morning. And yes, I fill it to the tippy-top).

04.) Annelise didn't have school Monday so we treated ourselves to a late breakfast at our favorite place.
A bit later we made a beeline to the $1.50 theater to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.
(I know she looks thrilled to be going to the movies, but the truth is she was being blinded by the sun.)
This was my first DOWK movie and let me just say two things:

1. Meh.

2. I'm glad I only paid $3 for us to see it.

But Annelise really, really liked it (she LOVES the books), so that's good.

We then hit Sonic for Happy Hour and headed home for her to start working on her book report rough draft. 

Which was kind of a downer (the homework, not the happy hour).

The writing of said book report may lead to an early demise for one of us.

It's touch and go.


Six for Saturday

01.) So it turns out the arrival of fall around these here parts was a big fat lie.

But I kind of knew that going in.

So I'm creating my own fall.
The mulled cider candle is the only reason (if I can help it) I'll venture into Wal-Mart.


Fall in a jar.


02.) My name is Holly and I am addicted to TurboFire.
I"m finally learning that at 43 I MUST exercise almost every single to to be my better self. I just have to. Not only because it burns calories and is gradually reshaping my body but because it makes me feel so much better both physically and emotionally.

These last several weeks I've been doing a combination of TurboFire for cardio (either the longer Fire workouts--between 30-60 minutes or the shorter HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) workouts for 5-6 days a week along with the Burn phase of ChaLEAN Extreme (weights) at least three days a week. I'll start the Push phase next week and I'm really excited because in the four-ish years I've owned the DVDs I've never stuck with it long enough consistently to move to the Push phase (there are three phases in CLX, Burn, Push and Lean and you do each one for 3-4 weeks to keep challenging your body and--fingers crossed--break through plateaus).

I'm finally learning that I can't just do cardio and see results, I have to fit in weights too. I just have to.

And it feels great.

03.) Scott and I filled out the paperwork yesterday to renew out passports (you have to do that by mail) and I checked out Annelise early from school so we could apply for her first US passport.

It started out as a comedy of errors at first, what with the website listing the wrong closure time at the post office and the need for both parents to be present to apply for a minor's passport or a notarized permission form if one can't be there and the fact I had neither.

Luckily Scott was able to leave a little early and make it to the other local office and we were able to get hers done before it closed.

Can I get a woot-woot?!?!
As it turns out you don't need a birth certificate to renew passports after all, but at least I'll have mine if we ever do need it for something.

It felt really, really strange to mail all of Annelise's original documents away (Russian birth certificate, Russian adoption certificate and her US citizenship certificate). I'm trusting that they will be returned soon-ish though.


It's rather expensive to get or renew passports. Ugh!

Passports for minors only last for 5 years. Ugh!

So I told Scott we had to go to Europe before Annelise's passport expires so we get more bang for our buck.

And I'm pretty serious.

And something else?

I'm not even 100% percent sure we need passports for our trip next month.

Just for nostalgia's sake, here's Annelise's expired Russian passport (photo taken about 20 minutes after we walked out of the orphanage with her, it was quite the whirlwind of a morning).

And because I love y'all I'll show you what I looked like 10 years ago.

Brace yourselves.
I almost have no words.

Flippy hair. Too small glasses. Chubs.

Oh my.
I mailed our renewal forms along with a gajillion dollars (not really, but almost) this morning, so fingers crossed the wheels of bureaucracy are spinning swiftly these days.

04.) Scott and I went on an impromptu dinner date last night (Annelise was with Pappo & Grandma for a few hours).

We tend to pick places that she would never step a toe inside since she has a deep aversion to all Asian foods (though she'll pick her way through fried rice occasionally), so last night we hit Genghis Grill.


Random side note: if the waiter brings extra napkins to the table and we don't use them, I almost always stuff them in my purse to take home (but I don't take tons of napkins from those self dispensing things because that'd be taking advantage). I have weird rationalizations.

05.) Annelise has her second soccer game this afternoon (the one last Saturday was rained out which then freed up our day for full-on lazy homebody-ness). Several of the players were on her team last season (spring) so they're actually playing stronger because they know each other's strengths better.

06.) I don't have a #6.

I barely scraped up a #5.

So with that said...

Happy weekending y'all!
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