Is It Lame If I Title This Post Wednesday?

So I've been all kinds of wishy washy about blogging this week, what with Hurricane Sandy having ravaged the east coast and all, anything happening over here is insignificant and fairly high on the lame-o-meter. 

But when have I ever allowed lameness to stop me?

I forgot to mention in my last post that Annelise's soccer team won their game, 2-1, Saturday afternoon. She was in the heat of the battle and had just intercepted the ball (wait, is that the right term for soccer or does it just apply to football? I am unclear) and was aggressively working her way along the side toward the goal when they blew the whistle for the game. We'll never know what might have happened. Blerg.

Why wasn't there an episode of Parenthood last night? Why, oh why, not?

I felt like I should just go ahead and put that out there.

Sunday afternoon there was a fall festival/carnival (although carnival is really stretching that word to its upper limits) at Annelise's school. This year, thanks to a new twist decided by the PTF, each grade level was responsible (read: required) for sponsoring a table/booth of either a craft or game.


I know. I am a ball of fun.

The other classes' room mom and I put our heads together and came up with an insanely simple YET STILL FUN tic-tac-toe toss game that was surprisingly popular. This might have been the game itself or the fact that even if you lost you still got candy, I'm not sure.
Set up was, um...minimal. I already had bean bags and rings and we asked parents to send in bags of Starburst for prizes. Clean up was, um...minimal. Stress was, um...minimal.


Why be an overachiever when you don't need to?

Annelise had a blast free ranging through the festival with her friends and eating five bags of popcorn, two cupcakes and one partial cookie.
One of Annelise's teachers brought her teensy tiny dog, Jack, to the festivities and I got to hold him for a good long while. Truth be told, I've never been a fan of toy dogs (is that rude? well, toy dogs sounds better than rat dogs which is what I usually say) but after hanging out with Jack I must admit my coldness towards them has thawed. He was pretty sweet.
In other news, 2012 may go down as the lamest Halloween ever for us.

Not that we're wild Halloween-ers by any means, but this year we're, well, totally lame.

We have no fall or Halloween decorations out except for one stuffed jack-o-lantern that was found in the basket I needed use to hold the Starburst at the festival. In a bold move I set him on our stairs. The only other festive decor are the few things Annelise conned Scott into getting down out of the attic and put around in her room.

Isn't that sad? My 9 year old decorated her own room with a hodge podge of fall and Halloween stuff.

But I just could not dig deep and pretend to have fall festiveness this year when it's only felt fall-ish these last few days. I can't get behind fall when I am sweating and now I feel it's too late.

Though I did feel guilty last night when I realized we hadn't carved a pumpkin.

Odds are extremely low that we buy one and carve it in the short block of time after school yet before the trunk or treat after church tonight. 

Possible, sure. Likely, nah.

Like I said, lame.

What are y'all doing for Halloween?
Anyone lame like me?

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  1. I was SO upset when Parenthood didn't come on last night.

    The kids are in bed and we never carved pumpkins.


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