Of Spam, Birth Certificates, Dry Shampoo & Soup (Otherwise a Typical Random Day Around Here)


I must apologize right off the bat if you've recently experienced any um, questionable spammy ads or downright highly inappropriate surprise pop-ups after clicking on my little old blog here. I noticed a couple pop-ups (ads) the other day when typing my blog post but had no idea what the dealio was and thought maybe my computer was freaking out or something and was contemplating a little trip to the genius bar at the Apple store soon-ish. 

This morning, after a dear friend told me a rather shocking surprise popped up on her computer when she clicked on my blog, I did a little investigating with my good friend Google and discovered that the Instagram widget thing-a-ma-bob may have been hacked and could be causing the redirects to spam ads or worse. I deleted the widget and so far everything seems back to normal. Fingers crossed. (If you read through Google Reader or another subscription service everything should be okay, please let me know if that spammy stuff starts up again, because..um...gross.)

In other news...
I had to get a new copy of my birth certificate today (well, it didn't have to be today, but seeing as I was actually dressed and together I decided today should be the day) (we had to send our originals to Russia for our adoption dossier, and well, 8 years later I'm fairly certain we're not going to be getting them back).


I am now one step closer to renewing my passport.

Por que?


We're taking a little trip in November.

More later on that.

Can I just go ahead and tell you about how much dry shampoo is a game changer?

I washed my hairs on Sunday y'all.

I know some of you might think that's really disgusting for it to now be Wednesday and I haven't shampooed but I hope some of you can see the freedom in it too. I've exercised the last two days and just freshened up my hair after my shower with dry shampoo and my blow dryer. Technically, I should have shampooed this morning but I hadn't done my workout yet and freshly washed hair is a nail in the top of my workout coffin, so dry shampoo to the rescue again. It's saving me so. much. time and my hair actually styles/curls better once it gets some, well, gunkiness.

Try it. It might be a game changer for you too.

(I've been using the one by Suave, just FYI.)

And in other, other news...
This was my view during our impromptu trip to HEB after school today.

I kind of love this in more ways than I can tell you.

Annelise checked out the first Lemony Snickett: A Series of Unfortunate Events today and has been eating it up.


(I don't really know that much about that series, yet, but I'm highly excited to see her highly excited about reading.)

I was totally just popping in for some Almond Milk and perhaps we'd peruse the fruit and veggies. Then I decided to make Kelly Minter's Southwest Chicken Soup (she includes recipes in her bible study books and they all sound delish) for supper, since we were there and all and since those rotisserie chickens were just begging to be chosen, then we walked by the nice HEB lady cooking this Italian soup, which Annelise actually liked and begged for me to make and lo and behold 40+ minutes later we emerged with two bulging tote bags and a couple plastic bags to boot worth $70+ some odd dollars.

I need to start shopping with a list again.


  1. Glad you figured out what the problem was. I was pretty shocked when it forwarded to *that* site, but figured you'd been hacked and would have it solved soon. Thank goodness you did!

  2. how funny-another lynn commenter! :)

    I didn't actually get another website, but my macbook kept asking me if I wanted to leave your page. glad you got it figured out.

    my teenagers read every single a series of unfortunate events books when they were younger (there are probably more now). they actually started reading them thru school.

    I am very curious about your opinion on the peeling nail solution, so be sure to post about that when you are informed. :)

  3. and I forgot to say that I am IN LOVE with suave's dry shampoo-it is the bomb!!

  4. My daughter loved the Lemony Snicket books! I read the first couple with her but then she went ahead without me.

    I love soup.

  5. will have to give that dry shampoo a try....

    can't wait to hear about the Nov trip! hope it is something as exciting as the one we just got back from!

  6. oh, and love the photo of A reading in the store. my nephew has gotten grounded from reading (!) since he was doing that instead of homework!! ;)

  7. thankfully I was never forwarded to any questionable sites. I wonder how many other people are without their birth certificates after adoption? I'm anxious to here about your trip that requires a passport! ;)


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