Six for Saturday

01.) So I went old school the other day and utilized a little pencil-to-paper consequence for Annelise. I don't do it that often but I love having it in my back pocket, so to speak, because I do believe it's effective.  I know some may argue it's pointless or may cause a child to associate the bible with something negative instead of positive, but I say whatevs.
Annelise had gotten her conduct clip moved to orange for playing in the library (it's a double color move if you misbehave during a specials class, like music, library, critical thinking, etc.) and said a few other girls were doing it too and it was their idea. We've talked a LOT about being influenced by friends to act up or do whatever, but apparently playing peek-a-boo between the shelves was just too tempting.

So she had to copy Proverbs 13:20 ten times.

"He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm."

I love Proverbs.

02.) I have two, count them two, huge boils huge zits on my right cheek that I'm fairly sure are entering the room before the rest of me. It's so cool to be 43 and yet still 15. Except not really.

03.) Third grade took a little field trip to a local ceramic center yesterday to paint their clay rodeo art projects. Whee.
I drove a handful of kids. Whee.
Annelise made a lizard. Or a bearded dragon. Possibly an iguana. Either way, she was pretty proud of it.

22 third graders in a small, crowded (and I must add hot) space and nobody broke anything.


04.) We popped into Target for  a birthday gift for a school friend last night and this sweet talked itself into coming home with me too.
It's already making our family room much happier.

The shade is actually a goldish-yellow-but-not-at-all-mustard-yellow. Now I'm on a mission to add more pops of fun color here and there around our house.

05.) Annelise went to a spy themed birthday party this afternoon (see #4) and had the best time solving a *mission* with her friends.

I loved the fact it was a home birthday party instead of an entertainment *venue*.

06.) Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I made goal to do cardio (TurboFire), strength training (ChaLEAN Extreme) and core/abs this week and...

I did it!

Turbofire: 6 days combined with 3 days of CLX Push along with 3 days ab/core work.


Happy weekend, y'all!


  1. I wanna know what the heck is up with acne over 40 'cause I'm in the same boat. As if we don't have enough other issues. Lord have mercy.

  2. good stuff.

    I am a fan of writing bible verses. I think that is good training.

    if you ever need all out punishment, try copying pages from a dictionary. just ask my daughter bought that one.....


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