An All Important Nail Update

It's been a month, give or take, ish, since I bemoaned the sad state of my nails. Not only had they become very thin, they were constantly peeling so therefore polish would hardly stay pristine for longer than, oh, a day. Give or take. Ish.

Frustrated. Is what I was.

Thanks to helpful advice from y'all I gave a few new nail products a whirl.
I started using this hardener by Nail Magic (from Sally Beauty Supply) as a base coat. When I don't wear polish I use two coats of this. 

It's taken a while--I think I had crazy high  (some might say unrealistic) (who me?) expectations that it would work overnight, um, nope. But it is working. The peeling has stopped (well, two nails still have a smidge, but it's almost all grown out) and my nails are already much stronger.
I've been alternating between my current favorite three polishes.

(Yes, I know they're all very similar. Hush.)

From the left: chinchilly (a medium grey), smokin'hot (a dark plum-ish grey) and sand tropez (a beige putty).
These are two other fall favorites, which are more in the black family.


Can I say that?

From the left: devil's advocate (a wine-y burgundy black) and licorice (dark black).

I love all of these madly.


Can I say that?
I've been using Out The Door (also from Sally Beauty Supply) as a top coat.

It's supposed to dry super duper-ly fast. 

I guess it does.

The directions for Nail Magic say to use it as a top coat but I haven't tried that yet, just OTD, but I might try it next time I switch polish just to compare. You can also apply another coat of OTD a few days later to freshen up your polish.

These three things, Nail Magic, two coats of polish and Out the Door are supposed to create a shellac like manicure. Or so says Kelle Hampton. Now that my peeling problem is much improved I'm sure I'll have better results overall (this combo has been great for the rest of my nails though).
I've also been using this cuticle oil (by Nail Magic) for dryness.

On a related note, I've been trying to use lotion more often, which I'm terrible at, yet I wash my hands a LOT, so my hands, nails and cuticles are always dry and desperate. 
Sometimes I use coconut oil, which is wonderful (it's also great for make-up removal and as a facial moisturizer) and other times I just grab whatever lotion is closest.

I've also been keeping my nails super short.

Which isn't really a new thing.

But the rest of the new products have really helped.

And I thought I should tell you.

*What's your current favorite polish for fall?*
*Any favorite cuticle creams or lotions?*


  1. I love those greys! I think I need to go shopping! Brandon thanks you! ;)

  2. I have an obsession with nail polish. I love the Sally Hansen complete salon maincure line. My favorite current color is Greige Gardens.

  3. Aha! I should have thought about the coconut oil since I have some (my sons are swimmers and their skIn gets so dry it looks white, ESP their face). I'll ask them to try it. I may go to Sally's since I have super thin nails and polish flakes off w/in hours. Thanks for the tip.

    Ps. Really like coming here and reading your blog so ill stop lurking and start posting!


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