Morning Chatter

Imagine my surprise this morning when I called Annelise down for breakfast (oatmeal with strawberries, she was minimally excited) and upon arrival she flew this Lego ninja from a camouflaged paper airplane (with windows!) into an ocean (her empty iron bead container) (which made me immediately wonder where those 8500 beads were if the container was filled with water).
I expressed my admiration over her creativity then promptly told her to eat her oatmeal.

Oh, and pour out her ocean in the sink.

While nibbling on her oatmeal she reviewed for her social studies quiz and somehow reading about Pocahontas led to questions about segregation, slavery, civil rights, when Pappo was born, Harriet Tubman and the civil war.

I'm not quite sure what sparked her interest but I tried my best to cover two hundred years in under two minutes while I packed her lunch.

As if that conversation hadn't taxed my muddled pre-coffee brain, as I was fixing her hair (just smoothing it out with the flat iron) she switched conversational gears to her college aspirations.

You know, going away to college vs. commuting and state school vs. Christian school.

At this point we have 1.5 minutes before we must scream out the door.

She's still weighing her options but was already firmly decided about two things:

1.) She is never going to smoke and, b.) she'll never get a tattoo.

I nodded my approval as I stumbled into my shorts.

She then threw me for a loop when she said she knew drinking alcohol was bad but just wanted to let me know she might have a sip of wine at a wedding someday.

I let that one lie and declared it was past time to leave so we made a beeline to the car.

Note to self: get up earlier and chug some coffee to be better prepared for our morning chats.

Oh, and pray.


  1. This is hilarious! I don't drink coffee, so I have no idea how I'm going to handle these random, life decision conversations with my girls in the future! ;)

  2. Whoa, that is a lot for an early morning!

  3. those kiddos come up with a lot don't they! she's a smart one and good that she is letting you in on all her thought. keep praying!

    I remember my son around that age saying he was either going to William and Mary or ACC!! talk about extreme! :)

    and if ya'll want more history lessons, Interactive Theater in Houston puts on some fun history lessons in an hour (US history in 60 min, TX history in 60 min. ) They have one w/ Harriet Tubman. My son got in on that one. look them up; not in the best part of town, but sometimes can catch them at miller outdoor theater. they also used to offer free performances every so often....


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