Six for Saturday

01.) I've become something of a golf/football widow for most of this weekend. Scott took yesterday off to play a warm-up round of golf and have lunch with his former coworkers, he then played in his company's golf tournament today and will be going to the Texans game tomorrow.

Annelise and I have made the best of things though and managed to console ourselves at our favorite place this morning.
02.) He wrapped up his golf game just in time for Annelise's soccer game this afternoon.
It was another tie, 0-0, which is rather hard to get excited about on several levels.

03.) Put these on your fall to-bake list, pronto.
Three ingredients, super easy and super fast and no eggs or oil so they're semi-healthy (I think it's even a Weight Watchers recipe if you leave out the chocolate chips) (I only add 1/2 a bag).

Bake cookies for 15ish minutes @350 or muffins for 23-25 minutes @350.

04.) I'm seeing this a lot lately.
I like it.

05.) Hitting Sonic happy hour at least once a week is a must.
And if there are tater tots too, well, that's a bonus.

06.) I have taken one of my favorite treats to the next level. 

York peppermint patties (the small ones) are pretty much perfect just as they are, but put them in the freezer, well, we're talking magic my friends, pure cold pepperminty and chocolatey magic.

Try it.

Random side note: When I was little we'd always go to this Mexican restaurant in Alvin (this was the mid to late 70s,  before there were Tex-Mex places on every corner) after church on Sundays and my grandfather would always buy a few peppermint patties at the register before we left. He would always put them in the air conditioner vents on the ride home so they'd be nice and cold before we ate them. Smart, is what he was.

And one last thing...
(Sadie, giving me her version of a raspberry.)

Happy weekend, y'all!


  1. This has nothing to do with this post, but I bought the Essie Smokin' Hot nail polish and LOVE it! Brandon thinks it's ok, and Mackenzie says its too dark, but I don't care! LOVE. I'm not sure if it's one you have/recommended, but since I was looking for those grey colors like you have when I found it, Thank you! ;)

  2. We're addicted to YPP's. I started buying the big box at Costco so I froze a bunch of them to save space in the pantry once and tried one on a whim. That made a regular Tuesday something special. :)

  3. Charlton: Glad you like Smokin'Hot! It's one of my faves for sure, even though it's dark I like the smokey grey plum look. Makes me feel hip--hahaha!

    Anna: I bought another bag this week. Uh-oh.



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