Well hello there Monday and hellooooooo* there October too (go ahead, say it in your best Seinfeld voice, you know you want to).

That seems like a double whammy. I know I say, "Is it really already...insert whichever new month?" every single month like I just fell off the turnip truck and am not a 43 year old woman who has been doing this, you know, life thing for a while, but I still somehow manage to be surprised each and every month just the same.

So it's Monday and apparently it's now October and that means fall (I know, I know, fall officially started September 22, but I ignored that because it was still 987 degrees here) and then all those other holidayish things that come along quickly after, which I am not as of yet ready to even mention because I can barely comprehend that October is starting. Has started. Whichever.

To celebrate an actual fallish cool front of 63 degrees this morning (hey, it's south Texas, we take what we can get!) and to divert my mind from the frustration that is the car drop off line and writing an instruction booklet in my head every time I exit the school parking lot (seriously y'all, I might need some meds), I decided to treat myself to a Starbucks.

I don't do this as often as I used to because I can't handle the guilt any more of spending $4.36 for a coffee and enjoying it guilt free with the knowledge that American consumer driven I Deserve It culture is CRAZY and there are so many people around the world living in squalor and living without, well, just about everything I take for granted.

How does one reconcile that? Or can you?
Anyway. As I sat in line I debated what to order. Should I try something new? Will I finally come to love the Pumpkin Spice Latte if I give it one more whirl? (No offense, I know it's officially fall's drink, but I'm not a big fan.) (Gasp!) Should I try the Salted Caramel Mocha one more time with my fingers crossed that it doesn't cause my teeth to curdle this time? (Again, it's tasty but sooooo sweet and well, too much for me.)

I don't know who I am anymore.

Well, yes I do. I am a girl who does not like overly sweet drinks. Don't get me wrong, I still love sweets of almost all kinds, but I don't like to drink them. Give me a plain coffee with a splash of half & half with a cookie, brownie, lemon pound cake, etc. and I'm your girl.

I ordered my used to be usual, a grande two-pump vanilla latte (they normally put four pumps, can you imagine?).

It seems a lot of other people had the same idea as I did this morning.
I thought about pulling a random act of kindness and buying the coffee for the person behind me.


I talked myself out of it once I noticed there were two people in the car behind me.

Apparently I am a cheapskate random act of kindness type.

Am I still a good person if I qualify my random acts of kindness?

I hope so.
The Starbucks I usually hit is only about 3-4 miles from our house but it's on a busy corner and it's always hard to turn into from the direction I'm usually traveling without driving over a small median, which I'm fairly sure is illegal (but that knowledge hasn't always stopped me), holding up traffic while attempting a left turn in a busy area and getting viciously honked at, driving the back way through what might be better named, Pot Hole Alley or making some sort of U-turn (which might also be illegal).

I've tried it all.

Believe me.

So, um...yeah Starbucks is only an occasional thing now for lots of reasons.

Random yet slightly related side note: I was cheered to see the super friendly elderly man (I think his name is Bob, but I might have made that up) working the drive-thru window this morning and handing me my overpriced fancy pants coffee with a sincere smile and have a great day sentiment. The thing is, I choose to believe he meant it. Bob's just that kind of guy.
This coolish front has totally bewitched, bothered and bewildered me because not only did I treat myself to Starbucks, I decided to drink it, wait for it...


While typing this blog post.

And I even let Sadie come outside with me to, you know, be a free-range actual dog for a while too.
(she was much too busy sniffing and frolicking and doing required dog stuff to pose for a proper photo but I'm sure she feels terrible about disappointing y'all)

I don't know who I am anymore.



  1. I have to give myself a monthly allowance of $50 for Starbucks because I love it too much. I think the salted caramel latte and frapps there are nasty because they put the salted sprinkles on the whip and I don't like the taste of salty, whipped up, fatty milk! But the pumpkin spice latte, decaf with soy milk and no whip is heaven to me! Unfortunately the entire district here is already out of pumpkin spice. I stalk them daily, inquiring about the next autoship date!

    I think pumpkin is one of those things that people either love or hate.

  2. Just had to let you know that I do not like the Pumpkin drink either and the Salted C. Mocha is way too sweet to me also. I cannot stand my teeth to have that hairy feeling. I had a friend who worked at Sbux give me a tip. I used to order lattes also, but I now ordered iced coffees (yes, even when it is below zero outside). For the board price you get cream or milk and one pump of flavor. The iced coffee actually has more caffeine than a shot of espresso. If I want full on fat I just order it with cream and then add a couple of Splendas or I order it with 2% and a splash of half n half. It is a lot less than the price of a latte and is basically the same thing. Oh, and I still miss Seinfeld............sniff, sniff

  3. I love your dailies posts. Deciding to treat yourself today was a good idea!


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